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Dostana (2008)
Entertaining, 1 January 2009

As a huge fan of Bollywood i am always excepting some thing Great(like Hddcs,K3g and many more) and not rubbish ones(like Maine Prem and many more).I watched this movie mainly because of Priyanka Chopra and Abhi Bachan and Most of all Karan Johar whose KKHH AND K3G are my favorites,then made KHNH which was good,then made KANK was for me a one time watchable.There he makes a come back.Luckily,the movie is very entertaining and absolutely hilarious with a nice story

The hilarious dialogs,scenes and also the first half were great.I never wathed a movie where i laughed like any thing.It is based on gay.The star of this movie is no doubt John Abhraham(who looks plain)and Abhisek.They play the role of gay wonderfully.They are absolutely hilarious(oh!should i say don't miss that scene where they both kiss).The chemistry is rocking.Priyanka proves she is more than a pretty face.She acts wonderfully.She looks hot in the golden bikini.She is surely better then ones like Katrina Kaif who is just putting on artificial beauty and also fails to act not giving a solo hit(mainly they were hits because of other actors).Kirron Kher is superb and so is Boman Irani.Bobby Deol did an okay job.Shilpa looks fetching in her item number.Songs are good and so are their Picturisations.Locales are great.Photography is great.This is one movie that i would recommend

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Not worth a Dewana, 14 December 2008

What a lousy movie!i have never seen any body hamming so much.What a lousy movie from Mr Barjatya.He is truly an average director.Seriously i liked Maine Pyar Kiya,Hum Aapke Hain Koun sucked but had a fine performances by Salman and Madhuri,Hum Saath Saath Hain was great.With this i think Mr Barjatya wanted to take a break from family oriented movies and enter modern day style movies like hero's wearing designer cloths,belly top gals,abroad shooting and many more.He adds more stupid things.A parrot which says the name of top Indian movies,how lame is that.And a dog which makes cartoon faces when it is mad,really pathetic.

Well the visuals in new Zealand are breath takingly gorgeous.Activities that leads are doing like river rafting etc are a treat to watch.Songs Picturisations are really good.And the songs are not so bad.played .

Now back to the bad parts.The dialogs are lousy.Direction is lousy.Acting is miserable.Hrithik gives his worst act ever and is so annoying and acts like a moron.Surely deserved the worst actor for 2003.Kareena has life less emotions and expressions and sports a plastic smile.Himani Shivpuri hams,hams and hams even more.Girls which Sanjs friends were dumb.Abhisek was wasted.Pankaj Kapoor is all right.Reema Lagoo is wasted.Johnny Lever hams as usual trying to be funny which he is not.Farida Jalal makes a pleasant cameo and leaves an impression

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Excellent movie, 13 December 2008

Just a year after Kuch Kuch on November 1999.A year after KKHH.only that.On November that year i mentioned Karan announced that he would make a film with Amitabh,Srk and Hrithik.Thats when K3G was launched.Had a 2- 1 year hype just like Devdas.Shooting everything all started at the summer of 2000.Was finished some where on early 2001 big hype,exceptions started.On late 2001 the hype increases.On December 2001 K3g made it on screens after 2 non stop years on the news.The movie had more hype then KKHH.Lived up to its full year hype and became a recorder

The movie is a family drama about pain love and many more.Theme was nice it was about loving the family and respecting the orders.Title also has a meaning it means some times sad,some times happy which does suit it well.The story is also nice as well.Karon Johar excels.Screenplay is impressive at best.Dialogs are very meaningful.Scenes are well executed.

