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The "inconsistencies" are due to your being dumb., 3 July 2010

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Alright folks. If you cared enough to write a review about this movie, it's time for you to retrace your steps, and use your brains should you have functional ones.

The "plot holes" etc. people are jawing off about are not there. You are just too slow to have realized why.

When Zahn's character is huddled over his phone, trying to read details about the killings and frantically showing the picture to Jovovich, declaring "who do you think that looks like?!" he is not panicking about his trail-mates. He is panicking because he sees a picture of himself. He is asking his girl whether or not the picture looks like them, to which she consoles him, saying "it looks like ANYONE."

The story flows correctly.

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Another future stat found in an X-Files bit part, 27 May 2010

Hidden away in this whimsical episode was Ryan Reynolds.

He was a bit fat. Suddenly his character in Just Friends seemed even better.

While the episode itself was yet another well titled, in fact its title is an esoteric word that at first glance appears invented by Chris Carter, episode, and the plot at times seemed all too familiar, the repeated clichés were turned into great wit, and their use fantastic.

Add to the fact that Mulder and Sculley both were pulled into the teenage fervor, being short, coy and all around immature "sure, fine, whatever," and it was a great episode.