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Okay movie, 3 August 2008

I saw this movie today.I must say this is bearable and okay.Story is good.It tells about Kapoor family who has 3 girls and 1 son.One day Vijay comes across Rajesh.What he does not knows that Rajesh wants to capture his wealth and for that he marries his daughter.Then a problem occurs in his company.He screams at his son.His son leaves him.Then Rajesh captures hiss wealth.He closes his company.He is sick.Then his son returns.A good story.The very handsome Mohnish Behl who plays Rajesh overacts miserably.Karishma who looks gorgeous as ever in the movie gives an annoying performance in an unusual character.Juhi looks very pretty in this movie and is strictly OK here.The other 2 are okay also.Rakhee who looks good in the movie is wasted.Aashish is OK too.The movie belongs To Akshay and Amtabh who give great performances.The bond was beautiful.Their performances were more deserving than Shah Rukh Khan in K3G.Aamir in Lagaan or Amtabh in K3G.Their acting was the best of that year.Shakti Kapor was irritating.The music by Nadeem Shravan is good and catchy and not to forget melodious.Watch this for the Amtabh and Akshay who give great performances Rating-5/10

Biwi No. 1 (1999)
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Loved it, 2 August 2008

I saw this last night on my Moser Baer DVD which i got that day.I want to say that this is excellent.This is one of the best movies ever.The story is excellent.It opens when Deepak says Rupaali that she has to move on.Next we see that Prem falls for Rupaali.She even builds a house for her.Wife Pooja is angry.Then Prem leaves her to stay with Rupaali.Then with the help of her kids and her mother in law those 3 goes to Rupalis home and try to bring Prem by a series of tricks.Salman gives a brilliant performance.I think Karishma is slowly starting to improve,She gives an amazing performance,Sushmitha Sen who is my mothers favorite heroine.Anyway,She gives a FANTASTIC performance.Anil gives an another superb performance,Tabu was fairly good,Himani ShivPuri was great,The kids were cute and put on good performance.Muisc was Amazing.Cinematography is great,Chemistry between Khan and Kapoor and Khan and Sen was fantastic.This is a must see with excellent story,Excellent performances and great music

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Disney scores again with one of its best, 1 August 2008

I bought this movie on a Vcd when i went on a holiday to Singapore in 2004.Everything about this is fantastic..Photography is amazing.Colors are amazing.Characters are great.Dialogs are wonderful.Story is great.It tells about 2 fishes Marlin and his child Nemo.One day Nemo is taken away.Marlin meets Dory.They go to help to find him.They go to a doctors clinic and see Nemo he is being sent away to a little girl who is destructive.But in the they save Nemo.The acting is brilliant from the characters.Casting was perfect.Voices were great.i know some hated this by calling it a lot of harsh words like Pathetic,Terrible,Waste etc.Forget them this is an awesome movie

Hum Tum (2004)
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Great, 29 July 2008

I like this movie a lot i first saw it last year in December.The second time i saw it was in this January.The movie is great.Plot opens when Karan launches a book named Hum aur Tum.Then after that it goes to flashback 9 years back where he met Ria on a flight to Amsterdam.On Amsterdam he kisses her.She is angry.They leave.3 years later he meets her she is engaged to Sameer.She marries him.Now 2 years later in Paris he meets her to only know she is a widow.Humor is great.I would recommend this to everyone.The direction,cinematography,music,photography are all in top notch.The DVD and vcd cover is also in top notch.Hum Tum cartoon is great.Rani did an excellent job,Saif also did a excellent job.The music by Jatin-Lalit(who is one of my favorites)are great too.Chemistry is great too.The others especially Rati,Kirron and Rishi and not to forget Jimmy were great too.A great movie.Highly recommended

Dil (1990)
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Heartwarming romance, 27 July 2008

The movie is very sweet and emotional.Direction is not bad.Script is great.Story is nice.It tells about Raja who meets Madhu.At first sight they fight.Then they discover love,Engagement is planned,But it is broken soon.They want to be together,But they marry.But they broke off.This was Inder Kumars debut who gave us entertainers like Beta,Raja,Ishq,Mann,Dhammal.Aamir gives a terrific performance he should have received best actor rather than the Pathetic Sunny Deol in Ghayal that year.Madhuri also gives another terrific performance.Deven and Anupham also give great performances.The first half has comedy that keeps you very entertained.Second half has lots of Drama and Romance that also keeps you entertained.Chemistry is wonderful.Dancing is great.Comedy is great and funny to.The music by Anand Miland is perfect.Songs like"Humne Ghar Choda Hai","Hum Pyar Karne Wala" are very emotional and are quite melodious tracks.The movie is a watch Rating-7/10

