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Saw II (2005)
Saw II is over the top and very unrealistic
8 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
***** WARNING THIS MAY CONTRAIN SPOILERS ***** (who really cares though ?)

I'm a fan of the first Saw movie. I think it had the (psychological )goriness of great movies like Se7en and nice twists. Sure there were weaker things in it; its realism was to be taken like the average horror movie: not. But at least it hinted towards it, making it easy to swallow.

This movie however, fails miserably. May i note here that this movie is a desperate rip-off of the instant Canadian classic Cube. I'm not sure what the intention was with this movie; it seems that it was confined to simply do what hadn't been done in the first. As if one more crazy trap would make it worth the effort. To me, quite the opposite happened. Although i counted two creative traps, i counted more than i wanted which were aggravatingly idiotic.

I find it very annoying when the villain has an intelligence far superior than God himself. I also find it very boring when characters do stupid things, which are not explained, or, worse, they just do it for the sake of doing stupid things. Those movies were already done in the 70's with more remakes and sequels of even worse quality.

Where Saw I tried to be inventive, this movie is your standard completely flopping sequel. Where the first one had characters and plot twists worth developing, this movie is just a bad mix of blood, violence and stupidity.

I give it a 3, because the start wasn't that bad and the actors do try their best. But in the end, the plot fails, ending is weak, characters are not developed, the villain is a joke and the open ending is purely for commercial purposes. I guess in the end this is your standard Hollywood BS production.
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Saw (2004)
30 June 2005
This movie has it all. Horror has become a main stream genre over the best years, and this movie reaps the benefits; a very well made production with outstanding acting of all actors. Gently inspired by other superb movies like "the Cube" and "Se7en", this movie is remarkably original. It's very well edited too; perfectly balanced between action, drama, horror and suspense. And a well made ending, which deserves extra points.

I voted a 9/10 for this movie because there are some flaws. But sometimes to make great suspense you have to give in on realistic plot turn. There may be one of two moments in there which i personally find flawed, but they were put in there for a reason; to show more of the artistic scenery, atmosphere and certainly suspense.

The blood and gore level does not supersede its intention; the twist plots do not overlap the pace. If you're looking for just a great horror you won't forget for a while, go see this one. Best watched alone in the dark.
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Bad movies can also be made with a small budget
3 April 2005
Jeff Goldblum is a good actor. He has his typical way and sure enough this movie demonstrates his skills. However, the script is not well made. There is some interesting dialog, but there are many parts that should have been explained in more detail. The Paris scenery hadn't been used to an advantage; it could have taken place in any other city. The rest of the cast was simply poor; it explains why the other actors never hit it big. The worst part of the movie is the story itself; it's quite boring and one had wished a point or moral question would be addressed. The music was very wrong as well. It was out dated, even for 1980, and bad timing. The whole movie fails miserably in delivering a message or story telling. They posted this movie as a thriller, which puts the viewer in a wrong state of mind. It definitely was not worth my time. I voted 3/10.
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The Grudge (2004)
Not bad, not good either
23 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
*** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS **** This is another Hollywood of an Asian horror. It over-concentrates on suspension and unfortunately, it eats away at everything else. The suspense works, certainly in the beginning, therefore i give this movie a 6/10. However, the story is thin and far fetched. Worse, one of the ghostly appearances is a little child. Apparently the new trend is that little kids are horrific and frightening. I'm sorry, but that doesn't work for me; i would bitch slap a ghost like this.

From what i have seen so far, Asian horrors have what Hollywood lacks: originality. But as i have mentioned in other reviews i've wrote: originality does not make a movie good. It just gives the advantage; you still have to score the points.

Furthermore, there are several plot holes that just simply don't add up. It seems that the time line of a few things should be reviewed. But hey, it's about the suspense. And there's plenty of it. Even the way the ghosts are portrayed in an original way, making up for the downsides of this movie.

The acting is mediocre at best. I'm not a fan of Buffy the Vampire slayer, and she fails to develop her character or shine in her role. This is what i expect of a good actor.

