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The only klonoa game on the PS2 is fun, if a little too straightforward., 10 November 2007

The only klonoa game on the PS2, klonoa 2 is a fun ,if a little straight forward, fusion of old school and new school game design .

Like the first game, klonoa 2 takes 2D style scrolling platforming action and presents it in 3D graphics with twisty , turny camera work and it results in a game thats fun to play . Due to the simplistic nature of the gameplay and the linear level desing , things can get repetitive after a while but the presentation is so unique that you'll stick with it a lot longer than you'll intend to.

On a visual level, the game kicks ass. Though klonoa 2 is one of the early PS2 releases, the cell shaded graphics still look fantastic to this day and the music is great too.

Klonoa 2 is retro style , uncomplicated fun that isn't the most hugely challenging of games but its a playable , colourfull and cute way to kill a couple of hours.

Shaq Fu (1994) (VG)
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Awful. Play NBA jam instead., 10 July 2007

Shaquille o Neal is a BASKETBALL player who's popularity in the national BASKETBALL association allowed this BASKETBALL player to star in his own game. And that game was..... A fighting game . And not a basketball game . Strange , that. Now, this wouldn't be so bad if shaq fu was a good game but it isn't.At all.

Lame game play, poor character designs, annoying music- shaq fu is plagued with all these and more. What makes it all the more annoying is how shaq actually fights in the game , its so non threatening and ineffective against your campy opponents (who are far more versatile and better equipped than you )that you'll give up on it pretty quickly .

If you really want to play some 16 bit Shaq related goodness, stick to the NBA jam games because at least it lets O Neal do what he's good at. You know, basketball.....

God of War II (2007) (VG)
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A masterpiece., 6 July 2007

God of war 2 is an truly astonishing game that excels in all areas and easily stakes its claim as the PS2's last great piece of software, it really is an awe inspiring gaming experience.

Continuing the bloody adventures of kratos, God of war 2 expands and improves on everything that made the first game such a classic. The play time is longer, the graphics are better, the combat is more visceral , the plot is more epic -it will make you want to play until you loose the feeling in your hands!

The games ONLY problem is the same one that plagued its predecessor: bad replay value . Just like in god of war, you have to complete the game again in an incredibly difficult "titan mode" to gain all of God of war 2's extra goodies. The game is so damn good that you'll find your self attempting to complete the game again in titan mode but there's a good chance that it will just prove to be too hard and prevent you from getting full value from the game. Hopefully things will improve with the next game.

Bad replay problems aside, God of war 2 is an essential title- its a thrilling , exhilarating game that will surprise , excite and even scare you at times! Bring on God of war 3......

Bully (2006) (VG)
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Grand theft auto: the high school years......, 7 February 2007

Unlike in real life, schools in videogames can be tons of fun. School daze, rival schools and many obscure Japanese dating sims use a school setting to create a good gaming experience. Adding to that list is bully (aka canis canem edit), a game that could also be also called grand theft auto: the high school years.

The game takes GTAs sandbox gameplay and applies it to school setting, so instead of police there's prefects, instead of gangs there's social cliques , instead of....women of "ill repute" there's kissable girls and instead of guns you have juvenile weapons such as stink bombs and sling shots. This doesn't mean that the sense of challenge has been toned down,though. The chases are fast and the fighting is pretty raw while the missions that include breaking into lockers and beating up people , will keep you on your toes.

The lessons are a nice little bonus also- subjects such as maths, English and chemistry are fun little games that reward you with goodies if you do well in them. Another bonus is the very good voice acting that rockstar games always excel in and the cheeky dialouge you hear during gameplay (" i don't know why they say poor people make the best boxers !").

The occasional poor camera angle aside, canis canem edit (thats "bully" if your American ) is a good sandbox game that has lots of fun features including the underused yet hugely enjoyable ability to throw marbles on the floor and wait for the consequences......

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Visually amazing and exciting, fun.Oh, and you get punch jiggly puff !, 1 February 2007

Visually stunning, fun and cool , smash brothers melee is like an interactive celebration of nintendos gaming know how.

Its widely regarded as the gamecubes best game and i cant argue with that: few other games on the console can match melee's frantic sense of fun, its longevity , its amazing soundtrack and its opportunity to let you beat up jiggly puff (come on i cant be the only one whos thought of doing that).

If your a die hard fan of Nintendo this will be a dream come true- if not its will be a the most fun you'll ever have on a game cube .Either way you'll love smash brothers melee.

