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A list of Criterion Collection movies that i have seen over a period of time. The titles listed are in no particular order. The list will be updated regularly as I watch more and more movies from the Criterion Collection.
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Nothing but a list of the films i have watched over the years... good and bad included.

I have tried to avoid adding Hindi films to the list to keep the number manageable.
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The titles are listed in the order the movies were released. I have included only one part of a movie franchise even if more than one deserved a place in this list. Example : The Lord OF the Rings series, Kill Bill series, Before sunrise series, The Godfather 1 and 2.
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listed randomly.
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"No matter how many movies you watch, there is always one more that that you must watch" thats a motto I have followed while watching movies... Keeping with the same motto here is a list of movies that i want to watch. Movies are from all over the world and of all genres. Movies are in no particular order. New titles will be added to the list regularly as I come across a movie that I want to watch. That apart, titles will also be removed from the list once I have seen them.
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A List of some of my personal favourite Directors in random order.
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Characters listed in Random Order.