*** BIG SPOILER *** In the end, it is clear that there wanted to make a sequel; the story ends too abrupt for no apparent reason. Also, some questions are left unanswered, leaving the viewer empty handed. How can you kill the ghost ? Why was she the first time not attacked, when she grandmother died ? Why did the Grudge change his shape ? Why did the professor commit suicide ? Was this movie really worth it ? Why haven't they burnt down the house after the first killings ? If the police knew something ghostly was going on, why did they act the way they did; why wasn't there much more investigation ? The list goes on and on...

So, considering all things, but concentrating on the sheer pleasure i got from watching it, i have to give this movie 5.5 out of 10. If you don't watch it, you won't have missed much. Besides, you'll be tempted again when the obvious sequel comes out.
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Sweet flick with a nice story to tell. Highly recommended !
19 January 2005
This movie is very easy on the eyes. It tells a story about the hard knock life of illegal immigrants in London.

The acting is realistic and has a genuine feel. The story evolves very smoothly, showing that a lot of thought went into the directing and script. The story is also quite original, which is hard to come by these days. The casting is simply great and the actors have plenty of scenes and time to detail their personality, even though the running time is only 1:35. The realistic feel of the whole is never lost. This movie is a superb example of a low budget movie surpassing many Hollywood endeavors simply by talent. You don't need big names to tell a story the right way. Although the trend is to put CGI and big expensive scenes into movies, this movie does what every good movie does: concentrate on the story. 8/10.
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21 Grams (2003)
If you don't have a story to tell, DON'T try covering it up with idiotic editing
18 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The acting in this movie is great. The scenery was good. However two very irritating facts crush this movie: 1. The editing is simply bad and only there to try to confuse the viewer 2. the story is way too thin for a 2+ hrs movie. 4/10


The director tried to mimic "Memento"; a far better movie in every sense. In this movie, the editing makes no sense. It is very incoherent in the beginning and there's not much to invite you to want to know more about it. Some scenes are put at a very wrong place, because it reveals EVERYTHING. There is no surprising moment at all in this movie, and i never read any reviews or plot summary I watch it unbiased. So the movie just drags on telling its story...and what really is the story ? A man is ill, gets a heart from a victim of a freak accident. He falls in love with the widow and then fails to kill of the killer. That's it. There is no hint on why they was on bad terms with their life before the accident. Del Toro had a very supporting wife; the widow seemed to have a loving husband and children and Penn remarried his first wife.

So there's no incentive leading to the over dramatized world of these people. Get a life !

But by the time you know the accidents happen, you're just wondering where each scene fits in. Did we just have a flashback or we back to present again ? This thought keeps you so busy that you forget to actually enjoy the scenes. If you want to see how NOT to edit a movie, go check out this one.

So despite the editor and director, i give this movie 4 out of 10, because the acting is convincing. So one point for each actor. I just wasted 2+ hrs of my time on this one though.
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Horror (2003)
Confusing bunch of scenes do not make a horror
3 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Rating: 3/10


I'm not sure if this is the kind of movie that you have to see a couple of times before it starts to make sense. Although the camera work is not bad at all and there is suspense in it, it totally lacks a story line or interesting characters. The worst is that none of the characters are portrayed in some more depth so it starts to make sense; as a viewer you're just thrown from one scene into another. This movie is reminiscent of movies like Mulholland Drive, Pie and Lost Highway. Some scenes are not that bad, but although it's only a 1:10 movie, it gets boring quick. It hints to Italian horrors a la Fulci pay homage, but lacks depth and script.

If you like psychedelic movies as the ones mentioned above, i'd say go watch this one. But if you're looking for a solid story and at least one actor you can connect to, leave this one in the video store. It does try hard to be original, but originality is not a synonym for watchable or decent.


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The Core (2003)
The only disaster in this movie is the movie
14 November 2003
To sum this movie up: waste of your time. Why ? - Story is as bad as it gets - The science is a joke - The jokes are not funny - The graphics are far from impressive en even further from realistic - You can predict the ending before you met all the cast - The complete lack of realism.

Now the threat of the earth core spin coming to a halt is as real as the moon falling on our head; it will happen, but not suddenly. You will see it coming. But the science used to get it going again is farther fetched than Piglet marrying Snowwhite.

So i don't know what the idea behind this movie was ; at least i now know who did it so i can stay away from this production team. I've seen test patterns on TV more interesting.
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Waste of time
5 September 2003
Though i haven't seen the original, i strongly suggest NOT to watch this movie. I don't understand why Carpenter did a remake of this movie. He fails totally in providing suspense, horror or entertainment value. I personally had to fast forward the end, because i have better things to do with my time...

