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Celia (2015–2016)
Really enjoying it.
5 December 2015
PLEASE read the opening credits so that you will know this is NOT an actual biography of Celia Cruz? Even with this being said I am really enjoying the series, and it is getting more interesting as it moves along. Jeimy Osorio is doing a good job and I think Celia would be proud of her, the other cast members performances are extremely moving as well (Modesto Lacen as Pedro Knight, Carolina Gaitan as Lola Calvo,Brenda Hanst as Ana, Indhira Serrano as Mirelys, Luciano D'Alessandro as Alberto Blanco just to name a few). Even though it's NOT Celia's biography, the performances are good (some outstanding), but it would have been a little bit better to get Celia's still living husband's take on some of what's being presented (if he didn't have any that is). Feel sorry about her Mom and didn't know she (Celia) died without ever being able to go back to Cuba (according to Wikipedia). She really was one talented lady. Can't wait to see how this ends.
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Davey and Goliath (1960–2004)
Truly deserving of an Emmy or People's Choice Award.
23 January 2010
If ever there was a show that deserved to win the above mentioned awards (if it were up to me I'd start a petition drive to have their names added to the list for an Emmy or People's Choice Award), 'Davey and Goliath' was most certainly the one. I looked 'every' Sunday morning to seeing this show on a regular TV station (WABC TV) at time before I left my home for church, it always gave you "food for thought" even if you didn't realize it at that particular time, and made the beginning of the day seem a little bit brighter somehow.

As for presenting 'Davey and Goliath' in this day and time, truth be told, I think it's exactly what these children need, especially with what's "continually going on in our society". When God and Jesus and what 'they' mean to ALL of mankind is being done away with, because of our political correctness and loss of morality, I'd love for 'Davey and Goliath' to return and 'maybe' be updated, in order to address these issues. With the death of Clokey, I don't think it's going to happen, and perhaps it shouldn't when in the end all the 'real meaning' might be tossed aside. It was good while it lasted and with the DVD's and The Trinity Broadcasting Network, I can now be satisfied with seeing 'Davey and the Gang' all over again.
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Hawthorne (2009–2011)
Just what I'd hoped it would be.
5 August 2009
A special word of "Thanks" to Jada, Michael Vartan, and the rest of this wonderful cast. It's been a pleasure to see a truly uplifting show, which gets "better" week after week, with some surprise endings I couldn't even imagine.

Don't worry if others put you down, say you're not worth watching, or any other comments like this, as the exact same thing has been said about other shows that have turned out to be 'rare jewels'. I wait in anticipation every time Tuesday roles around, just so I (and quite a few others) can see what's coming next.

Keep your heads up, your prayers towards God and heaven, and let the 'true' fans of your show, show you just how much they enjoy what you're doing. "Nursing at it's very best, fun also included!" Thanks to one and all.
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The Accused (1949)
Would the 'plot' work by today's standards? May contain spoilers.
28 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Guess I was the only one here who really enjoyed the characters of Warren Ford (Robert Cummings) and Wilma Tuttle (Loretta Young), as I looked beyond the fact that their 'circumstances' were what brought them together in the first place, to why I still consider this to be a true film noir despite it. Loretta's character was dead on in the way she 'handled' what happened to her with Bill Perry (Douglas Dick), because I've seen the same 'incidents' in other movies during the 1930's and 40's done almost in the exact same manner, and I won't have really expected anything different here to keep the storyline moving along. Wendell Corey (Lt. Ted Dorgan) was like a thirty bloodhound with a 'clue' that he didn't want to let go of, until he'd gotten exactly what he'd come for, and his 'quips' made it that much better to keep you watching just to see if he finally 'got his man'. Sam Jaffe (Dr. Romley) at times reminded me of a 'detective version' of 'Doctor Kildare', or even a lab coated version of 'Columbo', with the way he went about doing his 'job'. As for Douglas Dick (Bill Perry), what can you say about character who thinks he's the 'cats meow', is slicker than a bottle of 'Brylcreem', feels that all women are fascinated by him, but refuses to take 'NO' for an answer? "Don't you just love how some of these pretty boys end up"? So, all in all, I guess it just goes to show you that there are some of us out there who really "did" thoroughly enjoy viewing this movie (enough that I wouldn't mind seeing it available VHS or DVD for my own viewing pleasure.), and wouldn't mind seeing it again very soon. And my answer is 'yes', I do believe the plot of this film 'could' work by today' standards, 'if' it isn't changed too much in the long run.
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Insight (I) (1960–1984)
What the world Needs Today.
25 August 2008
Oh my goodness...what memories "Insight" and "This is the Life" bring back to me even now. In a world that is rapidly changing and moving further and further away from the God of the Bible, these two series had some true life lessons, and gave you something to really think about no matter what was going on around you.