Technically,the movie is amazing.The visuals of Raichad parivaar house are beautiful.Sets are amazing in the family's house.the visualizations of Chandni Chowk are nicely shoot.The visuals in London are amazing

Another full marks goes to Jatin Lalits,Aadesh Shrivastav and Sandeshs music.Songs are great especially Say Shava Shava(oh should i say the song look hilarious on screen).Chreography in Deewana,Dekha Tumko and in Bole and Ladki Allah is a treat to watch.Another song Suraj Hai(beautifully filmed with a beautiful Kajol).And a beautiful title track(Sung to perfection by Lata Mangeshkar and Sonu Nigam)and also Vande Mataram(superbly shoot and sung)and the Picturisations are really good especially in Say Shava

Another 10 marks goes to the acting.Amitabh,Jaya,Srk and Hrithks performance were absolutely fantastic.Hrithik really stole the show giving a better act than SRK.Rani as always gave a great performance in a short and a noticeable role with her Kuch Kuch hang over.The only minor disappointment in the movie was Kajols performance she did ham way much that irritated me.Kareenas Poo act was the major disappointment she was annoying and hams as usual(oh not to forgot looking ugly at the same time in disgusting clothes)

One my most favorite flicks.Highly recommended.

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One of my all time favorites, 12 December 2008

The movie was a very sweet and a romantic movie and also a well made movie.Story is simple yet warming and realistic at times.Karon Johar has done a very good job with this.The hilarious dialogs are terrific and so are the others.Story is about 2 best friends.The girl is in love with the guy.Another girl comes boy is in love with her.Girl 3 realizes it.Girl 1 leaves but still in love.Theme is very interesting.Characters are well developed and are easy to connect.Yes we do see a lot of designer wardrobes.It is packaged very glossy.Camera work is really good.Farah Khans choreography is good

Acting is splendid.Shah Rukh shines in a wonderful performance .He and Sridevi really do have flair of comedy.He excels.Salman Khan as usual is a visual treat.He is okay.But is good in the climax.The kid Sana Saed is superb and is incredibly funny.Kajol excels in her role her performance transformation to a young college geek to a modern women is marvelous.Anupham Kher is hilarious and so is Archana Puran Singh.Farida Jalal does wonders.Rani has shown why is the best actress.The star of the movie is no doubt Salman Khan and Rani Mukherjee

Songs are superb.One of the best was Koi Mil Gaya(wonderfully danced and filmed)also Saajan Ji(nicely danced with a graceful Kajol) and Ladki Bad(great lyrics and heart felt singing by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik)the same goes to Tujhe Yaad(with lyrics of poetry)and the best song of all the melodious title track(beautifully filmed)

The comedy track is really funny.Plus i recommended you to see this

Dhadkan (2000)
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Watchable yet nothing spectacular, 23 November 2008

This was nothing spectacular.It was average.It was a very predictable love tale and sketchy movie with sketchy characterizations.A very predictable screenplay it had.Thank goodness,it has a decent script and decent dialogs.It had lots of good moments.It was a mixture of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Ek Rishta.Even the screenplay is a lift off from those.Though i dislike Dharmeshs movies Only liked Raja Hindustani.Haan Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya was terrible.Bewafaa was dreadful.This is better than Dharmeshs next 2 movies which i said were terrible.

The movie has a lot of splendid performances from the cast.Akshay Kumar gives a very restrained and a relaxed performance.Sunil Shetty is first rate,though goes over board at times,pretty likable at best.Mahima Chawdhary looks absolutely stunning through out and is first rate in her role.Shilpa Shetty is the life of he movie giving an excellent performance.In the supporting cast,Sushma Seth is first rate and so is Sharmila Tagore

Songs are excellent.Kudos to Nadeem Shravan.Visuals in the songs are beautiful especially in the Na Na Karte

For me this was just watchable for the performances and songs

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Good movie, 22 November 2008

This is a good movie.A good family flick with a lot of strong emotions.

Story is simple with a lot of great performances.Both Amitabh and Akshay have given great performances.Supporting cast like Rakhee,Juhi Chawala have given good performances.Karishma is also pretty good and looks completely beautiful through out.Others like the 3 daughters are quite average.Mohnish Behl overacts completely.Sunil Shettys cameo was point less

Songs are good(with Ek Dil Hai being the best one ) and so are their Picturisations.Malayasian locales(in Dil Deewana no)and i think the Thai locales(in Dil Lagene Ki Saza)and also the Swiss locales in(Mohaabat Ne Mohabbat Ko)are a treat to the eyes

Everything else like the story,script,screenplay are good.Set designs and camera work is first rate

