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Awesome show, 27 September 2003

This show is just what we needed. The cast is great although they are mostly unknowns and the action scenes are awesome. The stories told are about what we are facing in the world today. Enough of these reality shows, they are getting old. This show deserves a chance and I hope ABC will give it one. This is the last season of Friends which should help it out in the ratings next season should it be renewed and kept in that time slot.

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Save Farscape, 20 September 2002

Farscape is an amazing and awesome series. It is not only the best show on TV right now but it is also the best Scifi show to air in since Star Trek: The Next Generation. The characters are great and work well together. The way Ben(Chrichton) and Claudia(Aeryn) act when they are together you would swear they really were an item. A show needs great chemistry like that to work and be believable. I recently checked the Farscape Website which had the announcement that the Sci-Fi channel would not be renewing Farscape for a 5th season as we were previously told 2 seasons ago it would. The Hensen Company is really trying to get a 5th season either with the Sci-Fi channel or with another station. There is several station addresses(TNT, Showtime & UPN)at the Farscape site. Email all and state SAVE Farscape. The 4th season has already wrapped up and since the Hensen CO. was expecting a 5th season the Farscape has been left hanging. I urge all Farscape fans to voice their opinion and try and save this television series. It doesnt deserve the door.

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Awesome show, 8 September 2002

I started watching Silk Stalkings when it aired on the CBS Crimetime after Primetime schedule in 1991 and was glad to see it picked up on the USA network instead of being cancelled like my other favorite show Dark Justice in which Janet Gunn also starred. When the show first aired you could see the great chemistry with Rob and Mitzi. It was sad when they killed of Rob's character and Mitzi left shortly afterwards. When they brought in Nick and Tyler to replace Rob and Mitzi it just didnt work. The best thing that happened was bringing in Janet and Chris to replace them. Janet and Chris also had great chemistry. Bringing in these two allowed a great show to go on for four more seasons. I do hope they will do a movie that will clear up the cliffhanger that was left when the show ended. Please bring back Janet and Chris and the rest of the gang. Dont leave it hanging like that.

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What a great western tv series., 8 September 2002

There havent been to many western tv series lately. Two of the best that were on in recent years was The Magnificant Seven and The Young Riders. Give me a good sci-fi or action movie or series anyday. Although The Magnificant Seven and The Young Riders were westerns they had alot of action in them and the casts were great. Casting Micheal Biehn as the Seven's leader was a great choice. He works well in a western setting; as he did in Tombstone. It is a shame there were only 23 episodes made. I hope they can make some tv movies about The Magnificant Seven with all of the same cast. I also hope they will air the reruns again of this great show.

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Awesome show, 7 September 2002

Cover Up was an awesome show. It is a shame it didnt last longer. Jon Eric Hexum and Antony Hamilton was just two of the best looking guys on television at the time. The shows stories were good and I even cried when Antony's character told Jennifer's character that Mac was dead. I too would like to see it come back to TV in reruns so I can record them. It is something you dont think about at the time but wish you had done years later.

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What a great show, 7 September 2002

I am a huge fan of the new version of Mission Impossible. I am sorry to say I have never seen the older version. I grew up in the 80's and this was one of my favorite shows. I am also a huge fan of the V miniseries which starred Jane Badler and the tv series Cover Up which starred Tony Hamilton. The cast was great and got even better when they added Jane Badler to replace Terry Markwell. The show had amazing locations and special effects. The movies with Tom Cruise were good with the sequel being better than the first. I didnt like the fact that they used the character of Jim Phelps that way. Especially since they didnt have Peter Graves. They should have used a different character name. I too wish the series had lasted longer than two seasons; it deserved to. I have the episodes on tape from where Jane Badler first appeared, but I would like to have all of the new version. I hope they release it on tape or DVD. My copies are showing their age a little.

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Dark Justice is an Awesome show, 6 September 2002

I enjoyed Dark Justice when it first appeared in the early 90's as part of the CBS Crimetime after Primetime lineup. The first season was good with Ramy Zada in the lead role, but you could tell the first season was shot in Spain. When the show moved back to the states and Bruce Abbott took over the lead role Dark Justice became a awesome show. The chemistry between Bruce(Nick) and Janet(Kelly) was great. They also interacted well with Clayton(Gibbs) and Dick(Moon). This show should have lasted alot longer than three seasons. I was glad to see Dark Justice being aired on TNT. I have since taped all the episodes. I would like to see a TV movie made and bring back Bruce, Janet, and Clayton to there roles. No one could replace Dick. There could be a Nightwatchmen story where they kill Moon and the group goes after the bad guys who did it.