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Note: This list gets updated frequently, and I don't always throw something new I've seen up towards the top. So feel free to check back in from time to time!

Finding a unique film that stands apart from all the rest is no small task, and these are just some of the best ones I've seen in my time as a film fanatic; as well as some that just need to be seen to believe! Hope you enjoy!
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Whether it be shorts, documentaries, made for TV movies, animated features or full length live-action films, I've recalled all the movies throughout my lifetime I managed to either have the privilege or the unfortunate opportunity to watch all in this listing. These are in order from movies I've giving a perfect score to straight down to the worst films I've ever seen, dare I call some of them films. Films I gave 10 stars to start with Inception, films I gave 9 stars to start with Her Alibi, 8 star films start with Mickey and the Bean Stalk, 7 star films start with Meshes in the Afternoon, 6 stars with Match Point, 5 stars with Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, 4 stars with Bedhead, 3 stars with Hobgoblins, 2 stars with Carpool, and 1 star films start with The Stupids.
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Listed in chronological order from memory, wow...I'd seen some seriously horrible films in the theater when I was growing up, lol! My taste got better I swear! :D
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This is a list of the best independent films I've seen so far. Hopefully you manage to find something inspiring, different, or just plain fun to watch on this list! Enjoy!
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So after watching about 300 to 400 more movies I've decided to replace my old Top 50 with a new Top 100! These are my favorite films in order from most to least favorite, I feel like it could've been a top 200 with how hard it was to narrow this down!
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These are really in no particular order, mainly comprised of over-looked movies that are either worth checking out, or more than definitely demand at least a couple viewings.
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