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I can't believe the bad reviews..., 14 February 2011

This may not have been a ten out of ten plot/story-line, but it certainly was a engaging episode. The one thing I truly loved about this episode, was that it gave Brent Spiner the ability to truly demonstrate his acting ability.

Any actor that can portray multiple personalities, and do it in a way where you believe that each persona is a unique and different individual, truly is a great actor. The emotional struggle, between the competing personalities was also portrayed in a believable way.

It's been a while since I have watched this episode, so I can't go into more detail about the story-line... but reading the negative reviews, I felt I had to say something in its defense.

Spiner's performance in this episode has always stayed with me!

Earthlings (2005)
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The human race is not a humane one..., 7 November 2007

Watching a documentary like this is not an easy thing to do. But it is something that all people should do. The way animals are treated by humans is nothing short of horrific. The sad fact is that people don't want to be educated in this regard. It is far easier for them to remain ignorant. The question that I was constantly asking myself throughout this film, is "how can people work in these places, and inflict the level of cruelty to these animals so blatantly". Perhaps they are numb to it. But I guess the fact that they can become numb to is means that there is probably no hope for these animals at all. The truly sad part is that many of them seemed to enjoy their work. I certainly hope that I am wrong.

This documentary covers *all* facets of human speciesism (a term that is referred to throughout the film). Pets, and pet abuse, animals for food and clothing, cruelty to animals in the name of human entertainment, zoos, circuses. Although I do consider myself to be an educated vegan, I did learn a lot from watching this documentary. The tone in which Joaquin Phoenix narrated was very compelling. You can tell that he is passionate about the subject.

I suspect that only a vegan or perhaps a vegetarian would be able to watch this all the way through. Most people that support the industries that are outlined within the film, would likely turn it off when it gets to the graphic sections, as they wouldn't want to be put off their dinner. As the film says, it's easier to remain ignorant, so that you don't have to battle with your conscience and make the hard decisions.

I urge everyone that gets the opportunity to see this documentary, to do so. It really is an education indeed. It can be purchased on line from

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A chore to watch..., 29 September 2007

I can't believe that this series has such a high rating on IMDb. I reviewing the English dubbed version of the TV series... perhaps something was lost in the translation?? The dialogue is very corny... all of the characters are constantly apologizing to each other for the things that they are saying... and getting mad at each other for saying sorry all the time!! It's really quite ludicrous. And very hard to digest. Plus very annoying to watch. The premise of the story is what attracted me to it. Potentually a very engaging storyline.

Well, I have only watched about 10 episodes, and all ten were not easy to watch. Up until now, there has been *no* explanation of how the girl (the ultimate weapon) has become what she is. Some may say, the how it happened (to her) is not important, as the emotion behind what has happened to her (and how her boyfriend feels and accepts her) is what is important. But I disagree. They attempt to play on these feelings and emotions way too much, to the point where it is just boring. There in no buildup during each episode that drives you to want to watch the next episode. You watch the next one, because you are desperate for something to happen, to propel the story forward. But it never happens. Now I love a good emotional story as much as (if not, more than) the next girl... but this story is *not* emotional. It's just draining and as I said, very hard to watch. You don't get to love, or feel sorry for any of the characters. There is not attachment to them at all. Which to me is very unusual... I have watched a lot of anime, and am often drawn to the characters and feel for their situations. So I'm sure it's not me!!

I will continue to watch the series, but only because I have purchased the full DVD set... but I will only watch them when I have nothing better to watch... and only to see if it gets any better. If it does, I will revise this review. But something tells me, that this is as good as it gets. Plus I am curious to see how they are going to pad out the story for the next three DVDs. In ten episodes *nothing* has happened. A big thumbs down for 'She - The Ultimate Weapon'. Very disappointing!!

Tideland (2005)
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An 'Alice through the looking glass' adventure..., 9 June 2007

I first heard about this movie back in 2005... and have been anxious to see it ever since. I purchased a copy of the DVD from Canada, as there is still no glimmer of hope that it will be released over here in Australia. So after almost a two year wait, I finally got to see this much anticipated movie...

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Terry Gilliam's films seem to be an acquired taste. I certainly have acquired the taste. I anticipate everything that he does, and I have never been disappointed. Tideland is no exception.

Based on the book by Mitch Cullen... but to quote Mitch in an interview with him (on the 2nd DVD's extra features)... "This is Terry Gilliam's story" He has taken the story and shaped it into his own creation.

