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A truly great film, 12 May 2008

This film is amazing, as watching it makes you appreciate that modern films -- specializing in whiz bang special effects, high definition images, beautiful scenery, and calculatedly controversial themes, gags, and images -- lost what this film excels at: simple but profound feelings, humanity, unforced drama, people being noble, and truly great acting. This is a lost art form among the present Prius pushing but Learjet loving, drugged up narcissistic denizens of Hollywood, who want to tell us how to think. The film is not dated, it is emblematic of the era it was made in, between the Wars, just like an historical drama. I tried to buy a copy of this film as I liked it so much, but DVDs seem unavailable. It is a truly great film, made more precious because films of this kind are no longer produced -- it is undoubtedly the nobility of the characters that makes modern Hollywood uncomfortable with the subject matter.