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Ripping Yarns for the 21 Century, 7 July 2012

Saw this film tonight with extremely low expectation and just needing to get out of the house. So when I watched the beginning I thought this was going to be another failed horror flick full of clichés and dull plot or simply no plot. How wrong I was. When I began to get into it I realised that this was in fact more of an old school Ripping Yarn. This is what was done so well on a lot cheaper budget in the UK years ago. It adds a ton of humour to what is a (Sorry for he pun) dead genre. Vampire stories have long gone by their sell by date and this gives them a new life. I laughed through the whole film and not once did they try to play it for laughs. It helped bring me out of a dull fog from too much work. It entertained me, not once did it scare me. I don't think it ever meant to scare anyone. This is a piece of pure fun and should be seen only as that. Think Sean of the Dead and you've got the idea.

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Very accurate depiction, 28 March 2011

I watched this show with baited breath as I followed the story since it started to unwind in the early 90's. I found the show well acted and the lead character well played. Though the lead may have seemed wooden this was not a fault of the actor as the real person was a genuine psychopath and had no interest and little or no ability in interacting with other people. I found the eldest daughter was over acted with all the screaming and shouting. She did not show the feelings of some one who has been systematically abused and down trodden over many years. I found though over all it to be a good and accurate portrayal of how an abuser works. Also the showing of the American Sheriff gives a great description of how, when an offender is allowed to move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction his crimes can be well hidden.

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Don't WATCH, 1 October 2010

This is the worst kind of art house rubbish that I have had the displeasure to watch in a long time. No plot, no story and no good. There is not even a vague attempt to try for any kind of accuracy as there are mistakes all over the place. The story behind the script is minuscule so the director has resorted to putting lots of shortbread pictures of Scotland onto the screen. The film makers have placed the film in the West of Scotland and then ignore the fact that the main inhabitants should be either Gaels or Picts. But you never let that get in the way of a good film, BUT THE FILM IS RUBBISH. I am angry that such bland, lazy and slap dash hogwash should be put on general release. Avoid this pathetic attempt to entertain, it is only of interest to people who know nothing of history or care anything for psychology. It is only of interest to people so jaded by modern film making that they have to watch utter nonsense to feel entertained.

Ted Bundy (2002)
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Into the evil depths of an ordinary man, 24 September 2008

A competent film well written and very accurate portrait of a sex offender. If it represents the real Ted Bundy then that would be up to a better informed person than me. The film is very graphic portrait of a serial killer and the sex scenes would be best described as titillation rather than a proper exposition of his vile crimes. The film starts by correctly by showing the progression of the offender. It also does a good job of showing the build up to first murder. The relationship he has with his girlfriend is also well represented with the poor lass not knowing the vile activity that Bundy was up to. The letdown of the film begins when the film maker starts to show the trail of destruction that he leaves behind him. It becomes rather mechanical with the endless succession of murders and does not go attempt to get a feel for how other people or groups and organisations like the police or politicians were reacting. Even the general public were ignored until the end when scenes were shown from real news reels were shown. I still enjoyed the show as it was well told and reasonably accurate and I only give this restricted compliment as I do not know enough about the Bundy case to be honest enough. Though on the cycle of the sex offender I have of professional knowledge and it is very accurate there.

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Great Aussie TV, 8 May 2008

Watched this when it was first screened and then missed it when it disappeared of British screens. It showed a different side of Old Australia that we need to see more of. Good juxtaposition of old hand and young turk. Then the realism of the hard out back was fantastic. It was sadly missed. This show was a cold look at the old way of looking at Australia. Hard living and hard working. The young idealist clashing with the old practical head. Real Politicka fighting with the young upstarts of New Labour. To add modern political vernacular.

This show was the first of its type that I came across that did not try to do a tourist job on Australia. It was a great showing of the realistic

come documentary realistic type of show. Some good films were out at the time doing a similar job. It would be great to see more of this type of TV come from Australia for it has been sadly missing this last twenty years. for all we have been fed is the soap pulp of varying quality.