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Excellent, Well worth Watching, 26 July 2003

I really enjoyed, I thought that the music and art direction was done magnificently. It was brilliantly directed to show off the scenery and gorgeous sets. Personally I think it really took you back to the time period were people, did express there feelings and you did what you had to do to survive no matter what the cost. I liked the scene when Jenny and Amsterdam are about to sleep together and he insists on taking off her corset, this was just a simple sign of the times and the love and respect for her. In that time period men didn't bother going to all that trouble to take odd a woman's clothes when they could just lift up there skirt and get just what they wanted. Yes the film was long, but I didn't feel bored at all, the story dragged you into this era and subtly engulfed you in its characters and relevance of it to our every day lives. History has taught us that without suffering there can be no happiness, but at what price should this happiness or peace of mind come? The film has a message of remembrance for what once was and will be, to think of those who came before you and acknowledge there contribution no matter how small or big. Casting was spot on, Cameron Diaz was likable- barely, Leonardo Dicaprio was gorgeously brilliant as usual and Daniel Day Lewis was fantastic. Overall I thought Scorsese's Oscar was very well deserved.

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Long and Boring, 10 April 2003

I think is may be possibly one of the most overated movies i have ever seen. It is about a stupid bald man from "downtown" and a dumb cop who is just a pretty boy with chin pubes. Pathetic story line, the girls in are hideous and only there for the looks. The only good thing about this are the stunts. I recommend it for horny teenage boys who are really dumb. * -1/5 (only for the stunts)

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Simple, Complex and Utterly Beautiful., 21 December 2002

This movie in my opinion was brilliant, it showed a doomed relationship slowly develop, into a strong bond. This film was is some parts violently disturbing yet in other sweet and innocent. The plot was relatively uncharted territory, with the concept of loving your child, but not liking them an unexplored terrain. I thought that journey of Robin and Georges decent into love was done poorly with her discontent towards him in the beginning extremely evident. The acting was superb with Hayden Christensen steeling the show, for his portrayal of Sam. I found Kristen Scott Thomas endearing and Kevin Kline wonderful to watch. The sexual antics throughout the film are in some parts unnecessary and unsettling, but some of the shower scenes display how Sam has had limited contact with other and in particular other females and is uneasy around them. I liked the way the film ended with Sam giving the house to the little girl it showed that he didn't need the house to remember his father by and them that Sam new that there was others that were more worthy of such a wonderful house. Sam new his father in a way that he or any one else could understand, which is truly beautiful.

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Hilarious, 13 September 2002

This has to be one of the most outrages funny show on TV ever. I mean it couldn't be funnier. The story line about Marcy never having an orgasm was so funny and Quentin's herpes. It's such a shame that they cancelled it. I think the Spellings were offended. They had the best guest stars, Kristen Davis, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elizabeth Berkeley, Jason Priestly as the guy sex addicted anonymous. I loved Hunter, she was just a brilliant actress, and she used it. Great show, if you ever get the chance check it out.

Truly, touching and Remarkable Film, 6 September 2002

This film touched me in a way that no other film has. This movie has changed me in was that I never thought possible. Your probably going "yeah right", but it's true. Jamie inspired me to be a better person to live life to the full and most of all not change to fit others ideal, be yourself and love who you are. This is a beautiful love story between two of the most unlikely people. Landon Carters, a rebel, cool in his own way gets into trouble and if forced to community service where he keeps running into Jamie Sullivan, daughter of the local Baptist Minster. Her and Carter have known each other from their childhood, but he never really got her. Mandy Moore makes an incredible performance, with true emotion, and displays that she is no Britney Spears and this was no Crossroads. But the best performance can from TV's Once and Again star, Shane West who shone in his role of bad boy turned romantic. The end scene with his father is really moving and shows that he has pure talent and is here to stay. This moving will make you laugh and cry and often both at the same time. Jamie's courage and everlasting faith will inspire you and Landon's devotion and capacity to love unconditionally will lift you to a higher level. This is most certainly not just another teen movie despite obvious misconceptions. The stereotypes of the cool kids and the losers and over extenuated to the point of unrealism like in most teen movies. Also the movie does not end with the prom. Not to mention the fact that they did not overdo the singing, she sung when she had to, but not at every chance she got. And my favourite thing is that Jamie does not change she has beliefs and ideals and she does not compromise them for anyone. She does not get a makeover, she doesn't need to do that, she know whom she is and she likes her. She is confident, but not cocky and she keeps a hold if whom she is even though there are a lot of rapid changes that happen. After reading the book I do not believe that one is better than the other. They are very different which can be a good thing, because the book was set in 1950's and some of the things, which happened in the book, would not have been relevant now. But it still holds on to the themes and meaning of the book. This movie should be commended for its high spirit and values and not judged.

Brilliant. Baz Lurman is a genius., 1 September 2002

This is a brilliant masterpiece, with a woven tapestry of music and poetry. Baz Lurman has shown Shakespeare's greatest tragedy in one it's most beautiful forms. Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio give one of the best ever performances of their careers, displaying the true passion and intensity of the piece. Danes as Juliet Capulet, makes her so loveable and gentle yet passionate and intellectual. Dicaprio as Romeo Montague gives a truly remarkable performance with talent well beyond his years.

Lurman captures the true essence of the play. He keeps almost to the exact dialogue catting parts where he sees fit. It flows well with not to many long sonnets, which drag on so long, that you start to question your sanity. The film progresses well and is understandable with the dialogue being clearly spoken. The score is a true credit with the music being a huge credit to the feel and intensity of the movie. Especially in the scenes in the church with the choir which a beautifully sung and just add another dimension. I love the water. The fish tank scene, Juliet's opening scene in the bath, Romeo's cure to the love drug, the pool scenes at the Capulet's Mansion, and many more including getting the actors wet as often as possible, using rain ect. The transformation from an Elizabethan period to the today was easily believable. With replacing Fair Verona with Verona Beach and Family brawling with Gang War. The introduction of drag queens and love drugs makes for dome fun to be had. Truly a remarkable film which has to be seen to be believed.