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Prasthanam (2010)
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Prasthanam - The journey, 4 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

they say, the beauty of a movie lies in the way it's written. that's why you mostly never get awed by the beauty of an Indian film.

it is one of those rare movies that are very well written barring a few minor glitches. technically good, this movie explains why some Indian films don't need songs.

you just can't camouflage a drama in the name of a musical.

Prasthanam, written and directed by: Deva Katta.

Mitra, the good - Sharwanand Loki, the bad - Sai Kumar Chinna, the ugly - Sundeep Kishan.

this movie in every sense is not a masterpiece, but what makes it the most important in Telugu cinema is that the way the writer decides to take three morally different characters and throw them in to the desert of politics, where only one's true intentions can help him.

5 out of 10 people found the following review useful:
loved it, but then..., 12 March 2010

when i watched this movie, i kept thinking i so feel like i'm seeing an Indian version of '500 days of summer'.

the quirky characters, contrasting personalities, great soundtrack, beautiful cinematography, witty dialogs are all too similar to the '500 days of summer' theme.

so am i saying, is it bad? no. not at all. what i liked most about YMC is that it's not afraid of what it has to be.

it doesn't have scene fillers, characters just for the sake of having it, songs, stupid dances, item songs that define the Indian ( Telugu) cinema.

both the leads do their job well, keep you engrossed, but one thing i can find is, their acting seems to be pushed far by the director. sometimes, the acting looks too strained.

and now the man himself, AR Rahman, i was interested in the movie, 'cos of him. what a kick ass soundtrack man, and the score, god, he just shows, why he's miles away from his contemporaries. i so love Shreya Ghoshal humming "aaromale" just after the interval.

Gautham Menon, anybody who'd seen his previous movies would know he roots for urban settings, stylish dialogues involving a lot of English sometimes, and a lot of artificiality. you see them, you love them, but somehow you feel they're artificial when you walk out of cinema. that always happens with Mr.Menon.

but that doesn't mean, he ain't talented. he definitely is. the attention to minute detail is very appreciable so are his shot angles and of course keeping the screenplay grounded to reality.

it's not great film-making here, no surprise endings, a boy sees a girl, falls in love, proposes to her abruptly, only to find out she's confused all the time. he tortures her, as the lead says in one dialogue. he finally kisses and makes out with her in New York and they get married. end of story.

one doubt? how does Karthik ( Naga Chaitanya) get Simbu and Trisha to sign a movie, without writing the climax? he even says to Jessie( Samantha Ruth Prabhu) that he's left with some 30 days of shooting... care to answer, Mr.Menon?