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Tech Right!
4 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When you look through a binocular you see one image... not two! And this film got it right!

Hollywood can't even get this simple fact right and it annoys me immensely. The annoying thing is that directors can get access to so much money and are not intelligent enough to get it right. If they spend a hundred dollars more they could buy a consultant to tell them things like that! But the directors are too dumb! Amazing.

So a big HOORAY for The Fourth War!! The ONLY other film I remember that avoids this Hollywood dumb cliché is The Bridge On The River Kwai.

And that's not all folks. The Fourth War lets the Russians speak Russian. I'm close to tears with enthusiasm! In the Hollywood world where Germans, Russians, Chinese and every alien from outer space speaks American this is groundbreaking. I know that most Americans are too dumb to read subtitles (or rather Hollywood think they are) but it renders authenticity in wast amounts to a movie.

The ridiculous script is totally forgiven on these two grounds!!
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Interesting and captivating
30 November 2009
If you enjoyed The Devinchi Code, you will most certainly enjoy Angels & Demons.

The movie takes us into the Vatican to witness how it reacts when faced with perils.

We are there as we follow Tom Hank's character as he once again chips away for clues and uncovers truths that although astonishing, can be painful as well.

The movie does a good job at telling a story, while captivating us with exciting action scenes.

Photography, acting, directing, all excellent!
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2012 (I) (2009)
Save your money!
13 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking forward to this movie coming out. Went tonight, and what a let down.

1. Was very slow at that start. Took forever to get going. Yes, you have to supply an intro to get acquainted with the characters, and a base for the story. But it took forever! Needless useless dialog. Way too much information, and typical bs that can be found in all disaster movies.

2. Speaking of disaster movies, this one follows all the others in cheap storyline and thrills.

a. Typical disorganized hero with an estranged wife and kids. b. Typical step-father (who ends up being left out) Remember the fiancée in Twister? c. Typical African-American President. In Hollywood ALL Presidents must be African-American... Unless they are evil... then they can be white. d. Bad guy turns good in the end... then is killed. e. Super smart scientist that convinces the world and saves the day. f. Government holding secrets from the populous.

3. VERY UNREAL storyline. Just some really... I mean really STUPID scenarios.

4. How many times do you have to have a runway drop out from under you before you decide it is not a good idea to land?

5. Take a few flying lessons and you can not only fly... but navigate a Queen Air!

6. A lot of coincidences that are just way too hard to believe!

7. Story drags... and drags.... and drags and goes on dragging for 2.5 hours! After a while you just end up saying yourself... "Just end the world... I need relief!"

8. They just tried to jam too many (already done) disaster scenes. A combination of Poseidon Adventure, Deep Impact, Hard Rain, Airport, Armageddon, etc, etc, etc.

Anything good??? Special effects were "ok". At least kept me awake.

Whatever you do.... Save your money don't pay $10.00 to see it. Don't spend money on the DVD either. Don't even pay a $1.00 at the cubical to rent. Wait for it to come out on TV... then if you have nothing else to do... watch it for the special effects!
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Gran Torino (2008)
15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Acting, filming, directing, location, etc etc etc.... All Fantastic!

When this movie came out... I was not interested. When it came out on DVD... I still was not interested... then talking with my Sister she told me about it, and how much she liked it. So I rented it at a 99 cent cube... liked it so much, bought it for my collection. It stays out to neighbors and friends more than any other movie that I have! (out right now)

A very real movie for very real times.

Eastwood plays a racist, bitter, old coot who, in a quirk of fate becomes friends with an Oriental family. Estranged from his own family, he finds more in common with his neighbors, and in the end sends that message very clearly! (my favorite part)

Some may call it racist. I call it real. having lived in Southern California, and visited the Detroit area many times, I have seen how people interact in such environments. Right down to the last detail "Stay off my lawn!" is all very real.

Regardless of your disposition, I feel all will enjoy... or at least be captivated by this film.

This comment will be placed on the forum for any that want to discuss.
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Rails & Ties (2007)
Interesting movie....
15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
And I even learned a few things...

I thought for sure Bacon would hit the emergency brake, and couldn't understand why not till it was explained in the movie, and then I read a thread here by engineers/operators backing it up. (Hitting the car is better than derailing a train-load full of passengers)

That poor kid has to be one strong soul to live through and survive his upbringing, watching his Mom killed by a train, and then going through the death of another mother (role-model).

I did think it was odd that none of the neighbors, relatives, or family- friends questioned where this new kid came from. But it is California, and having lived there know that people don't poking their nose in other's business... unlike here in Tennessee where you can't get a new cat without all the neighbors noticing!