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Masterpiece, 26 July 2008

This movie is the best movie i have seen after"Mr India".I never knew Bhansali could produce such a beautiful and a colorful movie.Everything about this movie is mind blowing.Direction is mind blowing,Script is excellent,Dialogs are excellent,Photography is brilliant,Costumes are excellent,Cinematography is mind blowing.Story is wonderful.It tells about Sameer who is half Indian and Italian who is going to learn music from a master singer.He falls in love with Nandini the teachers daughter.One day a love affair happens and Sameer is forced to leave.Nandini is upset.She marries Vanraj.On the wedding night she is not enthusiastic.She wants to go to Sameer.They go to Italy and Budapest.Aishwarya looks gorgeous as ever and delivers a mind blowing performance,Salman who does overacts in his movies(Except Hum Saath Saath Hain and Chori Chori Chupke Chupke).He gives a mind blowing performance,Ajay also gives another mind blowing performance,The others acted great too,The comedy is excellent,Fresh and hilarious.The on screen chemistry between Khan and Ash is mind blowing.Song picturisations are superb and the singers do a fantastic job.Anyway the music is mind blowing,The most beautiful picture of all time.Better than Devdas.Must See Rating-10/10

Prem Qaidi (1991)
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Karishmas debut, 25 July 2008

The 1991 flick marked the debut of Karishma Kapoor the granddaughter of the late Raj Kapoor.But this was a wrong movie to launch her.The movie was a semi hit but Karishma was criticized.She wore hot pants,Bikinis,Ugly eyes and to forget bad hair.She was only 16 then and her mother igned this for her.Karishma was the first woman in the Kapoor family to debut in the Bollywood the second was Kareena in Refugee in 2000.The hero is unknown and long forgotten.The directer Murali Mohan Rao film was lackluster.Anyway it took 5 years for Karishma to become a star.She worked with David Dawan in hits like Raja Babu,Coolie no 1,Saajan chale Sasural,Judwaa,Hero no 1,Biwi No 1,Haseena Man Jayenge and Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge.Anyway they were not her hits at all.She became a star with Raja Hindustani.And the rest i have to say is she became popular.She accomplished a lot in Dil To Pagal Hai,Fiza,Zubeidaa and Shakti.Her last movie to date is Suneel Darshans "Mere Jeevan Saathi"where she essayed a negative role.The movie became a Disaster and after that she left.As a woman she is Beautiful,Stunning and Gorgeous.Her acting is lousy in movies and not to forget childish acting

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Worst movie of 2007, 24 July 2008

I bought this movie because of its cover which looked colorful and the title was nice.What ever this is pathetic.Worst from Yash raj who has given us great movies like Chandni,Lamhe,Darr,Dilwale Dulhania Li Jayenge,Dil To Pagal Hai etc.The story oens when Rikki and Alvida meet they tell the story of how they meet their fiancé.Thats first half.Second half revels that the fiancé tale was false.Now Rikki wants to meet Stevee they find other people Sukhwinder and Lila.Abhisek gives a disastrous performance in an unusual character.Lara is so sexy but she could not save this movie from being the worst movie she gives an annoying performance as Anaida and Terrible performance as Lila.Preity who is talented gives her worst acting to date.Bobby is useless.Piyush is irritating and unfunny.The others are mediocre at best.The cinematography is eye pleasing with beautiful locales of London,Waterloo station and Paris and not to forget hotel Ritz and many more.Song picturisaations of Kiss of Love,Ticket to Hollywood,JbJ(Not the Bachan one) are extremely eye pleasing.Costumes are smashing.Bachan just plays a stupid joker coming 5 times without no reason and singing the mediocre title track.Everything else is bad.Script is Awful,Screenplay is Awful,Songs are forgettable.Direction is usual plain bad.Avoid at all costs(even the soundtrack also avoid it)

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Two words:Crap and Boring, 20 July 2008

I watched this movie on October 29th last year i must say crap.Movie is boring.Dissapointe.Movie tells about Shekhar and Radhika who meet in New York City.Shekhar is a race car driver.Later they get married.The marriage takes place in a car(What a stupid thing).Later they get kids.One day Shekhar injures himself in a car accident.Retires soon.Later the family is thrown out of the house.The parents make some thing.Saif has always overacted in his movies and here he hams in several scenes and was plain okay in the rest.He is plain okay in the rest.Rani who is a talented heroine overacts.She is quite okay in a few also.The kids were cute but has overacted.Cinematography is dull.Everything else is quite bad.Script is bad,Dialogs are ridiculous,Screenplay is utterly predictable,Songs are forgettable,Direction is as usual plain bad

Baghban (2003)
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Instant classic, 19 July 2008

I watched this movie last night on Sahara Filmy.2 words just watch it.Direction is fantastic.Script is excellent.It tells about Raj and Pooja who are an elderly couple.They have 5 kids.One of them is adopted.Years later all of them are married.But they only see there parents at occasions only.Then one day the children's ask to come with them.The parents see that they are not caring for them.Story is powerful.Amitabhs performance is marvelous,Hema performance is absolutely magnificent.Divya acted good.The 4 men which played there sons where wasted but they looked very handsome.Salman is hardly there and within a blink he is gone.Mahima is also hardly there.Costumes are brilliant.Cinematography is excellent.Chereography is great.Dialogs are great.Sets are great too.The movie is a work of art,with the emphasis on art.Hema and Amitabhs chemistry is excellent.Songs are great too.London is shoot beautifully here.In my opinion this should have won the best movie award.The performances are award winning.Instant classic not to be missed

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