Bewafaa (2005)
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Terribly made movie, 18 November 2008

The movie was a complete torture and unbearable.Dharmesh has yet again done a dreadful job in making a movie.The main head ache in the movie was a terrible script and a screenplay which makes it fail miserably.Screenplay seems to be a lit off from Silsila which was better than th9is trash.Anyways the direction is pathetic.Dialogs are amateurish.Editing is worse.Cinematography falls flat and is tacky.Acting is miserable

The movie has some of the worst actress like Kareena Kapoor and Shamitha Shetty in their worst performance.Even Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kuamr who are some of the best also are their worst.Manoj Bajpai hams and hams and hams.Kabir Bedi and Nafisha Ali are at their worst.Only Sushmitha Sen has done a decent job.Not a fan though,i request all her fans to avoid this piece of trash at all costs because she is there only for a minutes

A reminiscent of 70s classic, 15 November 2008

The story is a reminiscent of the 1970s classic Anand.The movie looks like as if Karan has directed it.Although it is not.I always believed in Karans skills when he directs a movie or produce a movie.He has never disappointed me.His KKHH was sweet and romantic.K3G was excellent.KANK was pretty good.Actually,i am not a fan of his

Any way coming to this,it was a very moving movie with tons of deep emotions and feeling.Story as i said was a reminiscent of 1970 Anand.The acting was moving from the leads(SRK,Saif and Preity) as well as the supporting cast.The movie had a lot of great comedy scene's too.the one that played Kantaben was incredible!

Songs are great especially Its a time to Disco

It had a very smooth climax.Direction is good.One of the better movies of 2003

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Piece of trash, 12 November 2008

The movie was a piece of trash and a garbage of a movie.The Karishma and Akshay pair attracted me to this litter.Story is nothing new here.Just a regular old love triangle.Acting is average from all except from Kapoor.She has done a good job.But as a fan of Karishma.I request others to avoid this trash at all costs.Abhisek Bachan is average.Akshay is passable but was good in the climax scene.Personally i don't like Dharmesh Darshans movie.I liked Raja Hinduatani.Dhadkan was average but it had good performances and songs.This and Bewafaa were terribly made movies.Script and dialogs are weak.Karishmas character has a hang over from Sridevis in Chandni,Abhi also has a Rishi Kapoor hang over from Chandni,Akshays role remind us of Anils and Vinod Khannas in Chandni and Taal.The script has too many loop holes.The biggest draw back was Abhi Karishma pairing who were dating at that time.Sadlly there is no chemistry.Locations are too common.Songs are forgettable.With the exception pf Zindagi Ko Bina Pyar the songs are boring and fails to linger in your memory.Avod this at all costs.If you are a fan of Karishma i am not forcing you to avoid it or watch it

Fiza (2000)
Incredible!, 8 November 2008

This movie was really good and a powerful movie.The first half was terrific.It was about a girl who lost her brother in th 1993 riots she asks every body.Then later see shes her brother he is a terrorist.The story line was really strong.Khalid Mohammeds story telling is superb for no doubt.Dialogs are good.The visuals are breath taking.Cinematography is good.I liked the theme as well and liked how it was presented.It had a gripping story line.It was a very realistic and almost an heart warming movie

Acting is first rate.Hrithik Roshan has done a good job in an interesting role.Having like him from this to Koi Mil Gaya he is surely a treat.Why not his looks.He proves that he can look good and act dramatically at the same time too.Jaya also performed good too.Her expressions feeling thoughts were amazing especially when she finds her sons true colors.Manoj Bajpai is Good too in a brief role.The life of this movie is Karishma Kapoor she has given a marvelous performance in a power packed role a well deserved award.She bring life into her character.She is able to portray her emotions convincingly.Isha Koppikar gets no scope.

Songs are good especially Piya Haiji Ali which is beautifully composed.And not to forget the visuals were stunning.Direction is really good.Dialogs are all powerful and emotional.Characetrisations are powerful.Ending was sad through.It was a very different movie.Although the second half was not as good as the first one but was still great.All,i can say is this was the best movie of 2000.Highjly recommended

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