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Perfect adaptation of a ruined life, 15 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here's a man that gave up on his life due to his negligence, causing the killing of his children. He wants out and tries to, by attempting to shoot himself in the police station, with an officer's gun, but forgets to unlock the trigger.

His brother, in some sort of knowing way, and knowing his illness is fatal, wills his brother to care for his son, and that this in some way, will help both son and brother..... which it does.

So basically, his honor doesn't permit himself to refuse to help his brothers son, after that brother's illness/death. And the son still has a blood tie.

There are pages and pages of negative reviews. I assume from people that are used to watching fast twitch no thought or character development movies.

The scenes and acting are superb. Yes, it's a sad movie. Yes, Casie's character is ruined and to the point of him using his loss as a mode of self-punishment, and even to the point of figurative self- flogging by bar fights.

But there is no denying this is a superb movie.

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Best of a disappointing series though rushed to market., 14 April 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The end of the book, from a fantastic series, was incredibly exhilarating. None of this was brought forth in this series ending movie. The ending was off from the book and frankly, just not very good. Even for someone that didn't read the books which is probably rare, the anticlimactic ending was a letdown.

The good. Some better acting overall. The effects were more on cue and the feel was pretty good.

Didn't Neville kill the snake at Harry's awakening from feigned death? Didn't Harry and Voldemort circle each other in front of the students and teachers. And wasn't there a big hurrah after Harry killed him?

From poor acting and character building, this whole series of movies was a general letdown. I understand the need to put all the major points of the book onto film but why stray at the end and change the ending. The very awesome ending.

I don't know. I give this whole series a "C"

Phenomenally Boring, 7 April 2017

A sluggish, low key, mopey, dragged on movie that needed a good shot of Drano. I don't even recall much what happened because after 10 minutes I just let it run in the background and did something else.

Every once in awhile I'd look over and watch Hoffman do his best impression of an actor bent on being as boring as possible. Occasionally, he would make a face or say something benign.

Hoffman's best performance was probably in Boogie Nights. One of the best movies of the 90's.

Sad that this was Hoffman's final hurrah. The man had talent.

Alan Rickman only redeeming value., 7 March 2017

Relatively boring and mundane series of movies based on the book series. I've watched them to add value to the books and give me faces for more depth to the books. And that is all the movies are capable of.

Though the ending to prisoner of askaban was not bad, the follow-up's ending was boring and voldemart not very convincing.

Unfortunately, the only redeeming actor has passed and any hope for an offshoot is gone. Alan Rickman and Radcliffes(Great physical features.) character are the only ones that rings true and are the one I see constantly as I read his character in the books. The others not so much.

The movies should have been based around Rickman and Oldman and their characters from the book. Really, the only great actors in this series. Richard Harris doesn't fit for me in his roll.

Everyone else should have been co-star and back story.

Trainwreck (2015)
Regular solid formula movie., 25 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is your basic formula romance movie with a little twist. Not worthy of a 10 but certainly not worthy of a 2 or 3. It's a solid average movie that a couple should enjoy.

There are some pretty funny sex scenes with her bodybuilder boyfriend. She is pretty funny as an actress and has some good sardonic lines.

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On the edge of greatness!, 12 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No show has ever given me the desire to stop watching, but still watching, more than SOA. It flails on that edge between not enough strong story writing to carry and too much violence for its own good.

Instead of building storyline, the viewer gets thrown into violent themes which are then explained. There is constant turmoil turning from one disaster into the next and missed chances at character building. These missed chances are where the show hurts and gathers its 7 star rating.

There is so much more available from Callie's and Perlman's characters who are the deeper and more complex of the show, and so much attention given to the other character's in a one-dimensional manner, with the lack of shocking violence, the show might actually bore me.

A constantly brooding Jax wife and over the top meddling mother makes for an annoying predictable show at times.

A constantly vengeful and sensitive Jax drives the show one dimensional.

But the turns and spins keep me coming back for more. Polk's death completely threw me. Juice still alive I just knew wouldn't happen. I was certain Kim Coates character was a goner and Opie would be around to the end.

Which brings me to Coates' character. The over protective dog and woman loving psychopath does give the show a needed comedic relief at times.

With that said. It's a very violent and sexually graphic show.(For TV) The violence is at the point of uncomfortable in Season 5 with a very graphic de-tonguing and jail rape scene which will probably keep the show at a 7 for me.

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I'm a sucker for hero heroine movies, 3 March 2016

This is actually a 7 star movie but the negative people are leaving 1's and 2's. This is not a 1 or 2 star movie.

Yes, the physics did not always work out and buildings always fell just as the stars got away. And I think 2 minutes officially passed before the girl came back to life but it's a movie and time doesn't need to be perfect. It's a representation of time.

Not too much character development, but what's to be expected when the earth is imploding. There's enough to give something to the viewer.

Great special effects; lots of action and pretty decent acting.

Let's just say the 90 minutes will go pretty fast and you might get a tear in your eye at the end.

Might I add with some humor, one wondered when the movie would give a tease shot of the daughters(18+) upper closet area. Well it came gratuitously underwater in the last 20 minutes. Thank you! Hollywood.

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The new best show on TV., 25 April 2014

Gripping, thought provoking, suspenseful and incredibly done are words that come to mind. The first two or three episodes are somewhat slow and I almost gave up on it. Now it wasn't a bad show just taking to long for me to warm up to the rhythm which was a little meandering for me. It's bloomed like a good cigar into rich story telling and wonderful in depth character development.

It even carries a bit of an evil mystical effect with eerie moody visuals and "bad" people left unmolested for decades, who appear to have ingrained into their surroundings a weird kind of acceptance.

I'm almost through the first season and I find myself refraining from chain watching the episodes in one sitting so I've limited myself to one episode per night. Sort of what I did with Lost until Comcast pulled it as I entered the 5th season.

Sit back and enjoy the first few episodes and watch it open up into a gem.

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Greatest TV drama ever written., 4 October 2013

Some TV dramas deserve 10's and this is one of them. May be the greatest TV drama ever written. May be better than the Sopranos. Visceral, scary, exhilarating, funny, excitingly vengeful,sad, pitiful, intelligent... .

Never has any two actors so filled the screen in one show and grabbed one than both stars with Cranston grabbing more due to his incredibly stellar screen presence, but I think we are in for surprises from Paul in future roles.

Cranston was born for this role. Cranston was born to act and does so with such convincing conviction I never thought he was acting at any point. The same goes for Paul and really, most every other actor, including Norris who was stellar and Gunn, Brandt and Mitte.

Yes I'm gushing but who doesn't with such a great show.

Thanks AMC. Your the channel to beat nowadays.

Hitch (2005/I)
Entertaining love story., 14 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The one thing that bothered me was that someone would want to be with someone who back stabbed them by writing a story about them in a rag. If someone had done that to me, I would have been so long gone.

That's why the movie gets a 7 and not an 8 out of 10 from me. Other than that, James is funny as all heck and is quite a good physical comedian. Smith does his thing which is always entertaining. Smith deserves better scripts on the whole but I think he gets flagged as a comedian and studios don't want to risk "good" drama scripts on him.

Worth the watch.

Probably good for 13 and over.

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