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A true reflection of that time, 26 March 2006

Buffaloe Soldiers clearly depicts some of the activities that had actually been going on at the posts and bases of the US military stationed here in Germany after the Cold War had ended and the soldiers suddenly found themselves having been "robbed" of their enemy. Therefore, the film does give an insight into what was actually going on during that time.Although funny most of the time, the violence shown towards the end was slightly exaggerated. Joachín Phoenix - as usual - portrays the character in his unique way and so gave the story a little "glammour". Overall,Buffaloe Soldiers is an entertaining and truly different film about the military.

Skins (2002)
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As realistic as can be, 10 June 2003

The story reflects reservation life as it is: sometimes laughter is the only means of survival the people have. It depicts the conditions as they are, not only on the Pine Ridge reservation but on most of them. Graham Greene has given an excellent performance as did Eric Schweig. The special sense of humor, often only understood by the Natives, does not take away any of the gravity of the plot.

Chris Eyre has once again managed to produce an excellent combination of the spiritual and the down-to-earth life in SKINS, and he has grown to become a synonym for true Native American films.

SKINS is both entertaining and causing the viewer, though mainly those familiar with reservation life, to think about the situation which has been persisting ever since Columbus.

SKINS has revived memories of my own stays at South Dakota reservations. The world needs more films like this one so that people will come to understand that the Natives of this land are not living in teepees anymore nor do they wear bunkskin and feathers all day long.

SKINS gives a critical and true reflection of life on a reservation in the twenty-first century.

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A Trip back in time, 26 February 2003

Just recently the TV series was aired again on German TV for an... x number of times. It "realizes" everyone´s dream to just leave this hectic, violent world behind. The plots are simple, which isn´t necessarily negative. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few TV series with little to no violence. It brings back memories of one´s own youth and dreams of a perfect world in which all problems will be solved in a nice way at the end. An entertaining series with good actors, beautiful sights of nature and unforgettable Ben.

Solaris (2002)
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Just why didn´t people open their eyes?, 26 February 2003

Much to the anger of George Clooney, the critics at the recent Berlin Film Festival tore Solaris apart. Just why didn´t these people open their eyes to see? Not only the film on screen but the story behind it. It holds a lot of psychological potential, aside from being a true love story. I thought it is a good, solid story. ... And not just because of Mr. Bombastic George Clooney.

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As good as it always has been, 3 January 2003

Enjoying the airing of the Untouchable series on Polish TV in English, I find the story as fascinating as the times I´ve watched it before. Aside from the excellent choice of actors/actresses, the tragedy and funny side of the topic is clearly tangible in almost all episodes. Especially when Ness is forced to rescue Nitti from a revengeful boy who´s cop dad was killed. Irony at its best.

Although the story happened nearing a century ago, it is as vivid and valid as ever.

Excellent scripts, great actors, and a fascinating story untouched by time.

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A last stop indeed, 10 December 2002

The plot starts out interesting, however, towards the end too many die in too short a time, turning the thriller-mystery aspect of the story into a slaughter.

The only true highlights were Adam Beach and Jürgen Prochnow, who were once again their excellent selves. Nice try with an inappropriate last third, though a good ending.

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A vision comes true, 20 November 2002

Although Anna is first unable to believe in it, the gentle way Tokalah treats her with the appropriate respect, leads to to realize her true fate. Despite the threat of war, the plot is peaceful, cautious and with luring persuasion, which leads Anna back to Tokalah despite the obstacles she, her family and the Lakota have to overcome and the trouble and destruction they have to endure.

At last a film based on sensitivity rather than on bloody fighting scenes which adds to the depth of the story even more.

Highly sensitive film, 20 November 2002

The struggle Victor undergoes in trying to face and conquer his past is displayed in a highly sensitive manner. The long journey he and his truly "misunderstood" young friend under- take, is also a journey back in time for him: back to childhood days and to a father who has abandoned him. Both young men come to terms in the end and recognize not only their past but also their own true values. Excellent work by Chris Eyre with well placed funny scenes.

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Good idea,but ,,,, 5 November 2002

Deceived by the title, pondering over a bizarre story, the Indian Runner became like his message: hard to come by. The insinuated events left little true action except for the killing at the beginning. It might be interesting to watch it, though not at a late hour, since it provides too little fascination. Solely enchanting Particia Arquette saved the film from receiving an even lower rating. Good idea, but ...

The Brave (1997)
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What a treat!, 7 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The plot itself is so bizarre that it might well be real. Rafael´s love for his family is greater than his fear of dying.There is hardly a more difficult decision to make.Despite his clearly showing conflict,he seems to have decided to do it from the start. Despite the doubts he is facing from his wife due to his previous imprisonment, he follows it through and takes care of everything before he follows the trail to his doom. A true brave in a true drama with a very sensitive ending.

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