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Often underrated.It's a classic love story of the seventies.
27 May 2008
Marthe Keller is fantastic as usual and the touchy love story with Al Pacino convinced me at the first vision. Also the European locations are perfect and a few scene just like the flying balloons contest are unforgettable. The acclaimed Sidney Pollack was skill to direct two big stars with his delicate touch in tune with this kind of plot. Bobby Deerfield (*Un attimo una vita*in my country)deserves to be seen from the ones loved movies like *Love story* or *The way we were*. An advice for the car racer fans : this movie tells about an F1 driver but don't you expect a movie like *Days of thunder* the rope of all the matter for Bobby Deerfield is the growing remorse in his risky life beside a life close to the end, the ambition the achieving of a victory are not mentioned.
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Brilliant debut movie for Sorrentino !!! A story of a parallel decadence of a soccer player and a pop singer during the eighties.
26 May 2008
I saw the trailer of the movie a few weeks before it was at the cinema during a vacation that I spend in Napels where the movie has been made: I was captured immediately and I understood pretty soon that Sorrentino is a talent director. He is able to draw the parallel lives of two men that got the same name different lives and morals but tied here and there by something magic in the frames in their destiny.

ANTONIO PISAPIA and ANTONIO PISAPIA will cross their roads in the time of a sad glimpse but sufficient to share their common sadness.

In the beginning we see the success for both: one is an expert not too much young soccer player next to the retire but designated for a sure trainer career, the other one a pop romantic singer too much sure of himself but with a awful memory hidden inside. The unforgiven blade of the destiny is around the corner and in a blink will hit their lives changing the happiness around into the deep decadence: an heavy injury playing a training match organised by managers the players of his own club after a rifuse to play a connected match and a press-sex-scandal whirpool . No return for them but "One Man Up" of two will be able with an extreme gesture to revenge the weaker, the one not able to contest the adversity.

The performances of Toni Servillo and Andrea Renzi (the singer and the player )are terrific.

.....if you find the way to see it.. not to be missed!!!
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