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The Reef (2010)
A painful experience to the humankind, 24 April 2016

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This movie is just an insult. Period 1. There is no chance you will be in a boat without an emergency raft. These idiots capsized and all of the sudden.. they are screwed in the middle of open waters with no emergency plan. There is an inflatable raft (with oars) and a beacon in any stupid sailing boat out there. 2. There is no chance than a sailing boat will sail in the middle of nowhere without knowing it cannot communicate and send at least a distress signal. If you do, then you are really a Yatchmaster overly confident and quite silly at the same time. 3. The same shark will not attack three people!!! yes, you will be eaten by a shark but once the animal has fed it is very likely it will go away. Now, the blood could attract OTHER sharks, that's a different deal but the truth is white sharks do travel alone and once a shark ate "a person" it will not hunt for other three idiots. 4. Everyone dumb enough knows that the last thing you should do in front of sharks is paddling!!! as they are almost blind and what attracts them is movement. 5. The guy said: the island is approx 10 miles away... these idiots were swimming at 1mph in the movie (at most!). That means that with a bit of current in your favour (completely not accounted for by these morons) it will take you at least 10 hours in the water. (that means they jumped into the sea to spend the night at the sea!!!??? (are you stupid??) even if you don't get eaten by sharks you should die for being so stupid. Secondly, hypothermia? do you think you could spend 10 hours non-stop in open sea waters and not die there?

This movie is totally an insult, I TRULY DOUBT that what was shown is even 5% of the actual events. a DISASTER!!!!

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do not try to excuse the inexcusable, 7 September 2012

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bullets points here because people seem not to understand the movie nor the reviews.

.Characters can pretend to be naive, innocent, apprehensive and actually be naturally born killers but cannot show themselves in secret conversations being "scared", and planning a "run away" while their counterparts are not even listening. Just simply ridiculous.

.Scenery outstandingly beautiful, so much so, that forced me to google the place to mark it for my next getaway.

As other reviewers properly stated, this movie is a slap in the face to human intelligence. Whoever is trying to excuse this awfully wrong movie plot he or she should immediately seek professional assistance.

The Mist (2007)
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you are joking right!?, 1 August 2012

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OK.. I am 32 min in the movie (still 1h 33' remaining) and I feel prompted to come here to check other reviews and think of what I have done watching this.. So IMAGINE my frustration!!!

So... they are at back of the supermarket store.. a kid is trapped by a tentacle and no one switches off the generator trying to put the curtain down.. so.. they let the kid being taken.. once the that is done.. then, they think of putting down the curtain from where the tentacle is coming from. Axe in hand.. the star of the movie managed to cut of one of the tentacles and left the remains inside. Put the curtain down.. danger is over.. and no one and I mean NO ONE goes to check what a heck is that tentacle about!!!??? (you've just been presented with and evil alien five times your size that could wipe off humans in a second and you just don't care to inspect what that dead leftover looks like or is made of!!!??, and EVEN WORSE, they say.. how are we going to convince the rest of the people in the supermarket about what we have seen... YOU DAMN FULL!! HOW ABOUT CARRYING THE DAMN DEAD TENTACLE AND SHOW IT AROUND!!!? I absolutely hate this movie already.. there are things you just CAN't forgive.. I am sorry.. THIS IS LUDICROUS!!!!

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Another disaster... yet again, 10 November 2008

One more time... after the intense action but zero Bond factor movie (Casino Royale) the filmmakers decide to pull this sequel of overall nonsense. Yes, yes.. previous Bond's movies also contained tons of science fiction and unreasonable events... yet, all of them were covered with the Charm and wits of the perfectly trained, smart and handsome super spy named Bond.. James Bond. Today... we have this totally unrefined dude, who kills more like a gangster, who spends 99% of his time frowning or doing weird things with his mouth like ZOOLANDER!!!! The plot is ludicrous.. the villains are even more ludicrous than the star actor.. I saw people yawning at the theatre!! The best part of the movie must have been the first 5 minutes of car chasing, and not because of the actor or the chasing itself but due to the amazing Aston Martin DBS. I find it hard, really hard to understand how people keep on scoring this movie or its predecessor with 7 or 8... Something must be wrong.. really wrong.

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Worst movie EVER!!!!, 1 November 2008

I'll be extremely short cause it's not worth it at all A thud doesn't enter an office building, threats everyone, makes a mess, and then is just push out to the street without being detained and getting busted by the police. You don't turn yourself into a master hit-man after spending 18 hours keeping your ass behind a desk in an office You don't keep your family at home after knowing the most dangerous gang is after your family A detective will never blame you for killing your family or starting a war, knowing that the gang was the most dangerous in town and she just put a pair of officers in a car at the door to keep watch. She would be directly responsible for the officers death and the family.. not Kevin Bacon. You don't make a joke to a patient the first minute he wakes up and after all his family has been murdered. You will hardly find a whole building abandoned so all the gangs can go a "cook" their staff and so on and on.. and on... How come this movie end up getting a 7 score!!!!??? MY GOD!!!!

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How can you call this a BOND movie!!!?, 27 April 2008

This must have been the worst BOND movie ever made. If we change the title and call it something else..and not ever mentioned there was a spy and a Bond 007 here, then.. perhaps we can say we watched an "interesting" action movie..but a JAMES BOND?? I really can't believe how people call this guy the best James Bond actor ever!? What's going on? All of the sudden the world just forgot what a Bond character suppose to be like? Where is the Charm? the wits? Is it because now we like to see damn brute men killing like gangster more than anything else? wrong!!! James Bond is the only gentleman who could kill his enemies with courtesy!!! if you don't understand that.. then you don't understand anything. WORLD... WAKE UP!!!! CRITICS!!??? WAKE UP!!! I am SO disappointed about reading the positive reviews... ONE THING IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR.... with this movie WE HAVE KILLED THE ICON OF JAMES BOND for ever and this is indisputable.