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The Challenge (2003) (TV)
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It was pretty good, 17 November 2003

I gave this movie an 8 simply because I did not see the whole thing. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and that is the main reason I watched it. It was pretty interesting. I like the fact that it was centered around a game show. It was a mix between "The Parent Trap" and the game show "Moo-Lah Beach" or "Endurance," which I also watched. It isn't my favorite out of their movies and the guys in it were not the best they've had but it was good. And what was up with Brian Skala's hair? He looked better on Just Deal in my opinion. Well, newayz, that is what I liked about the movie.

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This show is fun and appealing, 12 January 2003

Pacific Blue was my favorite show. I love to look at the beach so that was incintive for watching the show. The characters were all interesting. This show had a diverse cast and each one had an appealing characteristic. The show was serious and commical all at once. The characters were definitely not hard to look at, at all. It's a shame that the show got cancelled and I do hope to see reruns of this show in the near future.