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"Scrubs" (2001)
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Absolutely Brilliant!, 28 May 2008

This is my favourite program ever! The physical jokes are brilliant, the one liners are amazing and a story is carried on throughout all the seasons! Of course there is different things happening in every episode but it carries a full story to it as well.

The actors and actresses who work on this show couldn't really work together much better! They play there role's very well and when a joke is done on the show it fits the character's role perfectly. Bill Lawrence has done an amazing job on this show and that can be seen from the many good reviews about the show.

I have so far got seasons 1-6 on DVD and am watching the new episodes of season 7 whenever possible. Its a shame there is only going to be 7 seasons though, but i think thats for the good of the show because unlike 'Friends' it wont drag on using every relationship possible to make more episodes which eventually, in my opinion, got extremely boring. Don't get me wrong Scrubs has used a few relationships as well but the work brilliantly not, on, off, on, off, all the time JD and Elliott are sort of like that but unlike Ross and Rachael, Scrubs doesn't over do the relationship between the two.

In my opinion Scrubs is the best show ever and deservedly gets a 10/10

The Eye (2008)
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Pretty Decent but could be better, 28 May 2008

I have not seen the original so i cant really compare the two. But after just recently watching this film i must say it doesn't deserve all the criticism i have read in reviews about it.

The story is pretty good but was limited to what could be done with it due to the story itself. Also after reading some reviews on how horrible the acting was, I have to disagree, I think apart from the odd one or two scenes the acting was good enough. What i think could be done better though, are the parts that try to frighten the audience. Admittedly i jumped at one scene, but to be fair it depends on what people find frightening. However i don't really know myself how to make these "Fright Scenes" more scary.

The ending was rather decent as well although in my thoughts was slightly predicted after seeing to many movies with ghosts or what ever you want to call them.

Overall i think this movie was pretty good and doesn't deserve all the criticism I have read in other reviews, but like i said i haven't seen the original so i cant compare. The acting wasn't horrible like some reviews make it sound but other people are entitled to their opinions.

For me 7/10 or 6 at the lowest.

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Would like to see more, 27 May 2008

After seeing the first season i was very impressed and enjoyed the show. The second season was also very good but had lost a bit of its edge. However the program had always grabbed my attention and overall was very enjoyable.

When watching the episodes on DVD i would actually spend pretty much all of the day sat in my couch, with eye's glued to the T.V, watching episode after episode. The characters are played very well and they fit in together brilliantly! Each episode keeps you watching with the different problems that Max/452 has.

I would definitely like to see more episodes made, but after so long after being cancelled i cant see it happening. (I still have hopes though!)