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Third outing for this story., 18 June 2011

This is the third time this story by Steve Fisher has been done. The first time was "Top Gun" starring Sterling Hayden done in 1955 in black and white, and then done again as "Noose for a Gunman" in 1960 starring Jim Davis, who later became Jock Ewing on "Dallas" (Ted DeCorsia even played the same role as in "The Quick Gun" with John Dehner taking the main villain role in "Top Gun"). All three are good if you like the old fashion type westerns, which I do. They were simple, your kids and grandkids could watch them, and they always had a good ending. Need more of them today. To me, Audie Murphy will always be a hero on the battlefield (The most decorated soldier in WWII including the medal of honor)and on the screen.

Old Dogs (2009/I)
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Overall not bad if you just want to laugh., 5 September 2010

Just watched this movie on Starz. Not as bad as some reviews claim. It's just a funny feel good movie with a predictable ending, and I like predictable endings. If you are a cultural elite artsy fartsy type, you probably should watch a foreign film with subtitles instead. (I hate subtitled movies). Just for pure goofy family entertainment, this is a good movie with lots of big name talent in small parts. I think this was probably Bernie Mac's last movie as he died in 2009. Ann-Margret looks fantastic as usual.

All in all, I recommend this movie if you need a lift. Could have been better, but then so could a lot of movies. It's rated PG, so unlike so many movies today, you can watch it with your kids and your Grandmother.

Gun Fight (1961)
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Low budget remake of a low budget western, 16 June 2008

This movie was a remake of the Buster Crabbe, Ann Robinson western titled "Gun Brothers". It was as bad or worse than the original, which was probably a remake of an earlier B-Western. Anyway "Gun Fight" was made almost word for word and scene for scene from "Gun Brothers" with James Brown and Joan Staley taking the Buster Crabbe and Ann Robinson roles. Gregg Palmer (who appeared in a lot of John Wayne's later westerns after gaining about 70 lbs and a beard) took the role that Neville Brand had in the original, and doing a fair job, as he did in "The Creature Walks Among Us" sequel to "The Creature From the Black Lagoon". Ron Soble's character was played by Michael Ansara (T.V.'s "Cochise") in the original. Worth watching if you remember James Brown as Lt. Rip Masters in the "Rin Tin Tin" T.V. series.