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Classic Movie!, 7 November 2003

This is easily my favorite movie of all-time. Being a sports fan who loves comedies, you can't beat this flick. This is one movie that I can watch over and over without getting sick of it. Definitely hilarious, the one-liners are great. The cast is solid as well. Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger, Dennis Haysbert, Corbin Bernsen, Charlie Sheen and Bob Uecker are excellent in their roles. I love how the film holds nothing back as well, unlike the sequel where the language and what not was toned down.

Is Major League predictable? I guess...but it is still a great movie. Its a ***** movie in my opinion, plus it was filmed at the late MCS (Milwaukee County Stadium) so that makes it even better!

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Okay, but misses two good Rock skits!, 25 September 2002

I thought this was an okay DVD, a good portion of the DVD is with Chris Rock as a Weekend Update correspondent. His updates on Arizona and Black VP are very good! The other skits are pretty good as well, but im my opinion this DVD missed two classic skits. First is the choice of Nat X in this DVD. They should have put the one with Vanilla Ice (Kevin Bacon) on this DVD. In my opinion that was a classic! Instead they put the one with Colin Powell (Meadows), Tori Spelling (Oteri), and Mike Tyson (Morgan).

Also the selection of the "new" version of I'm Chillin' kind of confused me. To me, I'm Chillin' is Rock (Onski) and Farley; I was a little disappointed not to see that combo of I'm Chillin' in this Best of Chris Rock DVD. But overall this is a good DVD, I just thought it didn't put in some of Chris Rock's best skits which downgrades this DVD a bit.