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Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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What an absolute piece of garbage!, 12 April 2008

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I am not sure what I was watching but a zombie film wasn't it. This film had the most athletic and superhuman zombies I had ever seen. I got everything form leaping zombies to spider zombies crawling on the walls. I hope this was not intended to be a remake and I hope Mr. Romero never sees this crap fest. The acting was crap and PLEASE why put Nick Cannon in anything he sucks. The story was crap and the effects worse, I mean what the hell was the point to any of it. I guess Night of the living dead and Dawn of the dead don't exist in this version. Why the hell was Ving Rahmes in this movie did they forget he was in Dawn of the dead. This movie had so many problems I have no idea how the got anyone to be in it let alone the funding to make it. If any of you out there have any desire to see it please don't, I am saving you the agony of wasted time from your life. This movie was crap the story was crap the acting was crap and the director is CRAP!

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Is there grass growing somewhere, that might be a better waste of time., 12 April 2008

This movie is terrible it is a two hours a twenty minutes of your life you will never get back EVER!!! The characters are boring and unexplored, the movie jumps all over the place. The plot is questionable and never seems to tie anything up. The movie ends without explaining anything but at lest you don't even give a crap. Why did I watch this you might ask? I watched the preview and it gave me an impression that it might be a cool movie it also gave the impression that it was a different kind of movie entirely. I wish I had never seen this and I am sure that on my death bed I will think back on my life and regret that time wasted. If I could sue the director for making this pile of crap I would but since I cant I warn others to steer clear of this steaming pile of poop.