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"The Exes" (2011)
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casting everything, 21 February 2014

The show is pretty good. The writing is very hit or miss. Some episodes are incredibly well written and others are a little weak which means the cast has to carry the script. A great comedic actor can make the most mundane jokes funny and that's what Leah Remini has brought to this show. She's a tremendous addition to an already strong cast. Her comedic timing and delivery is exceptional. If anything, the show's writing (and maybe direction?) hinders her and the rest of the cast. That being said, I'm gaining a tremendous amount of respect for her as a comedian and an actress and I'd love to see more of her on this show! I'd love to see a few episodes where Remini and Johnston take the lead in steering a plot... I get an awesome Lucy & Ethel vibe from them. Pair those two up in zany exploits and hilarity will most certainly ensue!

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One of the top 5 best shows, 3 November 2013

I don't understand how anyone can call this show offensive to the South I live in Tennessee and I have been to little towns that are just like this! Even so how does it pose any offense to anyone? It's a light hearted show, I have been waiting for a show I can literally watch over and over and I have watched this series 3 times now, If I have nothing to watch I put Hart of Dixie on. I will admit within the first few episodes I wasn't sold on it, I thought it was going to be a very boring show, & I'm sure others thought the same thing so they never went back to watch. Luckily I watched it all at once so I was very into it! I hope this show stays on air and I wish people would give it more of a chance,sometimes shows don't get good till the middle of the season!

Currently at Season 2, 19 October 2013

So I was near the ending of season 2, and I kind of thought it was starting to get stupid. Like how stefan can catch shooting wood stakes so easily, yet Pearl couldn't. Forget the shooting, Elijah was suppose to be an original yet he couldn't even dodge a running vampire at 1/10th of his age? I thought bringing an original was a good twist but its pretty stupid showing how they killed him 3x, 2x in 1 episode. I liked the show until they started showing someone from being godly and unkillable to slower reflex then a human. Also one thing, how can Stefan catch a football coming at his head from behind him, without it touching him, while Elijah cant dodge something in- front of him?

"Reign" (2013)
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A guilty-pleasure period drama., 19 October 2013

If you want historical accuracy do not watch Reign. I repeat. DO NOT WATCH. At no point does this show ever try to be faithful to its settings or historical figures. Instead, it very clearly tries to put Gossip Girl in a 16th century setting. The lavish parties, prom-like dresses, troubled romances, catty behaviour, model actors/actresses - it's all very 90210- esque. However, I must admit it succeeds at doing just that. No matter how laughable the costumes were, I can't say I wasn't at least mildly entertained. It's quite nice to look at and some of the characters are interesting (if completely inaccurate). And with a supernatural twist, it's quite clear that the creators are simply using the characters and setting as a starting point to tell their own stories. I might keep watching, only to see something different from the CW.

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good., 18 July 2013

"The Lesser Blessed" takes a dark but somewhat conventional high school melodrama and sets it on an Indian reservation in Canada. It's a revealing portrait of lives on the edge of poverty (no casinos here, apparently) and the limiting, two-fisted world a sensitive soul world like Larry might never escape.

Director Anita Doron, who also wrote the script based on the novel by Richard Van Camp, has assembled a uniformly solid cast, starting with an impressive debut by Evans, whose brown eyes are both soulful and watchful. It's a performance that commands our attention and empathy.

This is a coming-of-age film, with a distinctly northern Canadian flavour, that will appeal to both moody adolescents and discerning adults.

Nicky Deuce (2013) (TV)
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Cute., 9 July 2013

Schirripa steals the show in this movie based on his own co-authored children's book, and tweens and adults alike will love his portrayal of the unpredictable and slightly off-kilter Uncle Frank, who proves to be just the influence Nicky needs to come out of his shell. Sopranos fan or not, seeing this recognizable cast -- James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Vincent Curatola, and Tony Sirico -- in a kids movie is reason enough to watch, and you won't be disappointed by the comical spin the story puts on their tough-guy reputations.

Happily, Nicky Deuce doesn't rely just on familiar faces (including iCarly's Munck) to win over fans. Its story is a pleasant mix of comedy, drama, and feel-good messages about the joys and frustrations of family life. Nicky's new relationships with his father's side of the family prove essential in his journey toward self-awareness and encourage other family members to set aside old grievances as well. It's a good reminder that loyalty and forgiveness can always conquer the inherent imperfections of family relationships.

