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I hope AMC re-runs it this year, so more people can see it!, 27 June 2005

I'm not quite sure why this special was so under-seen. I suppose most people either don't get AMC or aren't so aware of it if they do, and it wasn't exactly promoted the way, say, Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments special was. I myself didn't know it was going to be on until literally just minutes beforehand. (Luckily I had a tape handy, and threw it into the VCR just in time.) Anyhow, this special was wonderfully entertaining, mostly due to host Bruce Campbell. He fills his hosting gig from the inside of a dilapidated house a la Texas Chain Saw Massacre, set upon by zombies, an escaped lunatic, and a sewing machine. The segments with Bruce were not only hilarious, but very cleverly presented - the camera work and editing often near-seamlessly integrate movie scenes with Bruce's scenes from the house; it's quite remarkable.

The films chosen as the scariest were indeed some of the most frightening ever made, with far-reaching influence and reputation. I liked the fact that the films weren't ranked, but rather just a gathering of twenty very scary movies. Interviews with John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper and others were very short, but interesting nonetheless. All in all, "20" is a very fun, well-done and entertaining special all around.

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Fun stuff., 20 June 2005

I may not have agreed with the placing of each film (the final five could do with some switching around), but by and large I had no complaints about the rankings and enjoyed seeing many older movies and a few good lost-in-the-shuffle films featured. Several of the films were those not generally considered horror per se, and it was nice to see them included.

Many of the commentators had insightful, interesting or just plain entertaining observations. It's rare that a show such as this is devoid of particularly annoying participants, but everyone here was fun and lively. If Bravo decides to give this special another run this upcoming Halloween season, I'd certainly recommend catching it.