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Life (I) (2017)
Aw, please!
20 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
You know you *might* be watching a bomb movie when the main actor's character is killed in the first 15 minutes - just like Samuel L. Jackson getting out of Deep Blue Sea (1999).

A great cast, notable crew and good effects wasted away in a stupid story line that yanks away your suspension of disbelief from beginning to end.

As most fellow reviewers have observed, the "story" is just a sequence of characters stupid actions and unbelievable decisions that forces you to facepalm in amazement pretty much all the time

Should you REALLY want to watch this (instead of just reading the plot summary over in Wikipedia), lower your expectations. Way down

Ryan Reynolds is entertaining as ever, though. But that's it.
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Sense8 (2015–2018)
Polarizing, for a reason.
18 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK, 1st thing 1st: it IS well written, acted and delivered. I'm on the 3rd episode and it is still compelling and interesting. BUT be prepared because is so heavy handed on "the world is full of gay people and only you are not aware of this" attitude. Every other scene is heavily sexualized. VERY much. And as I said, "you should really know how gay people relate on bedroom" is thrown in your face. I didn't get how these imagery is going to help the storyline. I mean, it's 2015. Audiences are pretty much savvy on storytelling and there are so many different ways to show or imply relationships. How flashing a wet dildo help out delivering the message? This Wachovsky's need to "address some particular issues" very publicly - and constantly - is what keeps nudging me out the watching experience. Pretty much like a kid in the back kicking your chair at the theater. But again, if they're able to balance this cringing "need" with the great storyline, it might turn out something to look forward. Well, at least *I am* hoping they reach that balance. : )
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Minions (2015)
Hold it if you watched the trailer
13 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK. The movie *was* OK. Kind of. But if you've seen the trailer - the long one - all the jokes (I mean ALL of them) are packed there.

Don't know exactly why they market films these days. Trailers: a 15 second cut of the whole movie. They include even the ending somehow.

But as in a superhero movie - in which you want to see HOW the good guy is gonna win at the end - this movie spreads thin throughout an hour and half, so you can see how their yellow cuteness and silly nonsense will take you.

It is still cool. But wish someone had warned me. I'd have waited to see it on TV.
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Bad acting, but really good kung-fu sequences
5 August 2013
Should've read more of this movie "hate it" reviews beforehand. While it was not that bad (aside from bad acting, clichéd character mistakes, plot holes, broken narrative pace, characters that never get tired), the rave good reviews and its high rating raised my expectations.

Not a bad movie, *IF* you're looking for a kung-fu movie, that is.

Feels like a movie out of the 90's (or the 80's), when character explain cleary for minutes what's already clear. Or when it tries to create thrill moving REALLY slow (it doesn't).

Being a low budget production don't account for giant plot holes. Or way too much visual "style". Low budget productions are allowed to have *bad acting*.

If I didn't know IMDb better, I would say this rating (7.5 - as I'm writing) was clearly genre-fans artificially over-hyped.
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Sad, sad movie
19 August 2006
Though very well conducted, this is a very sad movie. With weird characters and surreal situations, it keeps you interested on their lives and where (and how) this all going to develop along the flick. Elaine Cassidy as Felicia is superbly cute. You would remember her from Alejandro Amenabar's "The others"; side with Nicole Kidman - Elaine played the "mute girl" Lydia. Bob Hoskins is good as ever. Quite convincing and intense. Their backgrounds are suggested to the viewer more than shown on screen. But even with all this good elements together, it's something I would NOT recommend watching if you're on a bad mood day.
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The Hunger (1983)
Good book, poor adaptation
1 March 2006
I decided to rent "The Hunger" while re-reading the original book in which this movie was based on. I believe this is the 3rd time, or so, that I read this good book.

Since I watched this back in 1983, I couldn't even remember who were the other actors besides Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie. Susan Sarandon and Cliff De Young were kind of a surprise.

And... sorry, but I hated the movie: oversimplified the (interesting) original story. And way too gory. It also offers heaps of gratuitous pseudo-"sex" scenes and slow-motion cigarette drags.

The film is relatively short (by today standards) but it seemed much longer due to its self-indulgence: not scary, not amusing, non-interesting characters.

If only, this film can be watched for the makeup effects of Dick Smith, Carl Fullerton, and Antony Clavet done in Bowie's face. More impressive yet if you remember this was done in '83.

Anyhow, my recommendation is: get the book, don't touch this movie.
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I don't like Jack Black...
14 July 2004
I'm not complaining or anything, but whenever there's no one else in the scene with him, we have a very strong feeling that he might just be some kind of self-delusional madman within his own world on "intensity" and "stress".

The movie's fine as long as you don't mind watching Jack Black "perform" his "intense" and "inspired" grimaces and "funny" faces.

I don't know, maybe it's was just the mood I was in, but he feels like a Jim Carrey wannabe except he's not funny at all.

But the kids on the movie did OK. With that happy ending tone all over it to the point I felt it could be a Disney -Touchstone release.

That is: if you don't mind Jack Black, I can recommend it to you. 7 out of 10.
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It broke my heart
19 January 2004
The Terminator is a character idolized by thousands of people around the world. The imagery - along with unconscious symbols - made this character an icon for generations.

Jim Cameron ingenuity (with the help of Bill Wisher) gave us two movies that complement each other, folding the story in ways ever more interesting each time you watch them.

Action packed, fun and original. We helped spread the word on Terminator mythology.

How come a movie studio using their rights to use a character build up such a opportunity-jackpot-halfbaked popcorn movie just to make cash out of loyalty of this huge fan base?

I felt betrayed and sad when I saw this (God permits) last installment on this sequel. What have they done to my robot?

What did they do with my movie?
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A modern romantic tale
10 January 2003
With so many crap movies being produced, it is not easy to figure out why director's Tom Tykwer following movie after "Run, Lola" has been released only to the DVD. Let alone far 2 years later.

The fabulous Franka Potente plays Sissi, nurse in Wuppertal psychiatric hospital. Her life crosses with Bodo's (played by Benno Fürmann) when she's hit by a car: Bodo - which has just accomplished a hold-up - stops his runnaway only to perform a emergency tracheotomy on Sissi, so she can breathe while waiting for the paramedics.

After her recovery, she tries to get closer to the stranger that saved her life - and his feelings are not mutual. But the more Bodo drives away from Sissi, the more she insists. And more their lives entwine.

The result is not as original as "Run, Lola", but it brings back the same elements combination that must be Tykwer's signature: an absolut romantic tale (check out the movie's name) told with a modern package.
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