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Wolf Creek (2005)
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Good film Mate!, 4 December 2009

To be quite honest I was expecting this film to be quite lame. Most slasher films make me yawn, all containing the same general ingredients. The ditsy blonde girl , who is usually killed in the beginning, her jerk of a boyfriend, a smart brunette and her love interest, and all of their friends; composed of a group of "party hard" frat boys. I saw Friday the 13th, not too recently and this was basically it. Don't get me wrong, I love a good horror film, but lately I haven't had the tolerance to watch a movie that already has a predetermined plot. With All this said, Wolf Creek surprised me.

This is a 2005 Horror film filmed in Australia, that flew way under the radar in my opinion. I thought this movie would be another stereotypical movie mix, but instead I found the plot interesting, the characters dynamic, and the dialogue believable. This says a lot for a small budget production starring pretty much unknown actors. The two leading girls in this film were real, they were real women! not Barbie's or ditzes.I was very much relieved not to have to watch Jesssica Alba or Brittany Snow pretend they are average teenagers on a road trip.

VERDICT: It is a very suspenseful film with many twists and turns.With most slashers I can tell when he is coming, with this one, I didn't. The ending was unexpected and unique. Excellent film, good horror/slasher movie in general.

Rent it. Especially If you are a big fan of scary movies.

Uncle P (2007)
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Uncle P U, 2 December 2009

After watching this film I felt like a perverted cult leader. I had a strong urge to take my best friend's DVD and burn it in a scorching fire. This DVD is sin; it is the spawn of evil.

Due to the pain and agony I endured while viewing this movie, I knew it must be thrown back into the fiery depths from whence it came. Like most films of this nature, I had not the pleasure of choosing this on my own, or the strength to flick it off. I would use the bad car accident analogy; although I believe it was more of a blotched plastic surgery aftermath. It was tacky awful and vomit inducing.

The opening credits began with a sad cartoon of black people riding in a minivan, representing Uncle P and his family. The caricatures looked sad and unfinished, in fact it seems that they had run out of money near the end, and kept the draft copy of the animation.

This movie was made in 2005, and I was very surprised to hear this, because, the movie looked like it was made in 1995. It's a kid's movie I know, and they didn't have a big budget, but that doesn't make up for sloppy mistakes found in some of the scenes. Many of the actors repeated their lines or said the same thing over again, and the dialogue was dull. They were amateurs along with the rest of the film crew. In fact the movie stars an actual rapper -Percy Miller, as himself.

Percy Miller or "Uncle P" is a business entrepreneur with his own clothing line; P Miller. Apparently everyone who lives in the neighbourhood is a P Miller fan, because it is seen on every single person in every single scene. It looked like an advertisement for bootlegged clothing brands.

Overall this movie was a tacky remake of an already tacky film "Are we done yet?" starring ice cube. Please hip hop artists, don't make another movie where you have to take care of children. Especially you R. Kelly.

Watchmen (2009)
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Not as Good as the Graphic Novel, 4 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before watching this movie I read the graphic novel; I enjoyed the novel thoroughly, and cringed at the film. I probably would have hated this movie, if I haven't read the graphic novel, but like Twilight fans I was seduced by the characters and the anticipation of the plot. Although unlike Twilight fans, I have decided to take a breather before writing a movie review, which unfortunately can't be said for the angry Twilight review I just wrote earlier.

The Watchmen proved to be mediocre at best which reflects in the rating above. Like with most comic book movies there's the good, the bad and the ugly. So let's begin with the good: I liked the opening credits A lot very visually appealing and much better than the actual film AND Rorschach, played by Jackie Earl Haley (also by me on Halloween :)) The Bad: Adrian Veidt, played by Mathew Goode, bad casting really "grinds my gears", just watch Channing Tatum as Duke, in She's the man.

The Ugly: The sex scene on the airship. I wish I was able to watch this movie with both my dad and my younger siblings, but unfortunately it's both awkward and inappropriate. It's really a shame that comic book films don't keep in mind the younger and even older audiences. Of course like all action films they go by the basic templates; sex and violence. If it was done well, or even if it was brief I might have been able to stand it, but unfortunately it was neither. It didn't help that before that one there were two previous ones as well. I know it is being true to the graphic novel, but they left out a lot more interesting scenes to throw in that one instead.

MY REVIEW: SEE IT, IT WON'T HURT, BUT NOT WITH YOUR KIDs OR PARENTS. Although I suggest reading the book first.