Sad to say I'm not surprised they're no longer on the air, ABC one of the very 'few' channels at that day and time to even air shows of this nature (as well as the 'famous' Davey and Goliath claymation series), what an awful shame we don't get to see those shows right now when we need them the most.

If there was 'any' way that I could get them back on television, I'd do it in a flash, without a moments hesitation, as I also remember actors like Martin Sheen and a few notable others who made wonderful guest appearances on the show.
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Galaxy High School (1986– )
I Miss This Wonderful Cartoon.
11 June 2008
Ditto to all that was written here, and sad to say it breaks my heart, when these stations want to end these memorable shows 'before' they can actually take root. Can only speak for myself, but sorry to say I don't think the 'cartoons' today hold a candle to the 'earlier' ones, because they had a different premise to them and made them that much more worth watching.

I really enjoyed watching Doyle and his not-so-human side-kicks, they brought humor to all that they did, and made you want to come back for more each Saturday. As one of the other posters stated "a laugh a minute" and some of the best humor around.
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Big Shots (2007–2008)
The Show That Never Really Had A Chance.
14 April 2008
For: HowTVshouldbe and others who felt the same way. Just so you should know, as far as I'm concerned ABC NEVER really believed in this show from the start, so it doesn't surprise me that things turned out the way they did. Oh yes, they did show a 'few' promos in the beginning, but right after it got on the air the promos 'abruptly' stopped three weeks in. I don't care what anyone else says, ABC did not make even one attempt to save it (and that means bringing in better writers, or moving the show to a new day and time slot, like they did with the rest or their shows.),so what exactly was so 'different' about this one show? I'm beginning to wonder just what kind of a message they're sending to Mr. Vartan's fans, as this is the second time we've had to start a campaign (although, they didn't even wait for it to go through this time) to keep one of his shows going. 'Big Shots' was a very good show in my estimation, and proof of that was the fact that Vartan and actress Nia Long have had mini-videos posted on YouTube (under the 'Big Shots', James and Katie name) because the fans really enjoyed seeing them together. If by chance they're not coming back, why in the name of all that's Holy won't ABC try a "spin-off" with the shows two most popular characters? We just don't get it.
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Even Better The Second Time Around.
11 June 2007
I agree with a few of the posters here (Native Texan, Conreb, Gary Renfield), for I also enjoyed the second version much better than the first, because the first one did seem to be a 'darker' much more politically correct version.

While William Powell and Carole Lombard are considered to be excellent actors, David Niven, June Allyson, and Jay Robinson are equally as talented in their 'updated' roles. I find it very sad that movies like these are no longer presented these days, when we seem to need all the laughter we can get these days, a movie such as this would help to lift many a dark spirit.

I can't wait to see it presented on DVD (instead of VHS) like the 1936 version is right now.
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Wicked Wicked Games (2006– )
Better Than I Expected.
7 January 2007
This 'novela' is turning out to be a lot more than what I expected it to be. The actors seem to be getting better at their crafts, and I find myself wanting to tune in, in order to find out what surprises are coming up for me in the next round. While Tatum O'Neil (Blythe) does bring a lot of her acting 'prowess' to this show, I king of wish they'd cut out so much slapping and get on with the good stuff. I also enjoy Femi Emiola (Lani) and Nicolas Irons (Taylor) and have decided to make them my favorite couple of the show, so far. It is also good to see actor Clive Robertson (Theodore Crawford) back in action again, since it's been a while that I've seen him on television or in a movie. Giselle Jones and Azie Tesfai are pretty good in their roles as well. I can't wait for the next episode, just to see where we'll be 'heading to' next.
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Negra consentida (2004–2005)
Very Enjoyable Novela, Sorry I Didn't Get To See The Whole Thing.
22 December 2006
One of the few Venezuelan novelas that I've seen, which I quite enjoyed, even though some chapters were cut (From 160 down to 145) from the novela. Ligia Petit who was considered to be somewhat 'new' to the acting genre, when she starred in this novela, I felt she did a good job just starting out and Pedro Rendon as her love interest wasn't too bad himself.