1 out of 10
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The Warriors (1979)
First gang movie
8 September 2002
Rating 10/10

This movie set the trend for many movies to come. It's the ultimate urban fight movie, no guns, just muscle. The story is simple and perfect. 9 Guys, no weapons. Trying to make it back, all the way to Coney. Love it.

I don't think there's really a deeper meaning to this movie. It's all about realistic fights and chases. Superb scenes of New York and awesome soundtrack, still available today, especially the tracks by Barry de Vorzon. If you don't know it, and you want to see a realistic fight movie, go see it, and remember: this is original.
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Hannibal (2001)
what a bummer
7 September 2002
rating 4/10

After seeing "manhunter" and "silence of the lambs" you get ready for a good final part of the trilogy of Harris. But halfway thru the movie i got serious doubts, but you keep watching and hoping the end will make up for it. Well, to me it didn't.

In retrospect, i think "Hannibal" is an unbelievable movie, especially the way special agent Clarice Starling handles the case and the ending of it. If you haven't seen it yet, don't bother. The blood 'n' gore level isn't high enough to make it a good horror and the whole atmosphere in the movie is more like a bad opera (is that why they choose Venice as a location ?) than a thriller (i couldn't find one scary part).

Bummer from A - Z
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Cast Away (2000)
What's in the FedEx package he DIDN'T open ?
4 September 2002
9/10 "A Must see"

Very nice movie. Maybe not original as a story (guy on a deserted island trying to get home). I hope Hanks knew when reading the script that there wasn't a girl, not even a granny - unless you consider Wilson a girl), but Tom Hanks plays it very realistic and, as a movie, i have not seen anything like it. The movie has only one shortcoming; in the end he returns one unopened FedEx package... but what the hell was in it ?
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One of the best movies ever
4 September 2002
Rating "10/10" Master piece

Some years ago, i heard Spielberg comment that he would redo the movie here and there if he had a chance. Well, Mr Spielberg, i guess nothing is perfect, but this movie - together with schindler's List - is your best. Even Oprah acts well in this one !

What got me most is the realism of the story and drama. Stuff like this happened and is still happening in the world.
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Spetters (1980)
One of the earliest "fast" dutch movies
4 September 2002
rating 8/10

Spetters in dutch has two meanings: "splashes" (of grease, dirt or blood) and "pretty people/hunk".

This movie is quick. To me it's enjoyable as an action movie, but also as a movie like "easy rider", depicting bikers' life in holland of the late 70's. It wouldn't be dutch if there ain't some tits'n'ass in it. But I don't think the movie evolves around it. It deals much more with choices, luck and destiny everyone makes. And that's the reason why i think it's a good movie. Beyond the action sequences there's a moral to be found. I think the story shows many stereotypes of people and let's them all interact realistically. That's the true strength of this movie. and always keep in mind: it's dutch, and up to that time, there were not many action movies made in holland. shortly after this movie Paul Verhoeven went to Hollywood, to my knowledge partly because of the bad dutch criticism to this movie.
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Once in a lifetime, there comes a motion picture, which changes the whole history of motion pictures...
4 September 2002
Rating 10/10

This movie cannot be surpassed by any other comedy of a more recent date and still claim to be original. It's a shame that the Python team never was able to make another movie like this one (though "life of brian" is pretty good); i guess this movie surpassed even their own shrubberies....

what IS a shame, is that - when the movie is aired on TV - they often show a version where the first part is cut out; the *REAL* movie starts with a commercial for a japanese restaurant. But that's just a 2 minute intro.

In some comments it is clear that the humor is not understood by some people. Well, politicians are not understood be even more people. My point ? that Sir Robin, Robert the Shrubber and the guard of Herbert is the same guy !!! but then again the two level effect between the shrubberies does make up for that....

One more thing: the music - especially at the end - is brilliant, adding to the professionality, but that's undone a little by some scenery. One of the best laughs up to this date for me is the bridge the Black Knight holds. My dead grandmother can jump over that creek in a heartbeat...

And people, the script of this movie is out there on the net, including some scenes that were not in the movie. Thanks, monty python, for making our lives seem just a lil easier.
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