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Top Indian Feel Good Movies of all Time (in no special order ). Hindi Movies that lift your spirits and touch the chord whenever you watch. Eternally etched in the hearts of anyone's who's ever watched them even once. And Absolute Must See for those trying to get in touch with the best Indian Cinema has to offer.
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The absolute must "see" masterpieces which have defined Indian Cinema for what it is today. Be it Directorial excellence, superlative performances or path breaking projects, these gems have evolved, fostered & enriched Indian Cinema over the last 50 Years or so. For an outsider who wants to fathom, seek and explore what India is, in all it's multitudes and myriad variations, these movies offer a just a sneak peak. Loaded with critical acclaim or commercial success this list is the most definitive pertinent guide to the Indian Film Making at it's very best. Absolute cine goers delight, Indian movies you must see before you die.
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The Greatest Indian Comedies ever Made. Must Watch these before you die.