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Work (1996)
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Another lost movie?, 2 July 2008

Work a film by Rachel Reichman. Who's seen this fantastic movie, with the star of The Wire in it? Rachel Reichman has brought several movies to the screen, and out into VHS and DVD, but where is this one hiding? My copy is all pristine and clean on the outside; the cover, but on the inside is all gummed up. It's an original Northern Arts Naiad Press release but they have gone out of business; Naiad has. If you would like to talk about this movie, or others like it, contact me. Thanks. Here's an interview with Sonja Sohn who starred in the movie, Work and also plays in the Wire. Written by: Diane Anderson Minshall Photographer Larry Riley HBO

Sonja Sohn Taps Into the Wire

On HBO's hot new series The Wire, police detectives on the battered, crime-riddled streets of Baltimore fight a never ending drug war. At the core are two cops an unconventional white guy named James McNulty and the less traditional but equally devoted black lesbian Shakima Greggs. Shakima nicknamed Kima by her colleagues is one of the few detectives who can go undercover in the drug ridden projects like an insider and still navigate the political morass of police bureaucracy. Her life at home with her long term partner is so convincing most fans expect that the actress who portrays Kima, Sonja Sohn, is herself a lesbian. Not that she's fighting her newfound role as lesbian sex symbol I'm really open, and I don't like to claim title to anything in my life, you know, racially, culturally, sexually. Of course, this isn't Sohn's first Dyke role, either. Her provocative screen debut was in the critically acclaimed lesbian film Work.

Sohn, a former slam poet, starred in and helped co write Slam. After that came smooches with Samuel Jackson in Shaft and a turn in Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead. Last month she appeared in HBO's third annual Def Poetry Jam and this summer she stars in the gritty, festival bound The Killing Zone. But make no mistake The Wire is Sohn's crowning achievement thus far. The second season of The Wire debuting June 1 moves away from the urban drug war and instead chronicles the steady decline of the working class in Baltimore. During a break on the set of the series, Sohn in her trailer cooking string beans and struggling with her cell phone told us why she's thrilled to play television's only black lesbian.

Curve Shakima's home life her relationship with her girlfriend seems so real and so natural. How did you develop that?

Sohn Honestly, I have to give a lot of credit to show creator David Simon. He just does such a great job with the writing and he knows the characters very well — I show up and I do the best job that I can.

I heard that you were disappointed with your initial sex scenes.

Laughs. Oh, absolutely!

Why is that?

It's because when I first saw it, it looked like two straight girls fumbling around trying to look like sexy lesbians. It was a very awkward situation. But this isn't the first time you've done a lesbian love scene. In Work, you have some really sexy scenes. How did you know about that? Laughs. I thought that movie was amazingly sexy. Really? I liked that film too, and I thought it was sexy. That's probably because director Rachel Reichman is really familiar with the world of lesbianism, you know, and is able to write those characters and direct those characters in that way. How does it feel to suddenly be a lesbian sex symbol? Chuckles. You know, some things you just don't have control over. And it's not that I mind. I was kissing Sam Jackson in Shaft, and all of a sudden, I became like a serious hot tie, you know, among straight black men. It's my job as an actress to inhabit many worlds and to do it convincingly. You know, you might get something like The Wire. God, you know how many actresses want this role? Like I said, it's a blessing.

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I have this, 12 April 2007

Lizzie Borden was acquitted as you know of this murders. She and her sister, Emma, both lived out their lives as wealthy spinsters. Lizzie Borden Took An Ax_But did she do it? You be the judge.

The day is stiflingly hot, over one hundred degrees, even though it is not yet noon. The elderly man, still in his heavy morning coat, reclines on a mohair-covered sofa, his boots on the floor so as not to soil the upholstery. As he naps in the August heat, his wife is on the floor of the guest room upstairs, dead for the past hour and a half, killed by the same hand, with the same weapon, that is about to strike him, as he sleeps.

"... one of the most dastardly and diabolical crimes that was ever committed in Massachusetts... Who could have done such an act? In the quiet of the home, in the broad daylight of an August day, on the street of a popular city, with houses within a stone's throw, nay, almost touching, who could have done it?

Five weeks after the trial, Lizzie and Emma purchased and moved into a thirteen-room, gray stone Victorian house at 306 French Street, located on "The Hill," the fashionable residential area of Fall River. Shortly thereafter, Lizzie named the house "Maplecroft," and had the name carved into the top stone step leading up to the front door. It was at this time that Lizzie began to refer to herself as "Lizbeth."

In 1897, Lizzie was charged with the theft of two paintings, valued at less than one hundred dollars, from the Tilden-Thurber store in Fall River. The controversy was privately resolved.

"There is not one particle of direct evidence in this case, from beginning to end, against Lizzie Borden. There is not a spot of blood, there is not a weapon they have connected to her in any way, shape, or fashion. They have not had her hand touch it or her eye see it or her ear hear of it. There is not, I say, a particle of direct testimony in the case connecting her with the crime."

—Andrew Jennings, Lizzie's lawyer

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why has this movie not been released?, 4 April 2007

the movie is excellent and not like movies that are on TV/big screen anymore. A very good wholesome show, depicting a family over generations........very, very good. Jane Seymour was in this movie as well as Elizabeth Montgomery; one of her first movies, and might be her first one ever, so why has this never been released. I know I sound redundant, but if someone knows, let us all know, okay? Now, what hasn't it made it to be released in VHS, let alone DVD? Something about Elizabeth Montgomery's estate? That's what I heard. I'd think they would want to release all her movies, but they have not. I wonder why? She made several 'made for TV movies', that were really good, but u can't find them anywhere........why?

The Investigator (1997) (TV)
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The Investigator, 29 March 2006

Excellent hard to find movie, that was on TV in the UK. Why has it not been released on video or DVD? Who knows? On TV in 1997, and made a hit with the mainstream lesbian movie watchers. Shows at about the time Clinton was starting the don't ask, don't tell thing about the military, this goes to show what is really going on in the military. Of course this is set in England, but the same rings through for the states or anyone else in a military setting or governmental run agency. This movie can be had if someone really wants to find can do a search in google, and who knows? Truly a well done movie, great love scenes, and a ending that will knock your socks off! Lesmovies on yahoo groups.

My Two Loves (1986) (TV)
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My Two Loves, 8 January 2006

I give this an overall 10 for acting and being so true to human behavior, and not just about lesbianism. Very good in depth character study. This movie would be good for a women's study group or class. Hartley is very good in this film for being a knowledgeable woman who is looking for what's missing in her life, only to find she already seems to have it. She plays a very emotionally secure woman; not seen so often. Great movie, also with Sada Thomas from the old TV series, Family. All characters so a great job at acting. Why did this movie not make it into video? I would love to see it again.

A Village Affair (1995) (TV)
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rent it, where?, 17 December 2005

Excellent movie but can't be had in NTSC. IT's in PAL only, right. I saw it on i offer dot com . The movie is a good one. Shows though how selfish and childish the one character is, and also the husband. The wife seems to be the only one with any sense at all. Will have to read the book. No, didn't know the actress in this came out. Very interesting....makes one wonder if an actress/actor can be typecast after doing a movie. Or, makes one wonder if they did the movie so well, was it really acting? The British really have made so very many good movies like this one......Tipping the velvet and Fingersmith are both great ones to go along with this one. And oh, Portrait of a Marriage, if it can be found.