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9 to 5 (1980)
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"It Looked Like Skinny and Sweet...", 7 February 2003

One of the best comedies around. I simply love this movie. All performances are wonderful, and I especially like Coleman's slimey peformance as Mr. Hart. From square one, it never bores and always entertains. A real comedic treat (even from Fonda). 10/10

Superman (1978)
CLASSIC CINEMA, 7 February 2003

I can not believe that they are making a new version of Superman. How dare they? Yeah, the old series was OK, but Reeve made Superman who he was and still is. Though it is a bit overlong, it is definitely worth it and it is very exciting to watch. Great performances, and a great DVD as well.

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BETTER THAN THE FIRST, 7 February 2003

Yes, I must say. This one is better than the first. We actually know the whole story now so it makes the occuring events a whole lot more exciting. One of my favorite films as a kid a well. Especially the prison scenes and the Niagara Falls scenes! Oh, the diner scene is interesting as well. worth your time, though the DVD extras are not good.

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...THE FUNK OF 40,000 YEARS..., 7 February 2003

I grew up watching this music video (I taped it on Beta tape when I was a kid back in 1983) and the making of it as well. I have always loved it, and I still do. As far as I'm concerned, it is the best and most classic music video ever made. Not really worth buying being that it's so short, but if you come across it on one of MTV's Top so-and-so of all time countdowns, definitely record it. It's close to miiiidnight...

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PRETTY GOOD, 7 February 2003

Yeah, it is kind of goofy and silly, but overall it is good. Pryor is hilarious as always, and Reeve does a good job. I think the scene where he plucks peanuts at the mirror is hilarious!! Anyhow, this is the last good Superman sequel (please don't see Part 4!!).

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OH MY GOODNESS, 5 February 2003

This film is fall-down funny. I love it so much, and always have since I was a child. It's so colorful and Herman's whole appearance and character is so unique and child-like that you can't help escape from reality and laugh your hardest for a little while. Also, E.G. Daily is a little cutie. 10/10

WARIORS...COME OUT AND PLAY..., 3 February 2003

I was always reluctant to watch this film due to the whole idea of it not really intriguing me. Boy was I wrong!! This film is one of the best films I've ever viewed, and I actually consider one of my top favorites. Many familiar faces, an awesome '70s score, superb Walter Hill direction, and even THE THING's Windows (Thomas G. Waites) made this film a pleasure to me. I highly recommend it. 10/10

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This is possibly the best movie I've seen in years. Nicholson is totally amazing in this role-wonderfully dramatic yet painfully hilarious. I was shaken to tears in the final sequence as well. Great all-around (except for the hot tub scene!!!).

NOT BAD, 20 January 2003

Totally entertaining film (one of the better of the year) featuring amazing performances from all involved (including Walken). Every event moves at a good pace and the film never bores. I was quite shocked to see Brolin in a mainstream film for a change as well! 9/10


One of the strangest films I've viewed recently, but it is still extremely entertaining. The characters are oddly very involving and the storyline is very involving as well. Cage is wonderful and totally convincing as are the talented Streep and the slimy character perfomed by Cooper. 9/10

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