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Directors, writers and producers...the ones who stretch the imagination, master the details, thematic elements and style that are at least memorable if not critically-acclaimed.
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Movies that lift the soul, steal the emotion and savour the humanity..
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Since this is a story that needs to get done right, it seems that character is everything...unfortunately there are no perfect actors, only perfect portrayals....
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Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War, etc..
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A salute to the woman who either duel-welds machine guns, or gives an emotional shouting match to a witness in a courtroom that turns her into a hero. Females with dignity, honour, courage and compassion (not to forget bad-assery and action), we applaud you...!
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25 of my Favourite and Greatly-admired science fiction/fantasy films involving extraterrestrials. Some intriguing, some truly horrifying, others fantastic and deep, others simply touching...
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My favorite 100 movies of all time-from the comedy do the dramatic, to the horror/thriller ranging from the action-packed and erotic/romance including sci-fi classics and emotional war stories and historical recaptures, here are the films that inspire me and give me wonder and so much more out of life....
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10 of the most lovely and skilled actresses together!
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Films that spook and terrify us with zombies, monsters, aliens, demons, and devils, and much much more.....