Terry describes the story as an "Alice through the looking glass adventure". The story is viewed through the eyes of Jeliza-Rose. Or to be more accurate, through the imagination of Jeliza-Rose. Like all Gilliam productions, the line between reality and fantasy is not obvious. Although there are certain nuances in the story, that do help in this regard. Jeliza-Rose's perspective on things does change, and if you pick up on this, the line is definitely less blurred. The performance by Jodelle Ferland (who plays Jeliza-Rose) is, to say the least, amazing! There are in fact, no weak performances. The casting was done very well. Or perhaps it was Gilliam's patience and skill (as a director) that managed to shape the performances? Either way, there were no disappointments in this regard.

Jeliza-Rose is the daughter of drug addicted parents. Jeliza-Rose's mother does make the comment that Jeliza-Rose was born herself with a drug addiction (as the mother was using at the time of her birth). Perhaps this also has shaped the way that Jeliza-Rose views the world. And made it easier for her to slide into her fantasy realm.

After her mother dies from a methadone overdose, Jeliza-Rose and her father (who is still a heroin user) move to a house in the country where the father used to live many years earlier. The course of events that follow, lead Jeliza-Rose to find herself alone. She then seeks to find acceptance (and company) from her only close neighbours, in the only way that she understands.

The story does present morally touchy subjects. Subject matter that most directors would shy away from. But I feel that Gilliam presents them in a way that you can understand. This is not a 'feel good' story. This is a story about life, love and how a nine year old girl copes with the life that she has not chosen, but has found herself living. She does not question it. It is the only life she knows and understands. But, with the help of her imagination, she does cope with it.

As per all Terry Gilliam films, the layers are so intricate, that repeated viewings are mandatory. The production and set designs, once again, carry Terry's eye for detail that is unsurpassed. 10/10

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I don't see what all the (negative) fuss is about..., 22 May 2007

I got a copy of the DVD for $5 from a discount bin... and it's the best 5 bucks that I have ever spent... Bottom line: This movie is entertaining! The premise is interesting (I haven't read the book, so knew nothing about the story)... the acting is as good as the duologue and direction lets it be (which is just fine for the type of movie that it is)... John Travolta over-acts (as usual) but not as bad as he does in Broken Arrow (now there's a trashy movie that is also entertaining!)... The plot is stretched paper thin in many areas, but that doesn't detract from this film's entertainment value... The film isn't boring... it doesn't drag (at any point)... Sure, they could have made this movie on a *smaller* budget, but who cares? It's a fun ride... I can think of far worse ways to spend a couple of hours. I will be watching this movie again!!

"DumbLand" (2002)
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The absurd animated comedy..., 30 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dumland focuses on the lives of one (American?) family... The father; a violent and obscene person who loves to fart and use profanity and who has no redeeming qualities. The mother; who appears to be a paranoid psychotic, never really says much. The son; an obscure annoying repetitive little fellow. The animation is simple and crude, but does suite the stories and the characters. The episodes were originally only available from the website, but have now been released on DVD. There are 8 episodes on the DVD and a brief synopsis follows:

1- The Neighbor: We meet the next door neighbor, and find out three things about him... he has a really nice shed, he only has one arm and he likes to do naughty things with ducks.

2- The Treadmill: We find out that the wife has an affinity for exercise, but the husband doesn't really think it's a good idea. In the end, the exercise treadmill is victorious.

3- The Doctor: The father has an unfortunate accident with an exposed live wire... the doctor's examination is quite thorough (if not unconventional) but the diagnosis is "you are perfectly normal" (but we knew that).

4- A Friend Visits: After an altercation with the new clothes hoist, a friend comes to visit (Believe it or not, he has one! but after we meet him we can understand why), no surprises when he tells us what his hobbies are.

5- Get The Stick: We meet another neighbor, he has a stick stuck in his mouth (although we never find out how it got there). Unfortunately, removing the stick from his neighbor's mouth ends up being harder (and more violent) than expected... but he is victorious in the end... Jesus some people can be ungrateful!!!

6- My Teeth Are Bleeding: This was my favorite episode... and was also the most mind- numbingly repetitive and annoying (hmm, what does that say about me??). Not sure why the son's teeth started bleeding, but believe me when I say it was minimal to the plot of the story. Which is an oxymoron, as the story had no plot. But did have a funny ending (involving a fly)!!

