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Juno (2007)
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OK film, 14 April 2008

this was a good film, probably the best I've seen so far this year.

Ellen Page gives a wonderful performance as Juno.

Michael Cera was overacting though.

Allison Janney did a nice turn as Juno's parents. A typical teen pregnancy story with some great dialogue for the actors.

But overall, i think the music sucked. Hated it.

Too bad. It ruined the whole experience for me.

I don't know who picked that composer but it was a bad choice.

To anyone who likes pregnancy stories, you're not gonna be disappointed, it's a very touching story. I would recommend this film.

The Take (2007)
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acting OK... but very dumb., 14 April 2008

Well, it was nothing what I expected- it was a lot worse.

There was no development of character and there were so many scenes that were irrelevant to the plot and totally cliché. Lenguizamo did a fair job but oh boy, he can't save the film. Rosie Perez is fun to watch.

The gritty, dark look of the film was overdone, hard to watch and it gave me a huge headache.

If you want to see a great gritty film, watch Memento.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend that one, unless you're a huge fan of Lenguizamo.