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The saga continues..., 26 January 2005

Anyone who intends to review this movie will have to take into consideration the earlier film, Með Allt Á Hreinu, to which Í Takt Við Tímann is a sequel. 20 years after Með Allt á Hreinu ended, the story picks up again. Harpa and Stinni (whose parting at the end of the first movie was not entirely voluntary) are living separate lives but have never forgotten about each other. Stuðmenn, the band they were both members of, is now a miserable trio playing in bars in Spain, and Dúddi, their former roadie, has discovered new-ageism and become a "guru". None of them are entirely happy with their lot, and things start heating up between Harpa and Stinni when Stuðmenn re-form (without Harpa) and enter a band competition where they will be competing with the band Harpa's son is in. Like the first film, this one is full of good music and funny incidents. The humour is the same as in the earlier film - for example the costumes Stuðmenn always perform in, each more ridiculous than the last - and it's a nice way to spend a couple of hours. The movie is a bit self-conscious, and it feels staged in a way the first film was not. Með Allt Á Hreinu is a tough act to follow, and although this is a funny and well-made movie, I don't think it will ever reach the cult status of the previous effort.

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Pure magic, 3 March 2004

The first time I saw this film I sat in front of the TV and watched it like I had been hypnotized. The animation technique and the colours are breathtaking and I really, really wish I had seen it on the big screen. I'm sure the experience would have been sublime.

This is the kind if film that leaves the viewer (unless she/he is totally insensitive) full of awe and wonder at the determination shown by the protagonist, who, in the course of a lifetime, plants a forest.

Whether you view it as a simple and beautiful story about planting trees and loving nature, or as a fable with a deeper meaning, this film is absolutely wonderful.

I would buy it in a heartbeat if it ever came out on DVD.

Devdas (2002/I)
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Beautiful and boring, 2 March 2004

Lovely colours, gorgeous costumes, sumptuous sets and utterly, utterly boring. I fell asleep twice trying to watch this movie. The dance scenes are great, but that's about it. Shahrukh Khan's acting is so wooden it's unbelievable and he has no chemistry with either of his female co-stars. If you want see him give a good performance, watch Dil Se - he's so much better in that film.

The story could have been told better in half the time, especially by cutting down some of the scenes of Khan's character feeling sorry for himself. I'm giving it 5 out of 10 for the dance scenes and the settings.

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I would have loved this when I was 6 years old..., 16 February 2004

...too bad I'm not 6 any more.

Not one of Disney's better efforts. If you want to watch an enjoyable

movie, this isn't it - it's just too silly. Not that I have anything against

silly movies, but this one isn't funny-silly, it's just silly.

It has the usual cast of Disney stock characters: the kind but

flawed - in this instance avaricious - male hero, the giddy and

empty-headed female hero, the cute kid, the nosy neighbours and

the stupid officials. Oh, and don't forget the cute animal, this time a

goose that has about as much personality as a blank page.

It may be possible to make a good movie about a goose that lays

golden eggs - and this isn't it.

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Makes 'Wild Wild West' look good by comparison, 17 January 2004

Flat characters, bad use of their literary backgrounds and "talents". Could do with more story and fewer explosions. Injecting a bit of humour into the story would have been a good start - science fantasies of the 'alternative past' kind are in their nature ridiculous and ones that take themselves seriously are even worse. At least there was humour in 'Wild Wild West'.

The Twins (1981)
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one of the best family films ever made in Iceland, 7 January 2004

Based on the classic novel by Guðrún Helgadóttir, this film is still very funny and has wide appeal to audiences of all ages. It is somewhat dated, but that only serves to make it funnier. The film covers the adventures of twin brothers Jón Oddur and Jón Bjarni, who get up to a lot of mischief - not Home Alone style, but rather real things that real kids might do.

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Stella gets her groove back, 13 June 2003

This is one of the most popular comedy films ever made in Iceland. It tells the story of Stella, a tired Icelandic housewife who hasn't had a holiday in years (the title translates as "Stella takes a Holiday"). Others involved are her husband and two kids, the husband's mistress and a Swedish gentleman who has come to Iceland to participate in an alcoholic rehab program. The film is as funny as ever, maybe even funnier now than when it was made, because the fashions and hairstyles are well and truly out of style and very cheesy.

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Could have been much better, 15 May 2003

This TV film suffers from being too long, and from playing quite heavily on certain stereotypes of the Irish. Leaving out the 'happy Irish leprechauns doing the Riverdance' scenes would have improved things immensely. The special effects are pretty good for a TV film, and the actors are mostly good in their roles, especially Colm Meaney as Seamus Muldoon. It's unfortunate that Irish legends are so twisted in the story, especially where the Banshee has been turned into some kind of benevolent spirit, played by a very bored-looking Whoopi Goldberg.

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Stagy but good, 20 January 2003

Maggie Smith is superb in this film, and all the other actors are very good in their roles. The only thing I have to say against the film is that it is too stagy - it's basically a play brought to the screen and never quite gets away from it.

Ikíngut (2000)
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excellent family entertainment, 2 January 2003

This film sends a strong message about superstition and prejudice, but also about enduring friendship, in a story about a small boy from Greenland who drifts on an iceberg to Iceland and is mistaken for a demon by the superstitious villagers who find him.

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