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Solid game play, fiendish puzzles and great graphics. Plus mario says funny stuff !, 26 January 2007

Mario vs donkey kong takes the plumber and the apes ongoing feud to the gameboy advance in a game thats fun , addictive, mentally stimulating and highly playable.

The game takes the basic layout of the original donkey kong games , adds elements of super mario bros 2 and cute, coulourful graphics as well as marios chirpy ad-libs that never get tiresome ("mamamia!!! times up!).Throw in some surprisingly complex puzzles and you've got a great game on your hands.

Music wise the tunes are catchy and cute and when they speed up to signify time running out, it adds a welcome air of tension to an already challenging game.

Proving that Nintendo know their stuff when it comes to hand held exclusives, Mario vs donkey kong is a gem of a game that you need in your gameboy advance game collection !

Guitar Hero II (2006) (VG)
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Whether you like to rock or not, you'll have fun with this!!!, 26 January 2007

Im not the hugest fan of rock music but i didn't have to be to enjoy the challenging , all thrashing, all strumming fun of guitar heroes 2.

The aim of the game is to use the games guitar controller and hit the peripherals buttons in time with the rhythm of the song on screen . Sounds simple ? Well it is in principle but in practice its a different story: you'll be working your fingers to the bone in attempt to be a gaming rock god and hopefully get that elusive 5 star review ! Music wise there's selection of songs to please even the most demanding guitar enthusiast . Fast , slow, hard , soft , there are all kind of songs to try out , including jams from the likes of alice in chains,rage against the machine, sting, guns and roses and more .

Whether you like to raaaaaaaaaaaaaawk or not, you'll enjoys hours of addictive rhythm action with guitar heroes 2. I know i did.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
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An unpopular opinion....., 2 January 2007

Square and Disney fans world wide will want to see me pinned to a mickey mouse edition crucifix for stating this opinion , but im going to go ahead and say it anyway: kingdom hearts 2 just isn't that good.

The product is something of an enigma, too convoluted and unengaging to work as a movie yet not playable and well designed enough to function as a game. So what does kingdom hearts 2 have to offer? Not much really, other than seeing mickey mouse dressed in a ganagsta looking coat , and donald duck hitting people .whoopee do.

It might seem like im being harsh on this Disney/squaresoft collaboration , but i have good reason . A game that offers you a chance to to travel to the many fascinating worlds of Disney and square characters has tons of potential for gaming greatness, and yet none of that potential is realised in KHII. All you get (besides stunning graphics and great music) is repetitive hack and slash battles, frustratingly linear level design and TONS of pretentious story bits that constantly interrupt the already unengaging gameplay.

Kingdom hearts 2 looks amazing, and sounds amazing but the end product is far from amazing. That is unless you like basic gameplay and mercilessly boring, pretentious story telling (which many obviously do, judging by how many millions it sold).Poor.

Rastan (1987) (VG)
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You know , this was rated as one of the greatest games ever , once ......, 18 November 2006

Back in 1991 ,Your Sinclair magazine , voted this game as the 54th best game of all time. And as a young , wide eyed kid at the time i would have agreed with that decision. Now though , that decision seems quite funny when you consider how rastan looks nowadays-IE: not like "best game ever" material.

Rastan is a monotonous , straight forward and boring slash em up .Its theme of a barbarian warrior fighting monsters has tons of potential for gaming greatness that isn't met in this laboured action game.

Surprisingly , one of rastans biggest flaws is the character of ratsan him self ! Ratsan is a cumbersome, sluggish sprite who is so awkward to use that you will end up being killed , blasted or burned by enemies purely because of his snail pace interactivity. Its frustrating - just like the game in its entirety.

Im pretty sure the staff of "your sinclair" might have second thoughts about that "54th best game ever" decision now.....

Space Invaders '95 (1995) (VG)
Cute , colourfull, blasting action., 18 November 2006

Space Invaders '95 takes a cute , cartoony approach to taitos iconic franchise and its an approach that works brilliantly- Space invaders 95 is a hugely entertaining and fast paced game.

Abandoning the games traditional, sterile visual style in favor of kid friendly manga look, the game is certainly easy on the eyes. But don't be fooled by its quirky haunted house and food themed levels, this game is quite the challenge ! It takes the gameplay of the very excellent space invaders 91 and adds new elements and attack patterns to it that will keep you on your toes.

The action is fast and frantic but varied enough to prevent repetition , while the power ups are a welcome addition that come in hilarious guises (one of them is a giant bowling ball ).

If any old school purist tells you that 1978's space invaders cant be topped, let them play this cute , colourful and hugely playable version to show them that it can be.

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