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NO USE..., 2 April 2004

They recently hired Stuttering John from the Howard Stern show in an ill-fated attempt to lure younger viewers to this show. But it's no use, the show is still totally lame and will continue to be until Jay and all the horrible writers/producers on this show are replaced. The monologue is still incredibly not funny. Does Jay actually look at the jokes before he goes out? They must hold the studio audience hostage at gun point and force them to laugh at Jay's tired, lame jokes. Young people like me know what is funny and this show is definately not. Conan and Jimmy Kimmel are what I will continue to watch. You know what's going to be funny about this show? When the ratings go so low that NBC has to fire Jay and they end up having to eat all those millions of dollars they are contracted to pay him. THEN I will laugh..

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This show is still horrible. Easily is the lamest and unfunny talk show ever to be on the air. Jay Leno is one of the worst stand up comedians I've ever seen. He has no comic timing, he is not well spoken, he doesn't write good material and he repeats punchlines. The one liners that he makes during interviews with guests never make any sense whatsoever and are never funny. Kevin Eubanks is completely annoying and lame and him and Jay have ZERO chemistry. They are both total idiots. The bits they do on the show are also completely idiotic and never funny. I've never laughed at Leno's monologue. Its like watching someone drown every night. Dude, if you can't come up with even 30 seconds of good material, why are you trying to do 10-15 minutes every night?? TIP: Quality, NOT quantity!!! It's an absolute crime that Jay is getting paid millions of dollars, meanwhile there are so many struggling comics that are a hundred times better than Jay could ever hope to be. He's unfunny, he's boring and he's a corporate bend-over. He's a disgrace to comics everywhere. The only reason NBC didn't hire Letterman (not that I'm a huge Letterman fan) is because they knew Dave wouldn't be a puppet and let himself be ruled by a bunch of corporate suits. I predict that the Jimmy Kimmel show will kick Jay's but in the ratings and he'll be off the air soon.

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A little on the lame side., 28 February 2003

I was really hoping that this show would be much better because I am from the same block as Gary Cole and graduated from the same high school as him. I think Gary is a good actor and I want to support his work, but not even his talents can bring these one dimensional, unhumorous scripts to life.

First of all: ABSOLUTELY GET RID OF THE LAUGH TRACK! Nothing is more pathetic then a show with audible laughs that isn't taped before an actual audience. It's like your trying to say to us: "Hey viewer, this is where your supposed to laugh, in case you couldn't figure it out on your own because our writing is so bland." 2nd thing: The day players you are hiring are very bad actors. They are for the most part stiff, boring and they look like they are not comfortable in front of a camera. Fire the casting director. All the talented young actors in L.A., and this is what you come up with?? Come on..... The bright spot of the cast is the girl that plays Sissy. She has the potential to be a breakout star. The scripts should be centered around her more. Gary's a good actor, but he doesn't have much to work with here. Tim Curry is also a fine actor, but he is definately mis-cast. Also, the short silly "feel good" clips of music that play throughout the show need to stop. This is a weekly t.v. show, not a feature film. I could write a whole page on the writing, but I'm not going to bother. I heard the show was cancelled anyways. But basically I would do a complete overhaul of the writing staff. Hire the writers from Dawson's Creek- they'll be out of a job soon anyways.. I'd hate to say it, but this show is pretty dreadful. And Aaron Carter was absolutely horrible- very bad actor....