Acting was very well done, as with the directing. The young man portraying the boy was an excellent actor. Many child actors can't do a crying scene without looking VERY fake.

Photography, scene preparation, etc all well done.

I normally don't like dramas... too slow and all... but this one was done well, except....

*************************Major Spoiler**************************

It never shows whether Bacon gets the kid or not. It just leaves you hanging. I think that should have been explained.
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Deterrence (1999)
Irresponsible well done movie....
7 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As for a movie, technically, it was great.

Well written script, that started very innocently and quickly snowballed into a nightmare. It is strange that the entire movie was shot on one stage... the diner... but yet at the same time sent you around the world.

Acting was good and believable with even a bit of humor sprinkled in.

The thought that ordinary every-day citizens could sit over the President's shoulder in the middle of a crises is interesting. Which ones of us have never said.... "If I were there, I would have told the President this or that"?

So the movie was was technically well done.

After watching it today I have a sick feeling in my stomach. Although well done, it was very irresponsible. The U.S. drops a nuclear bomb on a city, destroying it and it's citizens.

Though some discomfort with the decision is shown by the President, ultimately he is made out to be some sort of hero.

Don't get me wrong... I feel that some sort of retaliation would be in order... but the use of nuclear weapons as a preemptive strike is something that can never be done by a peaceful civilization. And to make a movie about it... that in many ways glorifies it... is irresponsible.

I think it interesting that this movie was made almost 10 years ago. Where since a President (George W. Bush) was faced with a similar crises, (9-11) and chose to deal with it, without nuclear weapons.

To sum it up... an interesting movie, that was well done, but was horrifically irresponsible, and should have never been made.

I will copy and paste this over to the forums, as I am sure some will want to reply.
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Taking Chance (2009 TV Movie)
21 February 2009
For those that think that this will be another Hollywood leftist "let's change history" movies... it is not! I am extremely conservative, but I am very happy to say that the producers kept their eye on the topic.

It is almost as the story took control of the script, the actors, and the directors.

The story, or actually facts is far larger than politics, siding, and any individuals personal opinions.

I strongly suggest everyone see it. I wish we could get all our political leaders... both left and right together in on theater to watch it.

Why this was not a blockbuster in the theaters instead of a HBO film, I will never know!
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House of Saddam (2008– )
It was OK
27 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The movie missed a lot, but they had to pick and choose what they felt was important. There is just not enough time to include everything.

Personally, more history on his childhood would have been interesting, and more history about his trial would have been significant... but that is my personal opinion.

The movie reminds me of The Godfather. And I suppose that Saddam's family could easily be compared to gangsters.

Bottom line this is a soap opera about a truly dysfunctional family. If you are looking to do research by following the series you are out of luck... for entertainment purposes only.
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The Contender (2000)
A shock for me!
21 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I love it when I find a hidden treasure in a movie. A movie that I don't see in the theater or on DVD because of the reviews, and the plot summary... and I happen across it on HBO or TV.

The Contender is one of these movies. I am a staunched conservative. Therefore movies with this type of theme... Conservatives bad, Liberals good, I avoid. They usually make me mad.

But although The Contender "sounded" like that kind of movie, it really wasn't. Sure it was a bit of a "fantasy" in parts, it was interesting to see the power pull that most certainly goes on in real life.

The ending was superb. It was one of those endings that suddenly takes a left or right turn and surprises you.

The truth about the Governor, and the photo was well done. Did not see that coming! For a movie to be liked by someone who normally "hates" these types of movie is a reflection on the skill of the actors, writers, and directors!
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Heartbeeps (1981)
HBO Family
5 December 2008
Little did I know that when I signed up the the "all pay channel" package with Direct TV that I would face a movie like this. It came on right after another movie we had been watching... and I was a teenager in 1981 so am not sure where I was at the time... but I missed this movie.

I also can't believe we left it on. It is kind-of funny as it takes you back in the time machine to the early 80s... but I think even then this would have been a painful movie. It was just... well... "too cute"! ET was "cute" in a way... but not obnoxiously cute... and stupid.

When I see a movie like this... I come on onto IMDb to see what others say. I am blown away that this thing was nominated! Wow... the movie industry has come a long way since the 80s! Oh well... it did show some old actors... btw that is the other thing I was surprised about... the lineup... not a bunch of no-names... but some real actors/actresses. Must have been in their drug days! Anyways... odd, interesting, bizarre, and makes one happy they grew up!
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Whoa there you all....
2 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe my eyes with the negative comments! This movie was... and is a classic! So many times "Movie II" is a bust... in other words a movie is a hit, then they try to make a sequel and it sucks. This is fantastic as it is not just the second, third, forth, etc. And STILL is original and entertaining.


