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The Cleaner: Back to One (2008)
Season 1, Episode 11
Jackson Rathbone
28 December 2008
I am quite surprised the tween twilight loonies missed this. I, of course thought Jackson Rathbone gave an amazing performance on the small screen, as opposed to his big screen "in pain" performance. Out of all the twilight cast I now believe he's the only one who can act. With the exception of Ashley Greene. I sincerely hope this doesn't get him type-casted like Mark Hammil in the 70's. This episode was great!

The cleaner is a riveting drama. It holds you on the edge of your seat hoping no one succumbs to the power of drugs. I mean, they are saving peoples lives! Honestly, I hope it comes back for a second season. Ben Bratt is a very talented actor. I can't wait to see more of this show. I just wish they'd air old episodes currently. I'm very excited about this show, and Jackson just made it better. Watch it! You won't be disappointed.
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