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Up there with the greatest, 19 July 2004

The Sopranos has always been a long time favourite show of mine. And to read some guy saying that Buffy is what real TV is about and the Sopranos should be axed this is a disgrace. The show gets in the heart and soul of the Mafia and family life just like "THE GODFATHER Trilogy", it gets to the heart and soul of each individual character. Being a TV show you can get a new insight into a character each week, it is a action packed drama and having Gandolfini as the front man dosn't hurt either. The Emmy's it has won a deserved and long over due. This series its most definitely up there with some of the greatest TV shows of all time like "Sienfeld", "The Simpsons". And for "Buffy, Angel, Charmed" and the rest of the crap on TV these days The Sopranos gives a raw and passion back to the TV and more producers should take the lead and support the good TV that can be made instead of the crap that is coming around and around and around on the TV these days.

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Masterpiece, 10 February 2004

Some people would say that this was a dull and borish film, but I would have to disagree. This film didn't live up to expectation as "The Greatest Gangster film since The Godfather" but how can anything be ever put up against "The Godfather". Road to Perdition was just an epic story about survival. Tom Hanks played an outstanding role and Paul Newman was excellent like he has been for as long as anyone can remember. Jude Law brought that magic to the screen as he does with so many films he has stared in such as GATTACA. The film is really defined in the street scene where I think that it shows us one thing and that is that nobody can escape there destiny and those last words will sick in the back of my head for an age "I'm glad it's you" that line made the whole movie worth wild. This film should be remembered not for the floors in it and the over expectations everybody had for it, this movie should be remembered for a masterpiece of writing, Directing and Acting. It respects more than the public give it and the public should look over the floors instead of stepping straight into the holes.

Waste of time and money, 16 July 2003

I dont no how any directer could cast these three in a movie togeather and after the first piece of crap they made for a movie i was surprised they even bothered to make it. The only thing that i think they thought they had going was that the actresses were hot but there not and the only thing is in the movie was the Farrari Demi got to drive Demi is the only real actresses in the film and if she done a striptease in the middle of the film it still wouldn't liven up the film. What a waste of time and a waste of money and resources where got direction could be doing something decent in stead of makeing this piece of S##T.


This movie is what movies are all about, 19 May 2003

This movie is what movies are all about excellent scenes and excellent acting and the best story line

but this movies is nothing what people expected and thats what makes it great the scene with the architech of the Matrix near the end was awsome and the car scene lived up to its hipe and this movie will go down to be one of the best ever There was not really a time i got bored with the film and it was just amazing to the last scene Like Neo said Either no one told me what the matrix is or nobody knows and that is the truth in this film 10 out of 10 for me


Red Dragon (2002)
The Best, 24 October 2002

The film was the best in the series and gave the whole Hannabal trilogy the best beginning that anyone could ask for Even though it was done like the star wars film with the last ones being made first this was a excellent film and i think it is a one to see for anyone who loves a good thriller