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I've happened across lots of lists of this type over the last couple of weeks and feel compelled to do my own. What follows is a roster of some of the actresses I find fairly attractive - maybe some of you will also {:o)
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These are some of the beauties I remember fawning over when I was growing up. As I'm compiling this list however, I can't help but realise just how un-represented races other than caucasians were. Well even more so then. What you gonna do though eh?
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I've had a slow couple of months at work so figured I'd compile a list of my favourite films whilst pretending to do some work. Most of the below I'd recommend to most people as they could get as much enjoyment out of them as I have. The list does contain a few other titles that have been instrumental in shaping my film tastes.
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This a list of regularly watched programmes - from childhood to present day.