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Every year since 1991, i've been watching a new release on the cinemas on Christmas day, so here they are, every movie since then, in chronological order
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No harm intended
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Awful movies, rip offs, remakes, reboots, or simply bad scripts without soul or heart
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I am not a movie critic, however a think there are movies so good to be forgotten, or to be remake....timeles classics! here they are!
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a brief description of the best sci fi movies for TV and cinema
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the worst movies ever made ....from the 200 to the 1
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surely these movies will be blockbusters
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the best and the worst movies of the official eon saga.
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in Movies, Tv series and cartoons
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70`s, 80`s, 90's a 2000`s cartoons of which should be a great film production
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The most beautiful women in the show bussiness, obviously not porn actress
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Awful movies, to my knowledge that most of the times didn't deserve the fame, the good critics or the box office they life in unfair most of the times
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based on true and historic events
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I never seen this movies, and I would like to watch them all at least once before I die
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the most terrifying aliens in film history
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Mafia characters, real or fictitious capturing our imagination, for their charisma, personality or stage presence.
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when the vampires turn into a bunch of pussies and fagots!
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The most charismatics, heroes, villains, and sideshows in the last 50 years of Tv history
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of an era, where the vampires were the bad guys who deserved a good kick in the ass!
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the first one is a classic, but the next ones sucks!
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a list of 25 titles
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the most charismatic villains in movie and TV history
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some of them are really good ( and the academy is never fair) and some of them are really bad ...judge yourselves
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in Tv shows or movies from 1960 to 2010
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in Tv and movies made between 1960 and 2010.
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Shows to deserve most audience, most prizes, or simply most episodes...and didn`t get it
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a list of 20 titles
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the most charismatic, the most emblematic characters, heroes, villains and sideshows from 1970 to this day
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