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Dogville (2003)
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stupid town stupid woman, 7 May 2004

I started to get really annoyed with the film a little more than halfway through. All of the sudden all the characters annoyed the hell out me. A town of morons being led around by laughable stupid gasbag. I mean really. If I was Grace I would have started given serious thought to haulin' tail over that mountain-----she did have a map after all----around the time she was told try harder so the townspeople would get over the Wanted Poster. That whole bit with the blind man who refuses to admit he is blind? Takes some deep thinkin' to get that meaning of his character. The only thing that I really enjoyed was the set. That was innovative. The rest of the film I felt wasn't.

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Just saw it...., 6 June 2003

I just got back from a screening of "Dr. Caligari" and found it wonderful. I am not all that familiar with silent german expression films but would like to know more. Does anybody have any suggestions? THanks

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An amazing glimpse into the wonderful, bizarre life of a mother and daughter, 1 October 2002

Several years ago when I first watched "Grey Gardens" I remember laughing and finding it hilarious camp. Years later I still laugh out loud when I watch it, but after many viewings I've come to see the beauty in the strange, twisted relationship between the inseparable "Big" Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter "Little" Edith Bouvier Beale.

Mother and daughter living together in their decaying 28 room East Hampton mansion add a whole new meaning to the term "Shabby Chic". With innumerable cats, raccoons and opossums as roommates this Aunt and Niece of Jackie O. allowed filmmakers Albert and David Maysles into their mansion to film them living life day to day. The result is a hilarious, beautiful, sad and moving account of true love and anarchy rule.

The relationship between Big and Little Edie is a testament to the unbreakable bonds of love. And their lives an example of drive, determination and free-will. This movie has more to recommend it than I can put down into words. It is a rare experience that you must see for yourself.