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Everyone is always impressed by my "IMDb" head and by all the movies I have seen (which is also cool, because now I am finally on IMDb: Richard L. Haas III). So, I thought it would be cool if I listed every single movie/TV Show I have seen. Every movie that is listed I have seen from start to finish, however, there are some television shows I have not seen every single episode (though most listed I have).

(1) All titles are arranged in alphabetical order, then, if in a series or film collection, are arranged chronologically.
(2) Some titles aren't listed because A) I have not finished viewing them, or B) I forgot.
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An easy to read IMDb version of Steven Spielberg’s Curriculum, a list of 206 films you should supposedly see in order to work with Steven Spielberg. Whether or not this list actually comes from Spielberg himself, it is still a list of films that everyone should see before they die. I have seen over a thousand films, and I still don't even come close (check out my list at!

NOTE: Don't criticize me for making another Spielberg Curriculum list if you have seen others on IMDb. This version of the list is more or less for me. A quick access way to see which films I still have to watch. I hope you can treat it as the same.