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Move Me (2003)
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Reaching out and finding yourself., 21 March 2005

"Lykkevej" would probably best be translated as the "road of happiness". A middelaged woman's world is shattered, as her husband reveals his affair with a co-worker and they separate. From being a housewife with the luxuries of a picture-perfect home and wealth, she suddenly plunges herself into a neighborhood, whose biggest issue is her new neighbor, who haven't cleaned up on his side of the pavement for 5 years. The new strange neighbor with peculiar habits intrigues her and even though people on the road talks, she makes an effort in getting to know the strange new neighbor, despite of what everyone else thinks.

This is a story about finding yourself, getting on your feet, breaking social barriers and live life, even though your scared.

Its beautiful, that's what I thought, when i saw it.

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It will trigger your thoughts., 19 September 2004

Fru Nielsen lives with her 20 year old son, Brian, who suffers from autism. Fru Nielsen runs the local convenience store with the help from her son. A tragic murder occurs on the very evening, that Brian has been out for a late walk and now Fru Nielsen will fend with everything in her power to protect her child from becoming the suspect. This drama is about not wanting to believe the truth about the ones you love and how this belief is slowly jolted, as you begin to realize the truth.

The drama also presents a wide spectrum of personalities, making it intriguing and interesting. I would recommend it very much.