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Why is this show being canceled??????????, 2 March 2013

Unfortunately for me I didn't come across this show until the last regular episode aired. My niece watches it all the time and I finally sat down and watched it with her, and I liked it immediately. Likable characters, and funny story lines. My favorite characters; Jade, Cat, and Rex ( yes, the puppet ). I wish I had had a teacher like Sikowitz. I hope Nickelodeon changes their mind but it's highly unlikely, even though it's the most popular show they have right now, if I read correctly. I hope all the main characters go on to future success. Dan Schneider had yet another hit with this show, and I'm sure will have another new show out soon.

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Doesn't anyone remember this show??, 4 January 2008

One of my favorite's growing up, I remember watching this on the old "Cap'n Penny" show on channel 5 out of Cleveland. The basic premise hosted by Cliff Norton was he would start the show as a character in a certain occupation that would say he learned everything from his Uncle, then the show would turn to an old "Keystone Cops" era comedy short with Cliff Norton doing a narrative with background music and sound effects added. The short would last about 5 minutes when it would go back to Cliff Norton for a final gag.I wish I could find these on VHS or DVD, I'd buy them all. I think there were 130 episodes altogether. Anyone with info on where I can purchase these would be greatly appreciated.

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Fair and Balanced My A**, 30 August 2006

First of all, Sean Hannity has to be the biggest right-wing gas-bag I've ever heard. If you're a Liberal you might as well be a leper in his eyes. It's either his way or no way. Alan Colmes is much more respectful to the guests even if they're conservative. Hannity needs to get some manners and keep his mouth shut. I'm surprised the show has lasted as long as it has. What makes me laugh is he thinks George W. Bush is the greatest President ever, as least thats the way he acts. Hopefully in '08 we get a Democrat back in the White House so I can watch Sean Hannity cry and whine every night about not having a Conservative Republican in the White House.

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Please........enough with the remakes.....PLEASE!!, 20 March 2006

I took my niece and nephew to go see this, they begged me to take them. After about 45 minutes they were begging me to take them home, NO KIDDING!! After much debating we left with about 20 minutes left. That was $$ and time well spent, YEE HA!! I've rarely seen a remake I liked for a few exception ( The Thing, i.e.). Even seeing the previews on TV beforehand really didn't spark my interests, I didn't think the highlights were that funny. Tim Allen could/can do better picking his roles, like maybe doing more adult comedies and staying away from the kiddie fare. I enjoyed the original hands down but this version really didn't show me anything new. 1/10

CrossBones (2005) (V)
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Wow, was this bad, 15 March 2006

So bad it's not even good bad. The only redeeming value this movie had was T & A shots. Locale shots were OK, but the continuity, acting, dialogue was Grade F. A real snoozefest for the first hour or so, until the carnage begins. You might finding yourself fast forwarding until some action starts, so you have been warned. At least the cover art was somewhat decent. My ex-wife wasted $7.50 on this DVD and an hour and a half of her time.........then it was my turn, she said I HAVE to watch this since I like low budget entertainment. I have to say it wasn't worth the time for any low budget aficionado. But watch if you must, just to say to your friends you survived the "Blood Curse".

Bio-Dome (1996)
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Not meant to be taken seriously....not meant to be taken as a comedy either, 8 March 2006

One of the most God awful movies I've ever seen . It's about frickin' time Pauly Shore was kept from making cinematic crap after this turd ball. When this movie came out to theaters and not even seeing any previews I sensed it was going to be a stinker, since I saw most of Pauly Shore's previous movies and had yet to utter even a single laugh or chuckle. Jury Duty was only mildly amusing, Son In Law sucked,In The Army Now sucked. I enjoy stupid humor but stupid with no humor is just plain annoying, and that's what you get with a Pauly Shore movie. Now if we can just get Adam Sandler to follow suit. Stay away from this movie unless you have a death wish.

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Should be called "The Woody Paige Show", 28 February 2006

This could be considered a conspiracy theory, but ever since Woody Paige left the Denver Post for New York and became a regular on Cold Pizza he wins almost ALL the time, and when he doesn't win he's usually in the showdown. I like Woody Paige, but his is not the only opinion around and Tony Reali doesn't understand that. The other panelist's have compelling arguments too, and I enjoy then all. Tim Cowlishaw, Michael Smith, Kevin Blackistone, A.J. Adande are all good too....did I mention Jay Mariotti? The show gets on my nerves anymore with Woody getting special treatment (by that I mean bonus points to keep him in the game). It's almost enough to keep me from watching. Anyone that watches this show keep this in mind and see if I'm wrong.

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Good Show for Big Kids Like Me, 12 December 2005

I just got addicted to this show just recently, when my 3 year old nephew wanted some Bob the Builder DVD's for Christmas. I watched them just to make sure they played OK............wait.......OK, I was curious too. I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 DVD's I bought. The show isn't preachy but teaches kids the importance of teamwork and getting along. At first I wasn't sure about the "pumpkinhead character" which turned out to be Spud, but he's my favorite character now. Highly recommended for small and big kids alike. I'm not sure I want to part with these DVD';s now, maybe I'll buy my nephew something else for Christmas. No, I'm kidding.

Martial Outlaw (1993) (V)
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Under Rated, 13 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of Jeff Wincott's better films. Lot's of karate and a** kicking in this movie. It's been awhile since I've seen it but Jeff Wincott and Gary Hudson are brothers. Jeff's the good cop and Gary is the not-so-good cop. They end up butting head's later on but I won't go there. Jeff is ripped and Gary's not-so-ripped. Gary's taking drug money and using it to better his quality of life.(At least I think that's how it goes). They both get fatherly advice from their Dad played by character actor everyman Richard Jaeckel. Incidentally this was his last movie, he died of cancer in 1997. Seeing how withdrawn and sick he looked here suggests he wasn't doing too well at the time of filming. God rest his soul.

Surf II (1984)
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Oh My God, 25 September 2005

Awful, awful, awful......I don't know which is better, watching this trash or a Pauly Shore movie. Maybe neither? It's been a long time since I've seen this movie, but I do remember how bad it was. Not funny, no plot, just a complete waste of time. The movie budget was probably about $17.00. Eddie Deezen is always a good comic relief in most movies he's in and I do remember Linda Kerridge was nice eye candy during her 15 minutes of fame, but I would rather have my fingernails pulled out than have to sit thru viewing Surf II again. I always enjoy watching a good "bad" movie but the powers that be couldn't even get THAT right.Thank God there was never a Surf I or Surf III.

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