7- Uncle Bob: After meeting Uncle Bob, and Uncle bob's wife, we get a distinct feeling that the Dumbland gene-pool is very shallow. Uncle Bob is a sickly fellow (I shan't elaborate, lest I spoil it for you). Uncle Bob's wife definitely wears the pants in his family... and the father definitely ends up on the wrong side of her ample fist (and spends the rest of their visit cowering in a tree in the back yard).

8- Ants: After the home gets infiltrated with ants, and a misbegotten attempt to bug-spray them goes awry... he ends up spraying himself in the face with the bug-spray and starts hallucinating. The ants put on a fabulous song and dance show... he goes berserk trying to kill them, winds up in a full body plaster... and lets just say, the ants get their vengeance in the end.

As bad as these stories are, there is something that kept compelling me to watch them. They do give another insight into the mind of one of my favorite directors. David Lynch. Maybe they were an outlet for him, to get rid of some of his violent thoughts?? I did actually laugh out loud at many points within the episodes. Many aspects are absurdly funny!!

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Very insightful..., 29 April 2006

David speaks candidly about the making of his movies (up to and including eXistenZ). I learned many snippets about David (one of my favorite directors) that I was unaware of. Many of the actors that worked with David, give very insightful accounts of working with this *visionary*. A very entertaining 60 mins of interviews, and clips from Davids movies. If you are at all interested in David Cronenberg as a person, or his films, then this documentary will not disappoint you. I particularly enjoyed the interviews with; Holly Hunter, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Peter Weller. Although each actors comments were unique, there was a common thread and an equal respect from each of them in relation to David (the man) and his directing abilities. I just wish this documentary was made later in the piece, so that it included his most recent movies!!

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Has the feel of an amateur home movie..., 3 February 2006

I wanted to see this film as I couldn't believe that it would be as bad as the reviewers made it out to be. Well it started of okay... until the martians appeared from inside meteorite. It was all down hill from that point. The concept that they chose to use for the martians was comical. Although pathetic is likely a better word to use. To think that evolution (in any galaxy) would have created something as impractical as these beauties is too funny for words. Some of the CGI effects were okay. But most of them were so amateur that I can't believe they would have seen this in the cutting room and came to the conclusion that this film was okay to charge the general public to go and see it. Many of the CGI effects were of the standard that most filmmakers use in their rough concept animated storyboards. The scene of the warships at sea were so amateur and comical, we had tears from laughing so much. The acting was reasonable from some of the cast, but very poor from most of the cast. The tripod CGI was very disappointing (but in some respects, better than a lot of the other CGI effects). The mustache on the leading actor so so fake... and was so obviously a fake mustache. Plus his mustache would disappear with every other scene he was in. At first I though that he was having flash-backs, to a time when he didn't have a mustache... but that didn't really gel either. The editing was very poor. Many of the scene sequences simply didn't make sense. There were lots of scenes that could be removed, and it would actually have given the story better continuity. Many of the scenic sequences were shot against the green screen and the blending between the for and background shots was very flawed. Many of these shots did not need to be done with green screen, they were simple shots that could have been done easily with real background. It escapes me why they chose to do i this way. I can usually find something good to say about any movie. But I can fid nothing good to say about this one.

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Holds up well after all these years..., 28 February 2005

I watched this film again after not seeing it for many years… I was surprised at just how entertained I was. From the stoopid expression on Stalone's face… to his over-acting. This part suited him *perfectly*. This is not a movie you take seriously. This is a movie that you sit back and have fun with. It holds up brilliantly over time and I would say, hasn't aged at all. "I knew you were going to say that". If you're after a movie with solid acting, a good plot, intricate story-line… forget it!! BUT if you're after good action, corny one-liners and fine entertainment value, then this will do it!! (it certainly did it for me!!).

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Thoroughly entertaining..., 23 May 2004

I almost didn't go to see this film, base on the bad reports I've been hearing. Well all I can say is that anyone that bags this movie, must've totally missed the point of it. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a while... and I will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection when it is released down under.

I thought the story and plot suited the type of movie it is... superlatively. I though the humor level (which was quite high) was very well balanced with the drama, action and thriller aspects of the movie. In spite of other peoples comments, I thought the CGI and animation also suited the look and feel of the movie to a 'T'.

I thought *all* of the characters were very well cast, with the exception of David Wenham. I found his performance was not as strong as the rest. This movie had me thoroughly entertained, from start to finish!! A movie that you gan really get lost in, and have a good time watching.

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