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One of the better epic films of this era., 6 December 2003

It is likely that anyone having negative comments on this film are in the younger generation and have been spoiled by special effects modern movies. This movie is historical in nature and very entertaining with very good acting jobs by all involved. Some of the action scenes rival anything made in the adventure films out now. The sub-plot involving the three way love triangle just makes the rest of the story that much more interesting.

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Only Robert Mitchum could do this movie., 20 August 2002

First off, Bob Mitchum is the most under-rated actor of all time. He put everything he had into every role and made it look natural. This movie was no exception. He became "Mr. Allison" and made us believe he had been ship wrecked like this before. Having been a combat Marine myself there were so many details I noticed that he was able to incorporate naturally into his part. This allowed viewers of any knowledge level to enjoy the most authentic portrayal of this character. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is a real treasure and a good indicator of Bob Mitchum's work.