The Russian angle is cool, well thought out... and historically accurate as once the Nazis were out of the way... our once "Allies" turned cold.

Glimpses of signs from previous editions... "can you find the arc in the crate?" The "bomb" test on the 50's suburban "Leave it to Beaver" neighborhood.

The music...

The clothing...

The cars...

ALL CLASSIC! And the biggest "bravo" goes to Harrison Ford... the man can still be an action actor! Kudos to him! Some have said the alien idea was too "far-fetching" I find it an interesting thought.

Typical Lucas / Spielberg / Ford... creative, fun, and never predictable.

You naysayers need to go back to your childhood and capture something you missed! P.S. I give it a "9" as I am not sure what a "perfect" movie is. I can't imagine topping this one though!
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Good clean fun...
30 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
All too often we forget about the small towns not only in this country, but in the world. These folks have deep roots and incredible values.

This movie captures this feel with the pure atmosphere brought forth. Well directed, well cast, and from what I can tell... accurate.

The movie was refreshing as it told about everyday people living in everyday America believing in "something".

(spoiler alert) The kid from Chicago who "finds himself" in Norway was a nice twist... however I am not sure if it was accurate. Perhaps someone who knows more about Norway High Baseball can answer that. If indeed it was an add-on... I am not sure how I feel about that. Perhaps it was needed to keep the movie going, or perhaps it represented all of us that have moved from small towns to large metropolitan areas (like me).

Bottom line... a good enjoyable family movie! (Thumbs up)
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Smokin' Aces (2006)
If you have nothing good to say....
29 November 2008
I would like to say nothing... but there is that 10 line rule! Anyways... it was odd, weird, stupid, but most likely appealed to some that like the "new generation" of movies coming out.

So I suppose as long as you know what you are getting in for... it is okay.

Would be a good movie to watch at a party with a bunch of drunks. You know... instant gratification of action. Would not need to make sense since you can't follow the story when you are drunk.

One question... what was up with the one-eyed / super-freak / obnoxious kid?

There... I think that is 10 lines!
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The List (I) (2007)
15 November 2008
As a Southerner this movie was insulting! Some actors/actresses can pull off a southern accent. These actors (especially the son) failed terribly. They butchered all attempts.

Typical stereotyping of the South that one finds in low budget films, or films made by Hollywood which has no clue about the true South, or failed to do research.

Historically inaccurate. Everything from dates to geographic locations.

Typical story of rich white descendants from rich white slave owners. Evil, controlling individuals who are out to control the world.

Movies like this bother me greatly as people who have never visited the South, or have not educated themselves believe that movies like this are as factual as a History Channel documentary. It leads people to think this is how we are "down here". Sad conclusion.

Do I have anything good to say? Well... the photography was very good, sorry that this excellent talent was wasted on this film.

Music was good as well.

The plot (for a fiction novel) had great possibilities... unfortunately the directors fell asleep at the wheel in bringing this "plot" to the surface.

Bottom line... save your time and money.
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1 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well, since comments here are suppose to be about a movie, it's actors, directors, etc and how well they did, I will limit my opening to that.

First, I am pleased when I see a well done movie that does not have a lot of big name actors in it. Nothing against the big names, just that everyone needs a start, and without a big name... the movie is more "believable". The actors in FFN did a very good job.

The movie was done almost as well as a documentary with keeping the movie "feel". The information flows well. However, unlike a documentary FFN gives a glimpse of the background into the individual life's of many people. It shows how something as simple as a fast food restaurant affects so many people.

Now... since FFN has the feel of a documentary, it would be interesting to see how factual it is. Unlike a documentary the "other side" of the story is not presented, other than by Bruce Willis (only big name I saw) who plays a somewhat evil exec. LOL I guess Jack Nicholson was busy! That is why I think it is wrong, if not dangerous to go on about the "political" message of the movie. FFN is intended to be bias, because it is a movie, a story in the true sense of the word.

Many times when we see these documentary what-to-be movies, we mistakenly get taken in thinking that it is all true and factual. This is why the movie can't be sued for libel... it is a "story", literary license and such.

If one is going to base their beliefs, political opinions, and personal choices on a movie such as this, then the industry that is the subject of the movie should get equal time by the producers... aka... a "positive" story about their industry.

Remember the old "Airport" movies? Many people quit flying because of these movies. We look back now and see how totally ridiculous that was.

So, bottom line... well done movie, with a lot of good acting. A good story that should get us to think, look and investigate... but not make choices based on the movie alone.

Warnings and possible spoilers... if you are sensitive to blood, there are parts that you may not want to watch. No big shocks... you will know them when they come along.

