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I've made a list of woman who I've liked at one point or another. As you go through the list you'll see that I've liked many types, but you'll also see that that are many that look similar.

I'd like to think my list is slightly different from other similar lists and you'd notice if you grew up in the nighties. remember Disney TV movies which had Maggie Lawson or Kirsten Storms (Zenon).

I've included lesser known people also, like before Oliver Wilde there was Jennifer Rubin and before Ginnifer Goodwin there was Sherilyn Fenn. many people say Katy Perry and and Zooey Deschanel look alike. but if you seen Zooey's screen appearences over the years you'd see that they are very different.
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Did i go there? Yes I went there. Its a word been thrown about ever since the show "New Girl" hit our screens to describe Zooey Deschanel, and it basically sums her up as both adorable and dorky. Here are other people who would fit in that list also, and there is a is a slight ranking system w/ the most adorkable at the top and lesser as you go down the list.
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Don't know how to describe this. Think Britney Murphy in the movie "Don't Say a Word " or Linda Cardellini [Velma from scooby doo/ Nurse Samantha Taggart from ER)in Good Burger

.....aaah crazy chicks dont you just love em?