I also enjoyed Jean Carlos Simancas (Caetano Nascimento), who seems to be good in just about anything that he does, as well as Trina Medina (Felicidad Martinez) in her first acting role. Brenda Hanst (Tibisay Maria Blanco Guaramato) and Juan Carlos Tarazona (Rolando) turned out to be my second favorite couple in the show.
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Thriller: I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill (1974)
Season 3, Episode 2
"Excellent movie. Gripping from start to finish!"
5 May 2005
One of the 'best' made for television movies that I've ever seen. Thrilling, keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The chase scenes make you feel as if you're right there with the victim, trying to escape this murdering thug. I was so very impressed by this movie, that I've often wondered why it hasn't been repeated on television, in quite a while? Would be nice for a CBS or perhaps NBC late night movie feature. Perhaps cable television could present it sometimes. I really got a kick out of the way that the English bobby handled the whole matter. Very professional if I say so myself. I was glued to my seat the whole time that I watched this movie, and was so taken by it, that I didn't miss even one second of it. That's just how good it was to me. Maybe now that the VHS is out, how about a DVD?
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"A Real Cat's Meow Of A Movie, Great Singing Porky!"
31 December 2004
"Warner Brothers where are you"...with the DVD or VHS for the short? I whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Litman's comments. This is truly one of 'The Best' movie shorts in history (my opinion only). The singing of "On Moonlight Bay" is absolutely SUPERB. Mel Blanc, as well as the rest of his family, should be very proud of this particular body of work. Even though I've only seen it twice in my life-time, unfortunately The Cartoon Channel doesn't show it that much any more, the memory is always the same. I wish I knew what was taking Warner Brothers s-o-o very long to put this movie on tape. Perhaps they feel it will not 'draw' as many customers for purchase as the more updated movies. I don't believe this for a moment. I'd be the first one of line to purchase it as soon as it's distributed. Maybe we should start a petition for the movies we "really" want to see on DVD or VHS? That'd really give the studios something to thing about, huh? Maybe.
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"Wonderful, Classic Movie For 'Children' Of All Ages, See It With Yours!"
22 December 2004
An absolutely "fabulous" movie (my opinion and mine only). This movie always brings back some wonderful memories, and takes me back to my childhood. My nephew also loves this film and we have decided to make it a part of our "special" library. Although considered 'sappy' by some, there is an even deeper meaning to this film, and was wondering if anyone happened to catch on it what it was? Sorry that it is no longer being shown on television any more (regular or cable). Think the children of today, or at least some of them, would get a real kick out of it. My nephew is eleven years old and he watched the film every chance that he got, even when it wasn't Christmas. My original copy was destroyed by an old VCR, but now that I know it's available on DVD, will be purchasing it right away. A true "classic".
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Da Cor do Pecado (2004– )
One Of The Best Telenovelas On Telemundo To Date, Great!
7 December 2004
Telemundo has done it once again. "Da Cor do Pecado", or "El Color Del Pecado" as it's known here in the states is wonderful. I would watch this 'soap' over any American soap today. You find yourself constantly pulling for the main characters Preta (Tais Araujo) and Paco (Reynaldo Gianecchini), to finally get together, once and for all. The 'villain' Barbara is worse than Erica Kane and Adam Chandler put together. I am glued to my VCR (I set my tape for channel 47, Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m.-11:31 a.m.), and try never to miss even one show. This is one telenovela truly worth watching. Can't wait to see how it ends. Ms. Araujo and Mr. Gianecchini are fabulous together. They should be very proud of their work.
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Ruby Jean and Joe (1996 TV Movie)
A Very Thought Provoking Movie.
26 November 2004
One of the "best" television movies made by Tom Selleck (just my opinion), that I've had the chance to see. The way Mr. Selleck and Ms. Johnson interacted in the film, gave me quite a bit of 'food for thought', in the way we (the young and old) treat each other, and the things we can learn from each other. Was interesting to find out that it was based on actual incidents that happened to the writer, who died right after the film was completed. Think he would have been proud of how it turned out. Also, just thought Mr. Kevin Lutton would like to know that unfortunately the powers that be in Hollywood, have still not recognized Ms. Johnson's (actress' name is Rebekah Johnson)talents. She only made one other film (don't know if there's anything else in the works at this time.) that I'm aware of. Hope to see her in more in the near future. Jean
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4 January 2003
Thanks to Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton for one of the most action packed movies I've seen in a long time. Excellent from beginning to end. Will Ms. Newton be appearing in Mission Impossible 3...I sure hope so! While your at it...since Mr. Greg Morris (one of the original cast members)has pasted away, why not feature the remaining members? Now that would be a gas. Thanks once again.
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40 years and still worth seeing.
3 January 2003
One of the funniest (my opinion only) Dean Martin and Shirley Maclaine movies I've ever seen. I never miss it, when it's shown on cable t.v. Can't understand why after so many years it is "not" yet available on VHS and DVD? I'm still waiting!!! Will definitely become part of my video "library."
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