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Knowing (2009)
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Horrible, 27 March 2013

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I really don't know what to say. I watched this early one morning. It was good enough to catch my initial interest. Two hours later I was P/O'd I will Never get these two hours back. I love science fiction. I like Nick Cage. I hated this movie. What a terrible waste of time.

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This movie does not warrant a review.

12 Monkeys, now that's science fiction.

Knowing is just Scientology junk fest. Angels with white hair, kids leaving their parents, mum dies and daughter carries on - maybe the bunny did it for her. EE, End of Earth, Everyone Else, Earth Elimination, Exceedingly Erratic, yes I give this movie TWO E's.

Simply horrible.

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Not bad, 22 October 2002

Now, for those of you who need help with the ending ...... He somehow went forward in time, not back, to the future planet of the apes. Silly, but that's my explanation.

As to the show itself, a fun caper, some decent commentary on the human race, some huge gaps in logic, the apes are living a medieval life. It was funny seeing Heston as the dying ape. All the characters were too one dimensional.

"Do humans have a soul" ?! - interesting question 5/10

Fight Club (1999)
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Primal Fear meets 12 Monkeys, 28 September 2002

All I can say, is that if anyone who watches this, and finds some meaning to it, or meaning to their life, or inspiration somehow, your lives must be pretty shytty. Some of the scenes are just pure BS, Norton's fight with himself, getting dragged through the parking lot, the final scene, what the freak was that. Yes, some serious questions are raised about the decay of our society, the meaningless of our lives (well at least some of our lives), the quirky group support scenes are funny, and even touching in a strange way, but the whole creation and coming together or divergence of Norton's personalities is just too unbelievable. What was also freaky was Norton playing the Primal fear role, and Brad Pitt doing his 12 monkeys thing, too much deja vu there for me. If you were impressed by Norton beating himself up in front of his boss, then you need to see the old 'Class of '84' , where a punk teen does the same thing with similar effect. If you want to see a great movie, an indictment on today's society, something which may touch you, and maybe make you look a lot deeper at yourself, check out 'Falling Down' starring Michael Douglas.

On the plus side, this is a great performance by Edward Norton. This is a brilliant actor, and a joy to watch and experience 5/10

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A timeless classic, a film everyone should see, 5 September 2002

What makes this film so good, is that it deals with the issues of Apartheid in a sensitive, and moving way. There is no overt message of hatred, but shows rather how lives both black and white are affected by division and hatred. The words of Jarvis's dead son are incredibly powerful, significant, even to this day. I grew up in Natal, and lived in Johannesburg, and experienced the evils of Apartheid. Yes, the film is in a way too soft in this regard, but this is not what the film is about. James Earl Jones's depiction of an African Cleric in this time period is amazingly accurate. I had tears in my eyes watching his performance. Harris too shines. This is a movie for today, and is as relevant now, as it was 50 years ago. Must see viewing.

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One of the best films ever made about war and its impact on normal people, 4 September 2002

What an amazing film. I picked this up from work in a throw away box, lets just say, all the artsy movies were in the throw away box, go figure !, took it home, where it sat on the shelf for months, had no idea of the significance of the film, the Oscar nomination etc. So when I finally put it in the machine, I was totally unprepared. What a fine film, beautifully made, gripping, funny, sad, thought provoking. I did not even catch the religious significance of any of it, still it moved me to tears. This is how life is, nobody is perfect, people do horrible/crazy things to survive. Even the hiding of David is done out of self preservation, not something noble. People doing what they can to survive. I loved this film, and would recommend it to anyone with half a brain. A beautiful, intelligent masterpiece.

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And the moral of the story is ......., 4 September 2002

This to me was a very powerful movie, I loved the story, and the final outcome was how it should be. Somehow we believe that Kings, Queens, Emperors etc are entitled to their power, that somehow they deserve it. This is how this emperor saw himself, he believed he was better, and above the average person, his sense of entitlement and view of reality was so perverted, that he did everything possible to retain and regain his position in life. However from the day he entered the palace he was a pawn, powerless to act, yet he never sees this. Maybe we don't all understand his re-education, but this is what makes the ending so great. There is a fantastic moral to this story. A beautiful story, sad, moving, and somehow, strangely uplifting. Highly recommended. 9/10

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Did this movie have something to say - I missed that !, 4 September 2002

What a pointless movie. With all these rave reviews I must have missed something. Is this really a feminist film, if so, why do the two protagonists kill themselves. This is not a film about overcoming adversity, it is not about good overcoming evil, rather evil which begets evil, and in the end everyone loses. How anyone can even see this as anything associated with feminism is beyond me. What makes this film work is its ensemble cast, and fine acting, other than that, you can keep it. A classic in 50 years, don't think so, I can just see the men and woman of the future taking a look at this and thinking "what a bunch of losers, the whole sorry lot !"

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A classic, for those who love art, romance, and a good story, 4 September 2002

What is light to some, is heavy to others. Tomas loves sex, it is his sport, his relaxation. This is a wonderfully romantic film. The characters are people you can relate to, the story is believable. How everything is resolved in the end is sublime, a touching and fitting finale to a beautiful film. If you are a hopeless romantic, and have a taste for European artsy films, this is for you. This film is so good, I am tempted to give it a perfect score 9/10.

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Pure Pulp Fiction - a Hoot, 2 September 2002

This is one very funny movie. had me laughing from beginning to end, the kidnap scene had me in stitches. A very underrated movie, with Phillips and Walberg making a great team. Very quirky, lots of over the top action. Rent it, buy it, it will be one you watch over and over again. Highly recommended. 7/10

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A brilliant film, 29 August 2002

One of the best movies I have ever seen. The concept of finding ones family, ones place in life, is what this movie is all about. Miklo's struggle to be accepted as a Latino, can only be achieved in prison. This is a very complete movie, and the ending at first seems confusing. To me, the ending is near perfect. Damian Chapa deserves more praise for his role, simply brilliant, Oscar worthy.

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