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Cliché of all clichés - A good watch but the book was better, 10 September 2016

I am not one to read a book before seeing the movie. I have actually been looking for a good book to read for a while now. I also have not written a review on IMDb for years. I saw this movie trailer and was dying to see it for the way it was filmed and its grainy winter feel but then I felt like reading the book. Amazingly I finished in in only a couple of days and I thought it was a good read. It was not amazing but there was something about it that I enjoyed, which I will not give away here but it made me ask "who is the real monster?" If you read the book you will know what I am speaking of. I was very curious how this would translate into the movie. It didn't. All aspects of what I felt were important in the book were glossed over in the movie. Within 25 minutes of the movie I realized they were hundreds of pages into the book. So much was lost. I was not hoping to hear an inner monologue throughout, that is the easy way out, yet I hoped things would present themselves yet they did not. The acting was fine and there is nothing wrong with the movie, I just didn't enjoy the translation. So yes I am about to put up the cliché and here it comes...the book was better and it didn't translate well.

Inception (2010)
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Overall Impression of Inception, 18 July 2010

I am not able to go into full detail on a review for Inception as it is 1:30am but after seeing it I HAD to log in to mention a couple of things that made this one of the best movies I have ever seen. Originality. Something that is lacking far too much in Hollywood. Between sequels and re-makes I cannot remember the last truly "original" screenplay I have witnessed...maybe Memento! Cerebral. I hate to sound snobbish and I do love mindless fun films as well, yet it was so great to watch a movie that really made you think, and think deeply. The Ending. What really happened there? Who Cares?! It is up to the individual or group of friends to discuss. I love that. It really doesn't have a concrete answer. Good. The visuals. Not so much for the city scenes you see in the previews but little things, such as a fight scene with a hallway flipping around or a brief staircase paradox. I actually enjoyed them more than anything from the Matrix. Maybe it was that they were more subtle. The overall complexity was refreshing where too many movies come out that spoon feed the audience. I have read many reviews tonight and I am thoroughly enjoying reading everyone's take on the ending or the movie as a whole. Most people are writing short novels with their own take on it. How many movies have done that lately? I have to admit my favorite part was in the parking lot after hearing the poor girl to her boyfriend conversation "I don't understand it" "Yeah, I didn't think you would" ouch

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Review of The Strangers - CONTAINS SPOILERS, 1 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have used IMDb for years but have never registered to submit a review. However, after reading positive reviews on The Strangers and actually having it compared to "The Shining" and possibly being the best horror movie ever I HAD to comment.

First off, one of my favorite horror movies for scary and suspense is The Ring and horror movies I love are classics such as The Shining, The Exorcist, and comedic as Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, The Saw series has also impressed me MOST of the time (3 was a dud). If you consider my choices terrible then stop reading, this review will not cater to you anyway.

Movies such as the Shining were incredible based on imagery and superb acting. Nightmares were brought onto the screen and it was not necessary to jump out and scare you. The twin sisters at the end of the hall just sucked! Images from the Ring - need I say more. Again there were the jump scenes but the images still scare me when I work alone at night in the office. Oh and the suspense just seeing water leaking into the room knowing that she was coming.

This DOES NOT happen at all in The Strangers. In 2008 horror has escalated to a point where it is difficult to cause a scare without the jump out and scare you. So The Strangers went the route of "The Sick and Twisted Family" who you see every single scene of in the previews. Guy in the burlap mask stands ominously in the kitchen without Liv seeing him....oooooo scary. The girl stands in the woods 100 yards away....oooo terrifying. The other girl is on the swing...oooo not that. They banged on the door and window a few times to really increase the tension though. Two times the girl even asked "Is Tara home?" is that "I am so stoned" voice

That was it!!! I promise you. Oh wait, the guy in the mask jumped onto the window once when Liv was looking out. OK, you got me, I jumped. Every line that the Strangers say in the previews is their complete dialog - "You're gonna die" and "Because you were home" THAT WAS IT. Well, a couple more at the very end. You want a sick twisted family?? Rob Zombie hit the peak on that one, sorry. What's in the killer's head is far more scary than a mask...Hannibal maybe?

So eventually The Strangers make their way in. Oh, disturbing images and massive bloodshed that made this rated R? Are you serious? You ready? Liv cuts her hand really really really bad, a shotgun blow to the head where the impact isn't show but the body is on the ground for a while and some head is missing, then the grand finale? Our main characters are tied up and a butcher's knife is slowly inserted by each Stranger into the victims, 2 in the guy, one in Liv - no blood...

Movie over. You like it?