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Less than illuminating, 26 June 2013

In too many ways, Festival of Lights betrays itself as Shundell Prasad's feature debut. In particular, Prasad's writing has a tired, clichéd air ("He's not my Dad!," Reshma yells at her mother and second husband as she arrives home from school one day). The actors seem hampered by the lines they have to speak and no one comes off very well. Every character is two-dimensional at best, and the ensemble offers little beyond the "Guiding Light" school of dramatization.

It is also surprising, given Prasad's background in nonfiction film, that Festival of Lights avoids informing the viewer very much about Guyanese history (the Jim Jones incident is never even mentioned). Compared to Chantal Akerman's recent Almayer's Folly, with its similar family story—though set in Malaysia and with a much harsher indictment of colonialism—Prasad's effort is disappointing.

The aesthetic annoyances include the fact that some of the characters barely seem to age over the decades, Ronen Landa's original score is poorly used at times for melodramatic emphasis, and Valentina Caniglia's exterior cinematography is adequate but she harshly lights some of the interior scenes. (Caniglia's best sequence comes early, in the Diwali, or Festival of Lights, celebration of Indo-Guyanese culture.)

What keeps Festival of Lights at least somewhat absorbing is the story itself. Like daytime soap operas, the film holds one's attention by maintaining a narrative of the sort where one wants to see what happens next. This is especially true in the final reel, as Reshma and her father's friends try to free him from prison. Lacking the stilted dialogue of the earlier scenes, this build-up to the action climax comprises one of the better parts of the movie. Unfortunately, the pat ending spoils what, at this point, was starting to be a better-than- average melodrama.

In the end, Festival of Lights is less than illuminating.

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An attempt to differentiate, gone horribly wrong, 29 May 2013

I don't write these reviews often, actually this would be my first here, but after seeing the show and then seeing the rating I had to react. First of all I'm not sure how this show got green-lighted at all, it's a genuine example how things in TV today are totally "bonkers". Seems there is no story left, that US shows won't apply a "contemporary twist" perverting the original in a unwatchable mess). This show is basically a sacrilege to the Arthur Conan Doyle's timeless story, everything is wrong including setting, tone, atmosphere, time and also last but not the least casting. Horrible, horrible casting choices made for both characters, probably to "appease" a wider viewer base. I see a lot of 10s in the reviews below, well it makes you think, it's no wonder that poor excuse for literature Twilight is popular, since it seems anyone can write a script or a book these days and get acclaim from public. A lot of excellent shows probably got canned to allow this uninspired nightmare to stay on air. I gave it 4.5 instead of 1 since production quality is good, other than that bad beyond words.

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A Humorous Reflection Of Real Life, 29 May 2013

Caroline and Max are two struggling waitresses who want to start their own cupcake business and get out of the financial albatross that is poverty. This is the modern take on the "Gilligan's Island" premise of the castaways getting back to civilization; however, these two women are reflective of so many people wanting to become self-made entrepreneurs and leave the rat race that is known as the labor market. This is a brilliant and, yet somehow, still under-appreciated series that should be paired with "The Big Bang Theory" or, at least, aired on CBS the same night, as both shows have the production blessings of Warner Brothers. I have already rented the first season's episodes on DVD at the local library and will now sorely miss this series when it finally decides to quit.

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worst ever, 29 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

nothing is worse than changing the actors.. .. hate it! not watching it anymore! BAD!BAD! below, recently added: editing my preview review now, couldn't stop watching it, was too curious. But as you see my opinion above, it still sticks. The show really went downhill and i agree with @npquovadis in what he wrote! Amanda Krosney was awesome as Kristin, she was fun, easy going, smart etc. Amanda Fuller on the other hand i really don't like, first off the part really doesn't suit her or she doesn't act the part very well. And in season they turned this fun amazing character to this "not so easy going" and very feminist character. (spoiler: latest episode, no i don't want to move in with you but you can move in with me) is the stupidest thing ever! either get a place together or just move in with him! That is just one thing of many! really disappointed!

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