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Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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Avoid this abomination, 3 August 2008

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OK, how the heck did this even manage to make it to DVD? For anyone reading this who hasn't seen the movie yet, don't waste your money. It's a worthless piece of crap that defiles the reputation of the movie it's supposedly a remake of and the incredible director of that movie. First off, I don't care what anyone says about the cast, they suck. Even Ving Rhames' acting sucked, and he was probably the only high-budget actor they had in the film. Nick Cannon butchered the movie with unnecessary profanity, dimwit humor, and a scene in which he grabs two pump-action shotguns with the purpose of dual-wielding them in combat. The zombies were doing things that is not even possible by humans(such as crawling along a ceiling). The so called special effects were on par with movies released by the sci-fi channel(and that is not saying much). And the ending looks like it was taken from some foreign car advertisement(the characters driving a vehicle in the background and a zombie jumps up out of nowhere, trying to shock the viewers.) The whole plot of the movie seems like it was ripped from the script of Resident Evil and combined with a "few" elements of 28 Days Later. In reality, I have just one question for the producers: What the hell were you thinking when you made this abomination? The only reason I gave this horrible excuse of a movie a 1 rating is because "0" wasn't an option. Pass this one up people, it will only give you a headache later.