LOL... and I guarantee.. you will not be eating meat for a few days after watching this movie!
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Recount (2008 TV Movie)
Another Hollywood political fiction film
29 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First, to all that think that the Republicans (evil guys wearing black in the movie) stole the election... remember that The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, sponsored by a consortium of major U.S. news organizations, conducted a Florida Ballot Project comprehensive review of all ballots uncounted (by machine) in the Florida 2000 presidential election, both undervotes and overvotes, with the main research aim being to report how different ballot layouts correlate with voter mistakes.

The media companies involved were:

* Associated Press

* The New York Times

* The Wall Street Journal


* St. Petersburg Times

* The Palm Beach Post

* The Washington Post

* Tribune Company

o Los Angeles Times

o Chicago Tribune

o Orlando Sentinel

o The Baltimore Sun

The media reported the results of the study during the week after November 12, 2001. The results of the study showed that had the limited county by county recounts requested by the Gore team been completed, Bush would still have been the winner of the election. The recount also showed that had there been a full statewide recount of all counties, Bush still would've won under all but the most liberal of counting methods.

Of course this movie does not cover any of this. The movie is heavily biased against the Republicans, and against myself and others who supported Bush. And that I find offensive.

The movie makes Katherine Harris look like a Bimbo, which she is not. Note that the Republicans are always in the "evil cave" aka cherry paneled conference room, and the Democrats in... basically... a strip mall shopping center. The ole Robin Hood view! The mean ole rich guys beating up on the poor defenseless weak. Give me a break! Even James Baker's jet is bigger than the Democrats! LOL

The movie constantly slams, distorts, and fictionalizes the truth. But... they will get away with it... because "they" are Hollywood.

I have no problem with a difference of opinions, as long as I get a fair voice. But since I do not own a major movie studio, have millions of dollars to promote my view, etc... I find it offensive for Hollywood, etal to promote their political beliefs, and even (such as in this movie) re-write history.

Notice that they have yet to make a movie about the Nixon - Kennedy election, where a very similar situation occurred. That is because Nixon, a Republican, conceded without throwing a "fit" as Gore did.

Hollywood, the media, and news agencies are constantly looking for a conspiracy, and if they cannot legitimately find one, they make a movie about it, and call it the truth.

The one "vote" I do have is to cancel my HBO... which I will do tomorrow! And you can bet your "hanging chad" that I will tell them why!
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Stupid, Idiotic, normal for a mini movie
26 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Waste of time!

IF the movie was made by a High School Drama Team... then OK... good work. Otherwise, this stinks

Just like all the other "Mini Movies"... which are put together in haste...

Token Asian "brain" guy Token female "hero" chick Token White "bad" guy Token military "evil" guy Token politician "cover-up" guy Token teenage "couple in love" pair

Typical small town Typical... "this is going to end it all for the world" theme

Bad acting, bad casting, and VERY BAD research...

The USAF logo... is a RECRUITING logo for the USAF

There are NO 4-Star Generals except in time of war!

Why have a camouflaged business jet for the "General"? Is he going to land that thing in Iraq?

Where did that response team come from so fast? No-town Utah is suppose to be in the middle of nowhere! Oh... that's right, they were dropped out of the government sponsored UFO!

Since when has ANY "First Lady" looked that good?

And from the very start I just knew that someone would suggest "nuking" the town... which they did suggest. That is how predictable this waste of time is!

Again... if it was done by a bunch of High School drama students... then great! You have some imagination. But if I paid to have a ad during the movie... I would demand a refund!

Speaking of ads.... Ford actually did an ad during the movie based on the movie... I will never buy a Ford!
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Untraceable (2008)
ummmm... it was okay
14 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Not the worse I have seen this year, but not the best.

(SPOILER) The Mom/Grandmother does not say anything... which is kind-of odd.

Good original plot... will give it that. And... I suppose it could happen, and sadly folks would tune in. Acting was good, location was thought out. The movie does make you think! Movie could move a bit more faster.

Worth the time to see, but not worth buying the DVD. (aka - borrow it from your neighbors) The one really cool thing... the website is "real". Belongs to the studio. Some puzzles, etc. In fact the website is better than the movie!
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Cloverfield (2008)
22 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Silly Tacky Useless Pathetic Idiotic Dumb

When will Hollywood get it that folks don't like looking at their own home videos much less an imitation of one with bad acting?

This could have been a GREAT movie with the special effects, if they had just used a regular camera. The "home movie" angle just did not work.

As indicated, acting was bad. Party scene at the beginning was unneeded. Multiple technical errors. Special effects were great. Too bad that could not had been captured on a regular format.

Also did not like the "America is evil" angle. Really tired of that!
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