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Not bad, don't believe all the negativity, 23 September 2016

OK, so not a fantastic movie, but come on, what do you expect? I watched it with a few friends. Neither of us had high expectations after all the bad reviews, but we all thought the movie was very entertaining. We're not a very critical bunch, nor are we film critics, so don't expect this to be an in-dept review. Basically, when we watch movies, we like to relax, kick back, eat some popcorn and just have a good time. I personally don't need my brain picked every time I watch a movie. Sometimes I welcome clichés and "brainless" plots, other times I welcome intricate plots and deep characterization. This movie delivers the first and directing and acting is more than sufficient for me to have a good time.

People complain about poor characterization and bad CGI among other things. I can understand why people say this, but it doesn't really take much away from a movie like this. It is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, so see it if you liked the first one. This one isn't far behind. Don't expect anything remotely realistic; same as first one. Expect silly dialogue at times, over the top action at the times; just as the first one.

There are so many overly critical people out there these days, just spreading unnecessary negativity. Giving this movie a rating of one, as some have done, is just stupid. If you do, you went to the wrong movie and got angry because you didn't realized it until the end-credits.

John Wick (2014)
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Disappointing!, 12 July 2016

John Wick disappointed on several levels. I probably had too high expectations, but the "one-man-army/revenge" concept has been done so many times before and done much better than this. The movie is rather boring - no real story here, and the characters aren't very interesting. The action scenes are mediocre and too much "over the top". The whole thing just gets really tedious after a while.

The revenge concept needs to generate sympathy from the viewer, and we need to be interested in seeing the revenge getting carried out. This movie didn't manage to do any of that for me. I was surprised to read quite a bit of positive reviews of John Wick, and a metascore of 68 was also surprising. I'm normally in line with at least the IMDb score, but this time I can't find much in this movie that warrants more than a 4.0 rating.

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Great entertainment, 15 June 2015

If you like the Jurassic movies, you won't be disappointed, as long as you don't expect too much character depth or clever story line. Yes, the characters are a bit one dimensional and the story.., well, it is what it is.

The animation and special effects are very good. You believe the animals are alive, and one scene in particular may even bring out a tear or two.

For the very young audiences, the movie might be a bit intense, but I don't think it would serve the movie right to tone down the creature violence. If you have a flesh-eating dinosaur running after you, you'll probably going to get eaten!

Despite the clichés and the fact that it can't touch the original, my friends and I had a very good time watching Jurassic World. I felt the movie delivered a great 4th installment of the Jurassic family. So, go see it; the action will keep you thrilled throughout the movie.

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Great fun!, 20 June 2013

This movie does exactly what it sets out to do - give you a hilarious, fun (and silly) and entertaining 98 minutes (including credits). It has no ambition to be taken seriously and the haters here are so off base it's funny. If you take this movie for what it is, you'll like it. Quality production, decent acting and plenty of well-directed action that never gets boring. Cool effects, both sound and visual, in fact this movie's soundtrack is excellent. The story is very simple and dialog is sometimes a bit silly, but do you really care in a movie like this?

If you don't like over-the-top adventure/fairy-tale/fantasy, you're at the wrong movie, if you do, you'll like this one. 7/10.

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Somewhat disappointing, 6 August 2010

I simply had too high expectations for this movie. Had heard good things and read positive reviews, but all in all I was disappointed. The acting was not convincing and there are moments in this movie that are plain stupid and the whole thing just becomes silly and far from scary. The first 20 minutes are good, but then things get out of hand. It seems the director went home.

OK, so this movie is not meant to be taken seriously, and maybe the parts I found stupid was made that way on purpose; maybe to make us laugh? Who knows? I just wanted a good scare and ended up laughing! If I wanted to watch a comedy I would have chosen a comedy, not a movie that pretends to be horror!

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Great comedy, 11 October 2009

Nicholas Stoller has put together a great comedy, and Jason Segel, who also wrote the script, does a solid job as the main character. He's funny, he's believable and you sympathize with his situation. There are several hysterical moments in this movie, and unless you think nudity is something ugly we need to be protected from, you'll going to have a good time. The movie does what it sets out to do - give you some light entertainment - nothing more, nothing less.

Comedies can something get a bit too silly or "over the top", but this on track. There are some scenes I would have liked to see gone, but all in all I had a good time, and I was never bored.

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Something different, 10 October 2009

This Swedish movie is far away from Hollywood. That doesn't mean it's better, just different. It's different and original, not quite like anything I've seen before. The movie is almost a tender story about love between a 12 year old boy and a girl, but at the same time is also tragic and disturbing. The actors in the two leading roles are very good, especially the girl, she's phenomenal!

Although there are some disturbing scenes in this movie, the music, the interaction between the girl and the boy and the general ambiance makes this more of a drama than a horror movie. If horror is what you're looking for, you should look elsewhere. If you want a different movie experience, definitely check it out. The movie also has a few more layers than you might notice at first.

Definitely one of the better viewings I've had lately. Recommended!

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Delightful!, 8 October 2009

This was such a delightful movie! Funny and touching with a small doze of reality mixed in. All in all a great movie and good acting. Paul Rudd is perfect for the role, and I was actually a little surprised how well I enjoyed his character and the way he portrayed it. The awkward moments in the movie really makes you feel awkward and there are plenty of laughs throughout the movie. Jason Segel also plays very well, and Rashida Jones is the perfect girlfriend:-)! John Hamburg has put together one of the better comedies I've seen lately. It never goes overboard or becomes too silly. Directing is tight, but loose enough to make it fun to watch.

I highly recommend this movie!

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Almost awful!, 17 June 2009

Well, I didn't expect much, but I didn't expect it to be as bad as it actually is! This movie have nothing to offer except some graphic killings, and it seems this is the whole point of making the movie. Maybe it's fun to make gory scenes and maybe the producer thought - hey lets have fun and see if someone will pay to see what we made. The acting is bad to the point of laughable, it's poorly directed and basically you just end up laughing at all the stupidity. Then, maybe this is the point, maybe it's made bad to make fun of the genre or the audience. I don't know, it sure isn't worth watching! You would think they could be a little bit more inventive and creative, it's not that hard! The fact that some people give this movie 10 stars is disturbing!

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Very disappointing!, 14 August 2008

This movie was a big disappointment. The flight scenes in the beginning are really unrealistic and crashing a plane and surviving without a scratch.... I mean come on! The little action there is are poorly executed. Basically there's not much going on in this movie except talking.

On a positive note, the actors are doing a decent job. The interaction between them did occasionally make me interested. However, the main character (Bale), doesn't seem too concerned about his predicament, and one never feels the horror the POW's must have felt. The story is very simple and since we know Bale will escape there isn't much that keeps you interested in the movie.

Sorry Mr. Herzog, this was far from good, and why IMDb gives it 7,4 is beyond me!

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