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Annie (2014)
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This rendition of Annie could have been so much better, 30 December 2014

It is unfortunate so much money (65 million) and so much talent (Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz) did not equal a better movie. A musical should have great singers; this did not. Foxx, the orphans and Quvenzhane were fine, but they were not great. Consider Dreamgirls, Hairspray, Fiddler on the Roof and Oklahoma. Along with the actors singing in character, there were powerful voices. No one in Annie was a standout musically.

Rose Byrne did her job in Damages, but not so much in this movie. The remainder of the cast was competent; they had their occasional moments.

This rendition of Annie was okay. But, with a few cast changes and voice lessons, it could have been so much better.

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Another okay Tyler Perry movie, 27 December 2013

Let me first say that I am a fan of the man Tyler Perry. His struggles, his perseverance, his rise to fame are inspirational to me and to so many others. He has had a hand full of good movies: A Diary of Mad Black Woman, The Family that Preys and the first Why Did We Get Married. Then, he has several movies that have a character and/or a scene and/or a particular actor/actress I like in them. I usually enjoy these movies and could see them again. Then there are the truly awful movies like the second Why Did We Get Married.

Madea's Christmas is in the second group. I enjoyed this movie more than I expected to. There were some opportunities to laugh out loud. The cast was fine especially Anna Marie Horsford and Larry the Cable Guy. There were the poignant moments and once I actually had a tear trying to pop up in one eye. Seeing Blair from the Facts of Life was nice.

If you are expecting an Oscar worthy movie, you will get your feelings hurt. If you want a movie you can enjoy with your family (they could have edited out the use of a particular curse word), you will be okay.

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So many excellent performances, 7 November 2010

It is always a joy to see talented Black actresses given meat-on-the-bone material to chew on. And the brothers did not disappoint especially Michael Ealy. He broke my heart and made me sick at the same time. The interjection of the poems reminded me of a musical: dialogue then someone breaks out in song. It took me a minute to get use to it, but I eventually appreciated the "differentness".

While most involved did a wonderful job, the standout performances came from Kimberly Elise, Phylicia Rashad, Loretta Devine, Michael Ealy and Anika Noni Rose. I thought Whoopi was too old for the character she played and Janet's characterization needed far more passion than she was able to present. The visit to the "death room" was out of place in the contemporary world Tyler Perry created.

But For Colored Girls was an experience. The movie made me thankful for my hard-working father who was always there, my brother-in-laws who treat my sisters well and for the many men I have been blessed to know who would not, could not rape, brutalize nor disrespect a woman. Hil Harper's character should have had some company. But then it would not have been Ntozoke Shange's story.

The performances make this movie worth your time.

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Well acted, but 20 minutes could have been shaved off, 24 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stanley Tucci deserved his Oscar nomination. He was unrecognizable in appearance and character as the murderous neighbor. Without speaking, he could give anyone the creeps. I love to see an actor disappear into a role and he certainly did. Mark and Rachel did not overplay the roles of suffering parents. And Susan Sarandon was superb as the alcoholic, honest and funny grandmother. The casting for Susie, Lindsey and Ray was sweet and perfect.

The book was far superior to the movie. The heaven scenes ran on too long and did not add to the movie. Susie's ability to watch and comment on the scenes on earth was good. But not much else about her heaven was interesting. Loved the ending. So now, all is well with the world.

This movie is watchable because of Audrey Hepburn, 24 January 2010

There are movies that are loved because of the cast, the music and style, not for the interesting plot, wonderful characterizations or snappy dialogue. This famous movie, Breakfast at Tiffany, has been lovingly regarded for years because of the wonderful Audrey Hepburn and the talented Henry Mancini. Moon River is one of the best movie songs ever. But there is, surprisingly, not much to say overall about this movie.

Two prostitutes become friends. George Peppards' role could have been played by anyone breathing and Micky Rooney was too ridiculous to be funny. The always superb Patricia Neal did not have much to do. Only Buddy Epsen moved me.

There are a few noteworthy scenes. But, Breakfast at Tiffany's is the best example I've seen of a lovely cake with a big hole in the middle.

District 9 (2009)
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There were serious racial overtones, 23 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I returned from the bathroom after giving my bladder and my pounding head some relief, I scanned the audience. The mostly White audience were hanging on to every word. It was disheartening considering the unbelievably racist overtones. Black Africans are cannibals? It is interesting that the movie took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, home of recent apartheid. So much of the treatment of the aliens looked like South Africa and America yesterday and sometimes, if the wrong police officers are involved, today. The documentary style of the movie gave it an authenticity that added to its creepiness like the equally awful Blair Witch movie. It you are looking for a different type of alien movie, this will deliver. If you are not interested in mean spirited, negative-stereotype-loving, violent crap, then this is not for you.

Bandslam (2009)
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This was a cute, sweet movie, 15 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I appreciated the PG rating since I saw this movie with my niece and nephew, both under 13. The casting was good as was the plot, music and pace. Lisa Kudrow's monologue, near the end of the movie, made me cry. I felt everything she said. And the sweet "first kiss" scene made you laugh out loud. The dialogue was not the typical contrived junk written for teens by senior citizens. I believed the characters. The band members were hysterical. This movie is not an Oscar contender. But, it will give you something to talk about with your family and friends. Dreams can come true, being honest and kind are preferable traits and love conquers all in the end.

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I don't understand the inconsistency of Tyler Perry's movies., 9 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I believe Tyler Perry is a talented writer and producer. His DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN and WHY DID I GET MARRIED are well written; they are also good looking movies. MEET THE BROWNS was just plain bad. I gave it a five in respect for the talented cast that includes the always wonderful Angela Bassett.

The dialogue was poor, the character of Brown did not translate from the stage to film. He was not funny. The movie looked as if $2.50 was spent. And as much as I love Angela, she was too old for the character. Part of the running theme was that she was a young mother (having had her children in her teens). She is a beautiful woman who looks like she is in her late 40's. That means she had her children in her 30's. Not such a young mother. And the outtakes were the worst I had ever seen, ever.

Tyler's other movies are in between DIARY/MARRIED and BROWN. I hope he can find a way to be consistent. His positive themes and characters are desperately needed and appreciated. But, quality is important.

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This movie was not given the credit it deserved., 11 April 2005

I like to let a movie stand on its own two feet and not compare it to another. With that in mind and the fact that I knew very little about this movie, it was a treat. Unfortunately, I know it had been touted as a horror movie; it is not. So, the horror loving fans will be greatly disappointed. But, for those of us who like surprises and characterizations, this movie delivered.

I don't want to give too much away, but I will share this. The acting was first rate. Joaquin Phoenix (Lucius), Bryce Dallas Howard (Ivy), William Hurt (Edward Walker) and an unrecognizable Adrien Brody (Noah) were excellent. If you love good acting, that would be the first reason to see this movie. If you like surprises, that would be second reason to see this movie. And the sweet love story between Lucius and Ivy would be the third reason to see this movie. Don't compare it to other movies, just experience it.

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Most of the acting was dreadful., 30 March 2005

Angela Bassett and Lawrence Hilton Jacobs played the Jackson Five's parents excellently. It was too bad that almost everyone else in this mini-series was simply dreadful. Billy Dee Williams as Barry Gordy and Vanessa Williams as Ms. DePasse were fine. As for the remainder of the cast, dreadful. The worse offenders were the actors who played the adult Michael and Jermaine. The adult Michael made me literally cringe.

The story was well written and quite interesting. All scenes involving the Jacksons as children were heartfelt. But, I just could not get over the awful acting. This could have been a good one like the Temptation's mini-series.

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